Justin Dunn allowed a two-run home run to the second batter he faced, making his first start in 14 months in the big leagues. Dunn was able to settle in after the home run, and work through 4.2 innings on a strict pitch count limit.

The Reds offense was able to get base-runners off the Mets, and their quality starting pitcher Chris Bassitt, but they could not find a way to get them across the plate. Even worse, the Reds lost both Jonathan India and Mike Moustakas to injuries in the fourth inning. That was coming on a night that Kyle Farmer was scratched from the lineup before the game due to neck stiffness.

Former Red, Tyler Naquin put the game away in the bottom of the 8th with a two-RBI triple to put the Mets up 5-1.

Final R H E
New York Mets (71-39) 5 7 2
Cincinnati Reds (44-64) 1 9 7
W: Bassitt (9-7) L: Dunn (0-1)
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Biggest Play of the Game

According to Fangraphs WPA statistic (winning percentage added), the biggest play of the game was Justin Dunn allowing a 2-run home run to Starling Marte with 0 outs in the 1st inning, giving the Mets a 2-0 lead. That play decreased the Reds probability of winning by 16.8% (from 41.9% to 25.1%).


Justin Dunn had a solid Reds debut. The final line was nothing to be ecstatic about (4.2 IP, 5 H, 3 ER, 2 BB, 2 K), but for a guy who hadn’t made a big league start in over 14 months with a long recovery, it was a good start. Dunn’s biggest issue at AAA was his command (5.54 BB/9). Dunn only walked 2 batters against a very good Mets lineup. That had to be encouraging to both Dunn and the Reds. Dunn was also much better with his pitch efficiency, only throwing 70 pitches. That was much more efficient than he was at AAA – for example he threw 91 pitches to get through 5.0 innings in his final start.

Ian Gibaut had another really quality relief appearance, retiring all 4 batters he faced with 2 strikeouts. He has been dominant over his last 6 appearances: 7.1 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 12 K.

Jake Fraley and Jose Barrero each had 2 hits on the night. Fraley had the hardest hit ball of the night for the Reds, a 105.7 EV single in the 8th.

Albert Almora Jr. made an incredible catch to rob a home run.


Both Jonathan India and Mike Moustakas left the game with injuries.

Not so random thoughts……….

Nick Senzel was forced to third base after the India and Moustakas injuries, plus Farmer being unavailable. I would really like to see Senzel become a super utility player. It seems like it would give him a much better chance of sticking long-term as a big leaguer.

Up Next:

Reds at Mets
Tuesday, 7:10 PM
TV: Bally Sports Ohio
Mike Minor (6.91 ERA/4.91 xERA) vs Carlos Carrasco (3.82 ERA/4.02 xERA)

118 Responses

  1. Rut

    Is that the same hammy that India injured earlier this year? Could well be the rest of the year either way, but more likely will be if the same leg

  2. Melvin

    Thanks Nick. Senzel becoming a super utility player sounds good. He can take Farmer’s place eventually.

    • Oldtimer

      Jimmy Stewart back in the 1960s and 70s. Todd Frazier much more recently.

      • Jim Walker

        Oh. that Jimmy Stewart and not the one who was a movie star when he wasn’t flying a bomber in WW2, Honestly had to stop and think for a few seconds….. 😉

      • Oldtimer

        Part of the Joe Morgan trade in 1971. May, Helms & Stewart to Astros.

      • Michael

        Jim, that is General James Stewart to you. Random factoid, not only did he lead a bomber squadron in world war 2 with over 20 combat missions, he is to this day the highest ranking celebrity retiring as a General . His last combat mission was in Vietnam in 1966 as an observer.

        Sorry to go off on a tangent, I have always found Jimmy Stewart to be fascinating.

      • Randy in Chatt

        I’ll forgive my favorite actor of all time wearing a Cardinal uniform.

        Thanks for this Jim.

      • MK

        The baseball Jimmy Stewart became the Reds MLB Advance Scout after his playing career and held that job longer than his Reds playing career.

  3. LDS

    Senzel as a utility player? Pass. Just trade him for someone durable and actually good at a key position.

    • Melvin

      I’m not sure he has much trade value. That’s why a utility player may be the best option eventually.

    • Jim Walker

      Not sure why the Reds or any team should make room for an underperforming guy as their super sub just because once upon a time he was the #2 overall draft pick.

      If his OPS+/wRC+ was 90 or greater and the money was right yes.

      Right now in his 1st of 4 possible years of arbitration (Super2), NS is already making $1.25m and that would only increase. His career OPS+ is 77. His wRC+ is 79.

      • Melvin

        He may end up costing more than he’s worth.

      • Jim Walker

        @Melvin, recall that NS was paid a reported $6.2m signing bonus. So he already has some ‘splaining to do. 😉

      • greenmtred

        It is a low bar, LDS. I don’t know enough about hitting to weigh in on Senzel’s approach, but I do wonder if the tinkering took place because his old approach wasn’t working?

    • Kevin H

      When you say durable you mean someone like Tyler Stephenson? Who can’t stay healthy at a key position?

      • LDS

        No. Cal Ripken durable. I’m tired of these fragile Reds players. Shut down India and of course Stephenson until ST. Call up some guys whether they are “ready” or not, eg Steer

      • greenmtred

        I’m pretty sure that Senzel has been more durable than most of the position players this year. Whether he’s a solid player going forward is another matter.

      • LDS

        greenmtred, that’s a pretty low bar you’re setting. But Ward/Zinter tinkering with his stance a couple of years ago, likely ruined him. If you remember Senzel complaining…

    • jon

      People still think Senzel will amount to something is funny.

      • Still a Red

        I haven’t given up on Senzel yet totally. He didn’t pan out as expected that’s for sure, but if he can stay on the field I think he’s still capable of getting on base and scoring. Forget the power, drive the ball, run fast (and smart) on the bases.

      • VaRedsFan

        Most of Nicks hits seem to be of the weak contact/infield variety….swinging bunts. He will pull the occasional double down the line

      • JB

        Just like some think Aquino will amount to something.

      • LDS

        I have higher hopes for AA than Senzel. At least he had one spectacular month. But in my mind the ship has sailed on both

    • TR

      If healthy, Senzel is not a utility player. A good hitter. If only utility, then include him in a blockbuster trade for a young outfielder.

  4. Old-school

    I agree Nick. Senzel isnt going to be a 4 war player at any position but injuries are proving why you need a plug-in guy. Ironic Nick Senzel is the plug-in guy for injured players after he’s been eviscerated on this web site as injury prone…MLBPA insisted on 162 games despite no offseason connect with trainers or spring training until mid-March to get paid a full 162 game salary. Injuries only going to get worse.

    • VaRedsFan

      That’s a cop out. Players have gone through enough training at this point to know how to get ready for a season. If they sat on the couch for 3 months without a trainer to hold their hand, then it’s on the player.

      They aren’t breaking down because they didn’t do extra stretching exercises in January.

      It’s the day to day of keeping in shape and flexible, is where the training staff is failing.

      • greenmtred

        We know they are getting injured–players on every team are–but we don’t know why. Players years ago spent the offseason fishing or working in Dad’s store, but few of them worked out systematically.

  5. Ryan

    Still not sure how you get hurt playing baseball

    • Steveareno

      Broken bat injuries are brutal. Bats are hard.

    • SteveAreno

      Try getting beaned! But I get your sarcasm.

    • greenmtred

      Running, leaping, diving, crashing into walls, throwing harder than the human body was designed to, throwing off-balance while jumping and twisting, hitting a base wrong, being collided with by another player, swinging a bad really hard, messing up hand or knee sliding, working out with weights…..

    • MK

      So, you didn’t see Tyler take the foul to the collar bone? This isn’t basketball or football where getting hit with the ball might sting for a second.

  6. edlcstan

    Like see Steer get called up.
    Learn from Salano while he can.
    He has the approach already to work with.
    Helping Barrero with approach use middle and right field.

  7. MBS

    Really happy with what Fraley has done since he’s been back .421 BA. Barrero with his 2nd 2 hit game in the last 3 games. It’s nice to see those 2 and Aquino getting playing time.

    • Jim Walker

      Fraley is scoring points with me too. He got AA to the plate tonight twice with 2 outs and a chance to turn around the game, but AA wasn’t able to get the job done.

      Depending on who is healthy and on the field in the coming days, it might be time to get Fraley into that #1 spot if India is out or #2 if India is playing.

      Barrero has sandwiched his dog game between 2 strong ones. Hopefully he is building up a head of steam.

      • VaRedsFan

        Two of the “dog games” came against Alcantara (’22 Cy Young) and Burns (’21 Cy Young)

  8. SteveO

    Although India would be dead set against it, keeping him out and having his hamstring fully recover this year is the best thing heading into the offseason. If Moose has the Schrock version of a calf strain, that’s 4-6 weeks. Senzel should see more time at 3B and 2B now. Lopez and Friedl next men up from Louisville. Take all precautions with injured players that will be on the ‘23 roster. Great chance for an extended look at Lopez and Friedl the last 2 months.

    • Jim Walker

      I’d prefer Fairchild ahead of Friedl. I think we’ve already had that discussion at least twice so I will leave things as that.

      • SteveO

        If so, I don’t need to be reminded. You don’t have to reply and repeat it next time.

      • SteveO

        In fact, I really don’t care what you prefer, so instead of replying, just state your preference in an original comment

      • JB

        Why would you rather see Fairchild? The guy steps backwards with his back foot on every swing. I haven’t seen that since little league. He needs to fix that before coming back up.

      • Chris

        JB, finally someone else sees that, and mentions it. His minor league stats suggest he doesn’t do that all the time, but his time with the Reds so far, he has done that every AB.

    • SteveO

      I’ve never asked or wanted your opinion on anything that I commented on, so you can refrain from replying to my comments and I’ll just leave things as that.

      • James T.

        Dude, chill out. This is an enjoyable/friendly comments section to read about the Reds…if you don’t want anyone to reply to your comments, then don’t make comments….

      • SteveAreno

        In his defense, there is a REPLY button under your comments and it’s quite inviting for all of us.

      • Frostgiant80

        Just thought I would reply. Since we are discussing replies. It seems to be on topic with the reply discussion.

      • Chris

        You should probably not post in here if you are bothered by replies. In fact, if replies bother you so much, you may need to seek help. Maybe there is a psychologist in the room?

    • Mark

      No need to be thin skinned, friend. Jim Walker did not attack you, or even make a sarcastic comment.

      • SteveO

        Ditto for you Mark. I’m sure you know all of the history of comments and replies between us to be able to give your two cents. Please refrain from replying to my comments

      • Still a Red

        Don’t know your and Jim Walkers history, but I’ve never read an ad hominum reply from him.

      • Tar Heel Red

        Here’s a resolution SteveO…if you are gonna take offense where none was offered, just refrain from commenting…

      • greenmtred

        Jim is unfailingly civil and states his point. We all tend to repeat points and pet themes here. It’s an ongoing conversation.

      • old-school

        @ GMR

        You mean like LDS says fire Bell and yourself Sparky lost a 100 games and Roger play the young guys and me Farmer cant hit righties? Those pet themes have NEVER been repeated.

      • VaRedsFan

        Exactly GMR. I don’t see why the original poster got offended so easily.
        Urine in Cheerios perhaps.

      • SteveO

        Tar Heel red, I think I’ll take your advice. Have been recently dealing with too many idiots who chime in and say idiotic things when it’s none of their business and don’t know what’s going on. Not as a resolution, but as a choice to not have to deal with the bs in the future.

      • Chris

        SteveO, I think the only person in here looking like the proverbial “idiot” is you. Be careful when accusing people of things, when you are out on that island by yourself.

  9. LT

    Pray for the Reds 🙂 one of those years

  10. SteveAReno

    NIce to see Luis Cessa throw another good inning in relief, that being three games in a row. If he’s healthy, that will be very nice.

  11. Jim Walker

    I thought Dunn’s performance was a big positive tonight. He had looked nowhere near ready to pitch that well in any of his AAA appearances. Hopefully, he recuperates well and can take the ball every 5th day from here to the end of the season (but not holding my breath).

    • SteveAreno

      In Louisville he had some issues, and this jump to the Majors was a surprise with a decent performance. The coaches see so much more in the background than we do and recommended it. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  12. Rednat

    i have been impressed with all the young pitchers the reds have put out there. I think the pitching has been solid for quite some time with the reds. The harder part is finding position players that can hit and are durable. will the reds be able to replace guys like Votto, Winker, Castellanos, Barnhart, Suarez, Naquin, Drury, Jose Iglesias over the next few years so they can be competitive again? it is going to be a very very tall task but I am confident the pitching will be there

    • Rednat

      this was meant as a reply for Jim Walker

      • Jim Walker

        Agree. My concern is that they not waste what looks like a pitching cycle as strong as stronger than the 2012 group while getting their act together on the position side. My druthers would have been that they took a risk on fewer guys but closer to MLB at the deadline as opposed to the larger group basically still below AA.

        Spencer Steer who came over in the Mahle trade is at AAA. He’s seen action at 2B/ 3b/ and SS. If India has to go onto the IL, it will be interesting to see if they bring him up ahead of Lopez. Doug has him at #5 in his latest Reds prospect rankings, ahead of Matt McClain at 6 but behind EDLC/ Cam Collier/ Noelvi Marte and Edwin Arroyo.


        If Steer and ELDC are ready by 2024 with Stephenson and India healthy and in the fold, they could be onto something, especially if Barrero sticks. I’d guess EDLC is in the OF with Steer and India covering 2B/3 and Barrero at SS.

      • Reaganspad

        If Barrero sticks?

        It was not that long ago that he was EDLC.

        He is learning that ML bender. That is the final step for him, but I see him sticking. Somewhere between Jonathan India and Nick Senzel, talent develops one step at a time. Between Lodolo and Greene a Graham Ashcraft arises. I think about Tejay and his rise before injury (and cannot wait for him to join our young guns).
        At AA right now you have McGarry who may have had the best first half in the system. But with promotion comes adjustment. EDLC has done that so well, but after initially tearing it up at AA, McGarry is now in need of an adjustment.
        India and Ashcraft and Tejay were poster kids for adjustments.
        It is a process

      • Jim Walker

        @Reaganspad>>> “if Barrero sticks…” was not one of my better choices of phrasing. 😉 Presuming Barrero sticks would have been much better. The guy is 24 years, 4 months old and it seems like he has already been through so much with the Reds organization largely through no fault of his own. I sure hope he has found his home at SS for the Reds.

        He was force fed MLB at age 22 with no experience above A+.
        Then after bouncing back with a huge offensive year at AAA at age 23, he was brought to MLB and sat on the bench until the team needed a CF; and after a crash course was sent out to play CF at MLB.
        This year he had the hamate injury and subsequent offensive struggles at AAA, looking like the overmatched 22 year old and not the 23 year ready to take on the world as an MLB SS.

        With all the new talent flowing into the organization at the mid and lower levels, Barrero’s experience should be a cautionary tale that life isn’t as simple as just moving these young guys around on the field because they project as having the tools to succeed at some different position.

  13. Optimist

    Some very good signs amongst the very bad signs. If Dunn and Cessa can play out the season healthy that’s very good staff depth going into the off season. Please no more late February claims/signings of 30+ yr. old pitchers.

    Agree on sitting India if it is at all serious – don’t carry rehab into the next calendar year.

    Keep playing AA and Barrero, and fine to do so in the bottom of the order.

  14. GreatRedLegsFan

    Lopez and Friedl up? Or perhaps Steer?

  15. Jim t

    Really enjoy seeing Berrero playing and hitting. If he can build on this opportunity it really helps this organization. It allows them to start playing some minor leaguers who are SS at needed positions going forward. Him playing well creates a bunch of flexibility.

    With all the trades and injuries I have pretty much accepted we will lose 100 games this season. Solving our SS issue and looking at a couple of rotation candidates for next year is what I hope we accomplish. Barrero fulfilling his promise is huge if he continues playing well. He can provide defense, speed and power. If he can cut down on K’s and make a bit more contact he can be a star.

    • Jim Walker

      Reds fans can only hope. I’ve seen more positive in Barrero’s play in the short time since his 2022 MLB debut than I did all season keeping tabs on him at AAA. That’s one big step forward for him and the team.

      • SultanofSwaff

        Agreed. The pitch he hit to RF last night….even his swings and misses he’s on the ball and well balanced. He’s different now.

    • Reaganspad

      Since starting 3-22, the Reds are 1 game under 500. I think 500 for the last 135 games this year would be admirable given all the changes, young faces and injuries. They would have to go 28-26 with 28 games against StL, Mil., Phily and NY. The other 26 vs cubs, Pitt, Wash, Colo

      It would also be something to build on for 2023.

  16. Klugo

    This would be an pretty exciting ’23 team to watch.
    C- Stephenson
    RF-De la Cruz
    LF- FA
    Couple staring pitchers

    • Bdh

      Don’t think Marte will be ready for MLB yet. Replace him with Steer and I agree. I’m also going to keep saying the reds should sign Benintendi for LF every chance I get so there’s the FA signing you listed!

      1 – India – 2B
      2 – Benintendi – LF
      3 – Stephenson – C
      4 – Votto – 1B
      5 – EDLC – RF
      6 – Steer – 3B
      7 – Moustakas – DH
      8 – Senzel – CF
      9 – Barrero – SS

      B – backup catcher
      B – Farmer
      B – Friedl
      B – Fraley

      With the young talented pitching it’ll be very easy to cheer for that team next season in votto’s last year

      • Chris Holbert

        Yes, but they still have DB, and his constant desire to attempt to out think the other manager.

  17. AMDG

    For a Reds team who have played so many utilities players this season (Farmer, Drury, Reynolds, Solano, Moran, Lopez, Schrock, etc.) it is only fitting that Senzel becomes yet one more name to that list.

    • Luke J

      I don’t think it’s appropriate to call Senzel a utility player when he’s called upon to play the position he was drafted at. They converted him to CF out of necessity. But he’s a 3B.

      • Mark Moore

        And they did try him at SS and 2B … it really didn’t work out if I recall.

      • AMDG

        This original comment was intended tongue in cheek.

        Apparently I’ll have to add a disclaimer next time 🙂

    • Luke J

      Just because a player is talented enough to play multiple positions doesn’t mean he’s a utility player.

      • Jim Walker

        Not if he performs like Kris Bryant or Ben Zobrist (did). 😉

      • JB

        Stephenson has played catcher, 1st base and outfield. Does thst mean he is a utility player?

  18. Steven Ross

    Moose needs to lose weight. Age + overweight = injuries. Since we’re probably stuck with him for another year, the least you can do is lose some poundage.

    After the 1st inning, I thought Dunn pitched well. Something to build on.

    Fraley looking good.

    • greenmtred

      Actually, I was noticing that he doesn’t look as heavy now as he did at the beginning of the season. But he still isn’t hitting much.

      • Mark Moore

        Same here. It’s still more than a little obvious he’s not in top form, but the toll of the season to this point will always result in weight loss (with a possible exception of one Jumbo Diaz).

    • SultanofSwaff

      The Cubs are going to eat the final year of Jason Heyward’s contract and release him. The Reds should do the same with Moose. Opportunity cost.

      • Jim Walker

        Given the Reds overall situation, I am OK with taking Moose into the early off season to see if the fool exists who will give them a quarter or .50 cents on the dollar even if it is to get rid of a contract that would only cost the Reds half as much to eat.

        After all, Krall got rid of Miley and Barnhart w/o even paying a cent on a buyout and picked up a lottery ticket player in the process 😉

        But yeah, gone before he costs them a roster spot in the Rule 5 configuration.

  19. Mark Moore

    The loss is disappointing, but not nearly as much as the blown 9th inning leads we’ve seen. Dunn did just fine as far as I’m concerned. We’ll need more of that over the coming weeks.

    Injuries happen. We all get that. And as much as I don’t wish the IL on anyone, playing the rest of this week with only 1 bench player (and he our second catcher) is a dicey situation. India could probably benefit from taking most of the rest of the year off and begin his prep for 2023. 3M is another matter entirely and I think most of us have some thoughts on what the FO should do (*cough* Cubs and Heyward *cough*). Farmer is the kind of guy who would play if asked to. Sore necks are tricky, though. I’ve battled variations of that before.

    As for the Senzel thoughts, sometimes the first rounder works out in a big way, sometimes he doesn’t. I still see talent there, though I’m not sure where he should play. I’m of the mindset that consistent hits (not of the HR variety) and solid defense are still worth something. I refrain from the phrase “his bat won’t play at X position” statements.

    Who knows the make up of the team that will walk out of that Iowa cornfield on Thursday?

    Back at it tonight.

  20. MBS

    Stephenson with 50 games this year.

    India with 56 games so far, and he could miss most if not all of the remaining games.

    You just can’t protect ballplayers, some just get injured. I’ve waffled on moving Stephenson off of C, and I am returning to my original position. Keep Stephenson at C 50%, and DH 50% to keep his legs fresh, and bat in the lineup. In the next couple of years we may develop a backup C, but for now we need a vet FA. There are several 5M type C’s that will be a FA in 23.

    • Melvin

      I really don’t see how it would be a good idea at this point to extend India OR Stephenson considering the health problems they’ve had so far. TS may benefit from using better protective equipment. As for India, I’ve seen it many times. A player “bulks up” a little bit and his body frame can’t handle the extra weight especially considering how many games need to be played between ST and the regular season. He may very well benefit from losing the weight he’s gained. I haven’t looked at his weight between last year and this year but he does look heavier in a muscular way. At the very least he would need to increase his stretching program with the extra muscle. Strong and lean is the best way to go in baseball in my view as long as you don’t carry it too far (Eric Davis).

      • MBS

        India could be a good piece to move once some of the young middle infield talent makes him less important to the team. Replacing a good catcher is tougher, so hopefully you’re right, and better equipment might keep him healthier.

  21. MBS

    This is Senzel’s best season as a Red, and this is when people are seriously talking about switching him to utility?

    In past seasons I called for Senzel as utility, so I get the appeal. I don’t think we need to weaken our already weak OF by moving Senzel into another role. It just seems like bad timing.

    • old-school

      I dont think Senzel is moving anywhere this year. Its ironic he’s becoming one of the Reds more durable players in 2022. Last night was just a pseudo-emergency at 3b with Solano at DH and not available to move and Moose and India out simultaneously and Farmer hurt and Reynolds can only play one position. I think you will see Fraley LF Senzel CF and Almora RF against righties and Almora/Senzel/Aquino against lefties with Aquino getting some additional time too.

      Of the remaining Reds, Senzel is 3rd in games played, 3rd in BA, 2nd in Runs scored,2nd in hits, tied for first in stolen bases. If you counted his 8 or 9 catchers interferences to his OBP , he would be 3rd on the team in OBP. The runs count when you get on base, dont know why the on base doesnt count for CI.

      Senzel’s slugging is what drags him way down and it will be interesting to see if he hits more doubles and for more power with more games at GABP and against the bottom dwellers of the NL Central.

      • MBS

        I get it’s just fan speculation, and not a plan from the organization. It just seemed a bit nuts given our roster makeup this year and the next. When 24 roles around hopefully we will have some better options for the OF, but surprisingly Senzel is our best current option.

      • Jim Walker

        OS>> agree on Senzel’s slugging. He’s got to hit the gaps for doubles if he is ever going to be more than a placeholder for the next great prospect who ends up actually being a 3+ WAR guy.

        His OPS/ wRC+ since he came back from COVID (May 23) is .661/85. Those numbers are still very marginal. He turned heads and raised excitement/ expectations with a sizzling run of .800+ OPS/ 129 wRC+ from early June to the All Stae break. However, since the break, he has regressed with a .606 OPS/ 70 OPS.

  22. AMDG

    Granted, it’s a VERY small sample size, but against last year’s Cy Young winner, and this year’s (presumptive) winner, Barrero is slashing 000 / 000 /000 with a 71% K rate

    But against everybody else, he is slashing 364 / 364 / 909 with a 36% K rate.

    If nothing else, it gives promise that perhaps he can hit major league pitching.

    • Roger Garrett

      I think more then anything Barrero has been told he will play every day at shorstop.Last year when he was called up, well was a disaster for him not playing every day and asked to play centerfield when he did play.Playing without worrying about having to set if we has bad games and he will have some has to help him settle in and just let his natural ability take over.You can see it in the field and on the base paths that he just is a player and is a true talent.As for Senzel he hasn’t shown the power he had in his rookie year for sure and he may never again.He may be just a place holder but I like what he has done so far.

  23. Daytonnati

    Recently, during a Q&A column with Reds fans on The Athletic, C. Trent was asked to predict the starting lineup for the Reds on Opening Day 2025. He deferred, saying he would wait till the trade deadline passed. Well, yesterday, he gave us his thoughts. It is very interesting:

    Position players
    C Tyler Stephenson
    1B Christian Encarnacion-Strand
    2B Matt McLain
    SS Edwin Arroyo
    3B Noelvi Marte
    LF Jonathan India
    CF Elly De La Cruz
    RF Jose Barrero
    DH Spencer Steer

    Nick Lodolo
    Hunter Greene
    Graham Ashcraft
    Connor Phillips
    Andrew Abbott

    Setup man: Joe Boyle
    Closer: Alexis Diaz

    • Optimist

      That does answer the question of “what do we do with all the shortstops.” But, is Arroyo the best defender there? Others have noted the questions about EDLC and Marte, but I thought Barrero’s chance was if the bat could support his superior defensive skills. If he’s there the next 2 years, wouldn’t Arroyo have to be superlative to require a move?

      • Jim Walker

        I thought I saw some questioning of Arroyo sticking at SS. Maybe it is a case of Barrero’s and EDLC’s overall toolset and skills being more adaptable to OF than Arroyo’s.

      • BK

        Arroyo has the highest scouting grade for fielding, but he’s currently at “A” ball. His arrival is not imminent. Barrero has the next highest grade for fielding. He’ll get a really long look as he would bring plus defense to the most important position on the field.

    • MBS

      I’m a little disappointed McGarry wasn’t on his list, but CES is an intriguing option for 1B. I prefer McGarry because he is L/L, and 6’2”. CES is R/R and 6’0”, so McGarry is the more prototypical 1B, but may the best bat win.

      Other than that, it’s all the same guys everyone else is predicting, maybe in slightly different configurations.

      • Randy in Chatt

        I could see a platoon between CSE & McGarry at 1B. C Trent probably didn’t consider that.

  24. Roger Garrett

    As some have mentioned I would like to see Steer called up.His power numbers jumped last year and again this year.Walks some and doesn’t strike out much and is 24 years old.Can play 3 infield positions although listed at second base.Give him a good look and lets see.Reds need a power guy or two next year while others develop and he may just be one of them.

  25. MK

    Are Tyler Stephenson, Jonathon India, and Vladimir Guttierez the poster boys for the Sophomore Jinx?

    • VaRedsFan

      I would say Vlad is. The other two played well while they were in in the lineup and healthy.

  26. Doug Bishop

    Good for you…. former Red, Tyler Naquin!!!

  27. Indy Red Man

    Hate to burst any bubbles, but Senzel can’t throw. First ball down the line or bunt/chopper where he has to gun it across his body at 3B and it will be apparent. Too many injuries to his shoulder I presume

    • Old Big Ed

      I will have to watch a bit more on the arm. He isn’t going to be confused with Ken Caminiti, but I haven’t noticed that he is Johnny Damon in center field, either. He did kind of bang up his shoulder the other day, but it should be better by now.

      If you are correct, then Stenzel’s options are pretty limited. Second base, maybe, but a good 2B man (like Brandon Phillips) needs strong arm for relays. First base is not out of the question, but Stephenson has a stronger claim to it, and it also assumes that Moustakas is DFA’d or traded for pennies. You would also want more power, or even doubles, out of first base.

    • David

      Interesting observation (on Senzel’s arm and shoulder strength).
      The coaches on the Reds may know this (if this is indeed true!), which also may explain some other things.
      Yes, I would like to see Steer come up to the Reds. He is going to have to be added to the 40 man after the season, and I would think he would get a LONG look in Spring Training next year to break camp and go with the Reds to start the season.
      And who plays 2nd base the rest of the way out, if India is hurt? Solano and / or Matt Reynolds? Alejo Lopez is the young guy, I would think he gets some time back up with the Reds to play 2nd. And Max Schrock can play 2nd, but I think he is hurt….again.

  28. LWBlogger

    A legit chance for worst season since 1982 and only the second 100-loss season in franchise history. There is a reason I am boycotting the franchise until they give a poo about trying to win a game or 3.