Today is the day where we begin to see home runs that topped the 450 foot mark on the list of the longest homers hit by the Cincinnati Reds in 2021. Jonathan India’s blast on May 14th was the 7th longest of the season and came against Germán Márquez and the Colorado Rockies.

The Video

The Metrics Behind The Blast

The 95 MPH fastball couldn’t have been anymore in the middle of the strikezone if you placed it on a tee and Jonathan India did what you’re supposed to do with those kinds of pitches – he put it into orbit, crushing the ball into the trees beyond the fence in center in Colorado.

Distance Metrics

Distance: 451 Feet

Reds Rank: 7th

Major League Baseball Rank: 146th (tie)

Jonathan India Rank (2021): 1st

Other Metrics

Launch Angle: 24°

Exit Velocity: 108.7 MPH

Reds Exit Velocity Rank (home runs only): 38th out of 222

MLB Exit Velocity Rank (home runs only): 958th (tie) out of 5935

The Story Behind The Blast

A day prior, Jonathan India hit his 2nd homer of the season. He kept the power coming in Colorado on May 14th when he went 2-4 with a double and his 3rd homer of the season. Germán Márquez had been pitching well, having allowed just two runs in 6.0 innings on the day, but the 7th inning didn’t go his way. He gave up a leadoff single to Shogo Akiyama and then fell behind Jonathan India 2-0. Holding an 8-2 lead the Rockies called for a fastball down in the zone. Márquez missed his spot and India made him pay with a laser over the wall in center and over the first set of trees before the ball landed 451 feet from the plate. Entering the series in Colorado, Jonathan India had a .616 OPS. A big series there helped propel him moving forward as he posted an .872 OPS from that point forward as he locked in and won the 2021 National League Rookie of the Year award.

You can follow along the entire series here

8 Responses

  1. Mark Moore

    The camera angle on the pitch was deceiving to me. It almost looked like it might end up being a bloop or maybe a short fly. But man did that carry!!!

    Hope we see plenty more from RoY over the next few years.

  2. Daytonnati

    Doug – Any thoughts on this column on Dodger Nation about the possible return on a Sonny Gray deal?

      • 2020ball

        yuck… poor writing at best, and even more cringe-worthy youtube vids. That link/blog screams LA to the T. Nothing bad to say about you Daytonnati, let me be clear, only talking about the creators of that awful click-baity content. No desire to visit that site ever again.

        I could see the Dodgers and Cincinnati lining up again on a trade though, the two orgs have definitely had a good relationship in the past. I’m sure LA would love to acquire Gray. I couldnt figure out which prospects they were talking about though since I couldnt really follow anything from the links, nothing your fault though, only theirs.

    • LDS

      I’d like to hear Doug’s views as well. From an outsider’s perspective, it doesn’t appear that either of the prospects mentioned moves the Reds forward much at all.

      • David

        Yes, and the LA Dodgers “pitching gurus” will fix Sonny Grey. What would help fix Sonny is pitching in Chavez Ravine, where the ball doesn’t carry quite like it does in GABP.
        I really think, at times, pitching in GABP gets into pitcher’s heads, probably like pitching in Coors Field in Denver. That homer by India SAILED over the 415 sign in dead center. Is Jonathon REALLY that strong, or is it Coors Field?

      • Optimist

        Yep – pretty middling prospects at best – given the budget constraints, I suspect the Reds are looking at multiple lottery ticket teenagers, and plenty of cash, or offload Suarez/Moose/Shogo/etc.. I don’t think they could “ruin” the Greene/Lodolo/Ashcraft/Santillan/next crowd, but I can easily see them rushing them into action this year, a few months before a deeper club would do so. Or, they go with a Strailly/Hoffman combo for the first few months. May be painful to watch, but should not have long term adverse effects. Another .500 season into August/Sept. but really looking to 2023 and beyond.

  3. 2020ball

    No big effort in that swing, he just got the FB he was looking for, center cut, and put his normal stroke on it and BOOM. Love watching India play, very smooth ballplayer. We’ve found a gem for sure.