You will recall that Edwin Encarnacion, after signing his new contract, told everyone who would listen that he wanted to try to pull the ball less. Slyde has a very interesting post here on Edwin’s approach at the plate, and whether the young guy should really be trying to change that approach.

7 Responses

  1. rpa

    I’m still waiting for the “breakout” season.

    Right now he’s an average offensive 3b with below average defense. Something needs to change.

  2. Glenn

    It just seems to me that the most successful hitters, hit the ball where its pitched. RPA’s right, EE needs some serious improvements in all phases of his game.

  3. Glenn

    I just can’t believe the Reds paid him so much to avoid arbitration. 2 years no less. IMO he hasn’t had the type of career that warrants that much money.

  4. rpa

    e5e5 isn’t an above average hitter for a corner infielder.

    he certainly doesn’t hit well enough to put his god-awful throwing mechanics out there at 3b every night.

  5. Glenn

    Honestly guys, I just hold my breath everytime a ball’s hit in his direction.

  6. Chad

    And he’s just months older than Joey Votto! It seems like he’s been around forever, but EE is still young. His prime years are ahead of him.

    I think people have unrealistic expectations. He’s been very good for a young player.

  7. Plowboy

    I’m with Chad here, for all of the aforementioned reasons AND because of what BP has said – that Gonzalez seems to have a calming effect on him.

    We’ll see. That comment is about as subjective as it gets when talking baseball, but indeed, IF A-Gon actually plays AND plays at a similar level to his past (which I seriously doubt – but, hey, it’s spring training, let’s give it the benefit of the doubt), then I’m willing to give EE another year(if not another depending) to reach that “potential”.

    After all, it’s not like the Reds are going to throw around $ in the free agent market if he’s still showing that he has serious signs of all-star potential (which he does).