We made it through the bottom half of the Top 10 longest homers of the 2021 season by Cincinnati Reds without mentioning Tyler Naquin, but that ends today and it won’t be the last time you’ll see his name, either. On April 6th he hit a ball that nearly made it to Kentucky off of Trevor Cahill.

The Video

The Metrics Behind The Blast

There’s an old saying in baseball that left-handed hitters love the ball down and in. Trevor Cahill learned that one the hard way on this particular day as he left an 84 MPH change up down and in to Tyler Naquin and he sent it hurling towards the Ohio River in a hurry.

Distance Metrics

Distance: 454 feet

Reds Rank: 5th

Major League Baseball Rank: 109th (tie)

Tyler Naquin Rank: 2nd (tie)

Other Metrics

Launch Angle: 32°

Exit Velocity: 113.5 MPH

Reds Exit Velocity Rank (home runs only): 2nd (tie) out of 222

MLB Exit Velocity Rank (home runs only): 111th (tie) out of 5935

The Story Behind The Blast

The Cincinnati Reds were on a roll. They entered the day riding a 3-game winning streak and Tyler Naquin was going to do all that he could to keep that going. And he did just that as he unloaded on a change up from Trevor Cahill to put the Reds ahead 1-0 in the bottom of the 1st inning. He would add another home run, a walk, and a single in the game while driving in seven runs as Cincinnati crushed the Pittsburgh Pirates 14-1 on the day en-route to a 3-game sweep of their divisional rivals. That was also the first of three consecutive games that Naquin would homer in and give him five homers in five games between the final game of the St. Louis series that began the year, the sweep of Pittsburgh, and the first game of their road trip out west that began in Arizona.

You can follow along the entire series here

4 Responses

  1. CFD3000

    Tyler Naquin was a Scooter Gennett sized surprise for the 2021 Reds. Will he start, stay healthy, and contribute as much again in 2022? Can he get better, or will the league adapt and turn him back into Jimmy Olsen? (He wasn’t quite ever Superman so that’s the closest I’ve got to Clark Kent-lite). I’m not thrilled that the Reds will likely be counting on Naquin or more importantly that they don’t have much outfield depth, but I hope I’m pleasantly surprised again by Naquin in ‘22.

    • LDS

      I agree. The answer to your question – where is Scooter today? Naquin will join him soon enough.

  2. Mark Moore

    Complete moon shot!!! Love reliving these bombs.

  3. Old-school

    I was at the game 2 days prior when the Reds pummeled the Cards and Naquin hit a 3 run bomb well into the RF bleachers to make it a laugher. The crack of the bat was amazingly loud.

    Hes a solid left handed hitting OF piece. Like all players, staying healthy is paramount but at $3.5 mil or so Naquin is a nice part of the OF rotation. Need to find a RH hitting corner OF complement.