Commenting Guidelines

Our hope in publishing this statement is to provide specific guidance and a notion of the spirit with which these rules have been formed — with the goal of reducing or eliminating our need to edit, delete or ban. Here goes:

Redleg Nation is dedicated to enthusiastic, smart and civil discourse concerning baseball and the Cincinnati Reds.

We view this space as an intellectual community. Part of a commitment to this kind of community is making an effort to contribute. Be interesting. Repetition is not interesting. Neither is blind optimism or bleak pessimism. However, insightful and novel is interesting. Bringing in new and relevant perspectives and facts to support your claims is interesting. Sharing your personal Reds-related experiences is interesting.

Another aspect of the commitment to be part of this community is being constructive. Contrarianism for its own sake, or intentionally sowing discord with inflammatory statements (trolling) is destructive, not constructive.

No inappropriate language. This includes profanity and related censor bypass attempts like substitutes for letters, lewdness, insults, and crude terms for body parts, bodily functions and physical acts. In general we don’t want any language that a parent would not want their kid to see.

Regarding profanity: If you have any doubt about whether to use a word or phrase, don’t. If you still don’t know what that means, don’t post. Profanity is not necessary to make a point, add emphasis, or convey a message. There are plenty of other places on the ‘net to be vulgar and base, but Redleg Nation will not be one of them.

No personal attacks. This covers other commenters, the post author, players, agents, coaches, journalists and front office personnel. This includes renaming people in a derogatory manner. In general comment on the Reds, not other commenters. Treat people with respect.

Feel free to disagree, even strongly, just keep it civil. While emotions are inevitable when it comes to being a sports fan, we nonetheless believe it is possible to discuss the team in a thoughtful and respectful manner.

Of course, we reserve the right to edit or remove anything we deem inconsistent with the purpose of the blog, including as a last resort, banning a participant. We aren’t looking to stifle argument or criticism of the opinions expressed in our posts or in other comments. But this is not a public street corner. Your right to self-expression does not require us to provide the resources to publish your opinion.

Comments will be deleted for the same reasons etc. as we’d ban someone. Posts may be deleted but the poster not banned, and a poster might get banned while the comment that provoked it remains up. In some cases, we may edit a post that contains one particularly egregious violation within a larger post that is good enough that we don’t to delete it entirely. This is a judgment call, and we’re going to be inconsistent about it.

Bottom line: If you keep the comments thoughtful, respectful and focused on the Reds you shouldn’t have any trouble.

This policy will not affect 99.9% of you; you may have noticed that we let most comments go, including (perhaps especially) ones that disagree with our viewpoint, whatever that may be. These posting rules are intended to benefit everyone, by promoting civility even in disagreement. I encourage disagreement here, but I want to have a forum where we can discuss the issues of the day, as they relate to baseball or the Cincinnati Reds, in a civilized manner. The proprietor of this site is the sole and final judge and enforcer of this policy.

On identification

Fake names are fine. Offensive names and assuming the names of public figures is not, and will get your posts and account deleted. If you’re famous and want to use your real name, email us, and we can work something out. In particular, pretending you’re a current Red player/coach/front office member is not cool.

Having said all of that stuff about random acts of deletion/banning, I would bet that in almost all circumstances where we have a valid email for your account (which does not show up on the site, please note) and I can drop you a quick note that says please watch tone or something, you’re much more likely to get off the hook.

Seriously, if you’re using a fake address in the email field, one of us spends the time to send you a warning note on (say) your tone, and it bounces, it’s very likely that we’re going to be aggressive about deleting/whatever the comments we intended to warn nicely about. That’s going to result in inconsistent enforcement, but without a means to contact people, that’s how it will have to be.

Why don’t my posts show up?

There are a couple of reasons. If it’s your first-ever comment, it has to be moderated before you can post freely. Most likely, especially if you’re a member of a large ISP like AOL or AT&T Worldnet your comment is sitting in a moderation queue because of a recent spam attack. Or it may be something to do particularly with you: given a couple of deleted posts, for instance, you may be tossed into the moderation queue. There may also be particular one-time characteristics about your post that made the system suspicious.

Either way, a Redleg Nation author has to come by, see that you have a comment in the queue, and wave it on into production. Obviously, this is unlikely to happen quickly.