A reader has a question:

I looked at the Wikipedia article (real reliable, I know), and came across this: “In Cincinnati, one fan paid for a plane to fly over Riverfront Stadium that dragged a sign reading ‘Owners & Players: To hell with all of you!'” Unfortunately, Wikipedia is not a credible source at all and whoever wrote that in the article did not cite any type of source. I’d like to use this tidbit as an example of fan backlash (for a senior thesis in college), but I’ve searched the Internet/newspapers and cannot find anything that backs up that this event actually occurred.

Therefore, I’d like to request your help, if at all possible. From what I’ve read on the blog, you’ve attended numerous Opening Days. Were you, by chance, at the Opening Day in 1995? If not, do you know anyone who was at the game and could substantiate this occurrence for me (and, of course, allow me to identify them by name)? Like I said, I’d really like to use this as an example in my thesis, but I obviously cannot without some sort of validation. Any help with this would be GREATLY appreciated.

Can anyone help? I wasn’t at that game, and I don’t remember any reporting of an incident like this.