Alex Gonzalez is making his return to the Reds lineup today against the Netherlands. He’s playing DH. I can’t see any way this guy will be ready for Opening Day after being injured for the last six seasons (or so it seems). I wish Gonzo the best, but I would not be surprised if his knee exploded while rounding first base at some point. He’s just had so many problems.

Meanwhile, Dusty Baker thinks highly of Gonzalez:

“A very good player,” Baker said. “I talked to people in Boston, talked to people in Florida, they told he’s one of the best they’ve ever seen. That is huge coming out of the shortstop position. They’re involved in almost every play.”

“Not to mention, that he’s another offensive threat. He’s a guy with power, a guy who can move the ball around.”

I don’t even know what to say about that.