Cincinnati Reds (18-22) third baseman Eugenio Suárez homered three times on Saturday night in a win over the Pittsburgh Pirates (12-26). He drove in five of the team’s six runs on the night as the bullpen came through after a solid, but shaky start by Anthony DeSclafani who had to consistently work out of jams.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (18-22)
6 6 2
Pittsburgh Pirates (12-26)
2 7 1
W: Garrett (1-0) L: Williams (1-6)
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The Offense

Cincinnati’s offense was rather quiet in the 1st inning, going 1-2-3. In the 2nd inning the Reds threatened after Brian Goodwin reached on an error and Shogo Akiyama walked, but Jose Garcia struck out to end the inning.

Tucker Barnhart got the Reds on the board in the 3rd with a leadoff homer to center field, giving them a 1-0 lead. Joey Votto followed up with a double to try and keep the pressure on Trevor Williams and the Pirates. Nick Castellanos grounded out, but Votto moved up to third base and Jesse Winker followed with a walk to put runners on the corners for Eugenio Suárez and he took care of the rest, with a 400-foot homer that was 109.2 MPH off of the bat. The 3-run homer extended the Cincinnati lead to 4-0.

After the Pirates got on the board, making it a 4-2 game, Eugenio Suárez extended the Reds lead with his second homer of the game – this one an opposite field shot down the right field line for a solo shot to make it 5-2 in the top of the 6th. He wasn’t done yet. In the top of the 8th it was another home run for Cincinnati’s third baseman, his 12th of the season, that made is 6-2.

The Pitching

Anthony DeSclafani worked around a leadoff double in the 1st inning to escape an early jam on Saturday evening. The next inning was another one where DeSclafani had to work around trouble. He recorded the first two outs of the inning quickly, but then a single and a walk put two runners on. The Reds righty got Jacob Stallings to ground out to strand the runners.

In the bottom of the 3rd inning it was more of the same – DeSclafani found himself needing to try and work out of jam after back-to-back singles led off the inning, with the second single getting Adam Frazier to second base on the throw to third. Bryan Reynolds grounded out without producing a run for the first out of the inning. Colin Moran followed with a walk to load the bases, bringing Gregory Polanco to the plate. He got the job done, lacing a line drive into the right-center gap – but Brian Goodwin ran it down making the grab on the run with a fully extended glove. It went down as a sacrifice fly to cut into the Reds lead, making it a 4-1 game.

It took a bit of luck to get out of the inning without any more damage as Mike Moustakas got a glove on the next ball but couldn’t come up with it, but the ball deflected toward Eugenio Suárez who picked it up and fired to Joey Votto at first to barely beat the runner to the bag. The 4th inning saw the Pirates go quickly for the first and second outs, but Jacob Stallings homered to keep Anthony DeSclafani from having his first clean inning of the day and drawing Pittsburgh closer by making it 4-2. Erik Gonzalez followed with an infield single, making him 3-3 on the day and getting the Reds bullpen moving. A ground out to Votto ended the inning, but the pitch count continued to rise for the Reds starter, who was at 75 pitches through 4.0 innings.

The 5th inning began with a walk for Anthony DeSclafani and that was the last hitter that he faced before David Bell went to Michael Lorenzen out of the bullpen. Lorenzen made quick and easy work, inducing a ground ball double play and ending the inning with a strikeout to keep the Reds up 4-2. He came back for the 6th inning and walked Josh Bell to lead off the inning, then gave up a 1-out single to put two men on. Jacob Stallings flew out lazily to right field for the second out of the inning. After another walk, one that loaded the bases, manager David Bell brought in Amir Garrett to face left Adam Frazier. The move paid off as Garrett struck out Frazier to strand the bases loaded.

Garrett returned for the 7th inning and made quick work of the Pirates, striking out the final two batters of the inning after getting Bryan Reynolds to ground out to Mike Moustakas to start the inning. Lucas Sims took the mound for the 8th and worked around a leadoff walk to keep the score 6-2 and send the game to the 9th.

New reliever Archie Bradley came out for the 9th inning. It took six pitches to get Erik Gonzalez out to lead off the inning, but he was the only Reds pitcher to do so on the night. Things started going south rather quickly after that. Adam Frazier reached on a throwing error by Kyle Farmer at second base. Bryan Reynolds then reached on a throwing error by Jose Garcia. But Colin Moran grounded into a double play to end the game.

Notes worth noting

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs Pittsburgh Pirates

Sunday September 6th, 1:35pm ET

Tejay Antone (0-1, 2.66 ERA) vs Chad Kuhl (1-1, 3.10 ERA)

34 Responses

  1. Dennis Westrick

    Why is Sonny Gray not shown as the Reds starter for tomorrow’s (Sunday) game? Is there an injury issue?

    • seadog

      no injury–pitching against the Cubs. Club giving him some rest.

      • Rob

        Questionable decision in my view. We really have no alternative – other than Anton e – for today but will have Miley, Mahle, and Gray available for Tuesday. And Bauer and Castillo available on Wednesday. 5 available starters for 2-3 games! I suppose the upside is everybody gets an extra 2-3 days rest. Let’s hope that actually turns out to be an upside and that Anton e comes through today.

      • seadog

        By the way I think in a 9 inning game. If the starter goes 4.1 or less and the team is winning. Next man in gets the win, even if he only pitches .1 Make no sense I know. I could be wrong. It is not up to the “Official Scorer”. Just the way it works.
        So today–Disco only went 4. A good 4, but why start him? I guess they are playing for that 1-2 wildcard spot. I hope they are.
        So Garrett gets the win. While we are on it…This bullpen is deep, and getting better. There is no hammer ala Hader/Chapman. Thee is no “Nasty” boys–But, man they are just deep and solid. Garrett/Lorenzen/Stephenson (who we have not seen). Then two closers–Iglasias and Bradley. That does not even mention Mahle/Antone and Sims… Thornberg/Biddle are there to wipe things up. Not even mentioning Bowman/Kuhnel
        Maybe Bell should just push starters to 4 if he has too Turn it over.
        If this team does make the play-offs you almost have to say Mahle/Antone/Sims are the reason. It is amazing when you look at what they have accumalated iin the bullpen…

      • seadog

        As usual I am wrong. My son made me aware if starter does not go 5. It is up to the “official scorer” to give the win to who he/she feels is the most effective pitcher…UGH

      • Doug Gray

        You son is correct, but don’t blame yourself on this one. The official scorer gives the win to whoever they feel deserves it rarely happens and almost always goes to the guy who was the first pitcher after the starter to pitch with a lead. I knew the rule, but even still, tweeted out about the surprise of the win going to Garrett because you just don’t see that rule used in such a way anymore.

  2. seadog

    Very nice win.
    Shows how deep this bullpen really is. 4 innings by the starter. 5 innings of 1 hit ball by the bullpen.
    Suarez can lead the league in HR. He could also lead the league in K. Very nice game by him. I would be fine if he did both and played stellar defense.
    This team is still in it. Playing for 1 of 2 wildcard spots…

    • Charles Lackey

      As a Reds fan for many years I don’t like been critical of this team. To me DISCO doesn’t need to be a starter.
      Lorenzen should strictly be in the bullpen and never a position player except maybe due to an injury. It’s good to see BARNGART hitting HR but CASALI has a better batting average, plus has hit 5HR I do believe. Reds defense is very shaky which has surprised me. Couple lack of hitting with poor defense to go along with the bullpen not being up to par in the early going Reds are very lucky to be in 5th place. To have a ghost of a chance Reds must start winning against teams like the Pirates, who so far haven’t been playing good. As a matter of fact except for 1 game the Reds should have won every game from the Pirates this year. START HITTING-PLAY GREAT DEFENSE-BULLPEN HOLD THE LEAD BETTER- STARTING PITCHERS KEEP PITCHING AS YOU WELL AS YOU HAVE AND THE REDS COULD AND REALKY NEED TO GET ON A LONG WINNING STREAK AS TIME & GAMES ARE RUNNING OUT.
      ?GO REDS????????

  3. Klugo

    Man, I really love Eugenio Suarez. It’s great to see him coming around.

    Disco gotta head to the ‘pen.

  4. Jack

    Tomorrow is another must win, can’t split but good win

    • Duff

      They’re all must wins because when they finish the season against the white Sox and Twins they have to be at least 2 up in the WC standings.

  5. RedNat

    Goodwin made a heck of a play in center field. I am not sure Senzel would have made that play!

    • seadog

      Senzel is an infielder that can’t stay on the field…He should play 2nb for this team. He has done well in CF, but not his spot. Not where this team needs him. They need him at 2nb and Moose at 1st. DH Votto…

      • Colorado Red

        Totally disagree.
        The infield days are over.
        He is still injury prone, which is sad.
        But he is NO LONGER an infielder.

      • VaRedsFan

        Senzel is not an infielder anymore.

  6. Davy

    At last, Mr. Suarez meet Mr. Mendoza. 🙂

    Good to see him getting his mojo back. 41 hrs in only 111 games since last ASG. Impressive.

  7. Davy13

    At last, Mr. Suarez meet Mr. Mendoza. 🙂

    Good to see him getting his mojo back. 41 hrs in only 111 games since last ASG. Impressive.

    • GreatRedLegsFan

      Hopefully Winker and Castellanos will charge again (have been a little cold as of late) and Moose can join the party. This, plus a rebounding bullpen, chances to reach the post-season are still good.

  8. jim walker

    Wins are wins and losses are not. Tonight was a win. That’s about all that really matters now.

    Is there still enough time to Go Reds!?!

    • Klugo

      If they pull it off, they’ll be hot at the right time.

  9. Don

    Good win
    The Reds need to get more runners on base and the pitchers need to walk far fewer batters to beat anyone but the Pirates.

    The other teams on the schedule would have all taken better advantage of the 6 walks and the almost disastrous defense in the 9th inning.

    Unfortunately the Indians beating Brewers is the only other game which went the Reds way in the playoff hunt.
    Cards take 2 from Cubs
    Marlins beat Rays
    Mets beat Phillies
    Rockies beat Dodgers
    Giants beat D Backs

    Reds need to win Sunday and get some help from the teams with the better record to also win (other than Dbacks vs Giants)

    • jim walker

      Good point about limiting opportunities for the opponent.

  10. ClevelandRedsFan

    Winker is starting to cool off a bit. Is it just me, or did he seem to start cooling off when he adopted the swing out of my shoes, go down to one knee swing?

    • scotly50

      I was thinking the same thing. He was hitting the pitch. Now he is just swinging all out at everything thrown up there.

    • Tom Reeves

      Winker looks me like trying to drive the golf ball after playing a scramble. All through the scramble, I swing with the driver and often get lucky that one person in the group hits a long straight drive. Then, for months after, I struggle to even make solid contact with the driver because my timing is all off.

      • ClevelandRedsFan

        JVM looks like me trying to drive the ball.

    • jim walker

      Not that it matters as long as Winker is getting the job done; but; lean and lanky with that full beard poking out around the jaw flap on his helmet, his swing and swoon routine looks like a circus clown,

  11. Scott C

    The best thing about the 3 home runs by Suarez was that the last two went to right and right center. Suarez hits best when he doesn’t try to pull everything. Let’s hope the Reds hitters up and down the lineup take the lesson.

    • VaRedsFan

      Exactly. I’ve always said this. Just commit to driving those outside pitches the other way, and he’ll be fine.

  12. Jack

    The worst thing about the win is that outside of Suarez they only had 3 hits. He won’t hit 3 HRs every game so offense is still a major limiting factor.

    • TR

      Homeruns are wonderful but nothing upsets the opposing team like hits to all fields and runners on base.

  13. Jack

    After looking at the standings I am much more pessimistic about their playoff chances. 2 games is not a lot but there are a lot of teams in between them and that spot what are the odds they will be 2 games better than all of them?

  14. ClevelandRedsFan

    Reds are 1.5 games back of the Rockies and 2 of the Marlins. Here’s what does and does not scare me moving forward for the Reds’ playoff chances:

    What doesn’t scare me:
    Marlins: This team simply has to crash. They aren’t a good team and I could easily see them fading down the stretch.
    Rockies: They are in a really tough division with Slam Diego and the Dodgers. They play Slam Diego 3 more times and Dodgers 5 more times. Ouch. Plus, they have 6 games with San Fran.
    Giants: Same as Rockies in a tough division. They play Slam Diego 6 more times and the mentioned 6 with Rockies. You have to think Giants/Rockies will be mostly an even split, allowing the Reds to pull ahead with over .500 baseball.
    Brewers: They have 13 games left with the Cubs + Cards. Plus 3 with the Reds, so Reds can somewhat control their fate.

    What does scare me:
    Reds: They have 12 games left against Cards, Cubs, White Sox, Twins. That’s a lot of baseball left. Reds better hope Cards are tired from all the double-headers when they play them next week. AL Central race is really tight with Sox, Indians, Twins all 0.5 games apart. Twins and Sox could be extra motivated.

    So far, the Reds just haven’t played like a good team all year. Maybe Suarez gets hot and carries them for the rest of the year. Maybe Castellanos comes out of his mini slump, maybe Votto/Winker continue hitting, and the bullpen is better. Maybe even Tucker starts producing a bit at the bottom of the lineup and Senzel comes back.

    Six teams and one will get hot: Marlins, Rockies, Giants, Brewers, Reds, Mets are all in contention.One team will get hot and go on a streak. Can it be the Reds?