This morning, Sam LeCure took to the Twitterverse and said this:

I wonder what my career would look like if the Reds had given me as long of a leash as they’ve given some people. Tough to swallow really.

He followed up with this:

I had great experiences/relationships there and I’ll never spend more time with a team than I did the Reds. And that’s why it sucks having this bad taste in my mouth after all the years of hard work and sacrifice I gave them. That’s life tho right?

Sam LeCure has every right to express his opinion, privately and in public. If you follow his Twitter feed, you know he’s not shy about it. I loved watching LeCure pitch, succeeding with guile where others had 100 mph fastballs. And I’m certainly not saying the Reds organization is beyond criticism.

But there are two problems with the views Sam LeCure expressed today:

(1) LeCure was paid $4.4 million dollars by the Reds over six seasons. That may not be a lot of money in comparison to what other professional baseball players make, but that’s a life-changing sum for most of us. All those “years of hard work and sacrifice” weren’t uncompensated. His description of his relationship with the Reds as a “sacrifice” on his part strikes me as a gross lack of perspective.

(2) I wonder what Sam LeCure, the active baseball player, would have thought of a former Reds player carping publicly about the team he was playing on, or by inference a specific teammate, especially one who was struggling. That Sam LeCure would have been the first one to defend his teammate and team and denounce the piling on and squawking from the cheap seats.

LeCure has already deleted the first tweet. So he gets it. Thought this would give Redleg Nation another interesting topic to discuss while we’re trying to forget the past two nights.