Jonathan India was named as one of three National League Rookie of the Year finalist. The Cincinnati Reds second baseman was named as a finalist alongside of the Miami Marlins pitcher Trevor Rogers and St. Louis Cardinals Dylan Carlson.

It’s been quite a year for Jonathan India. He was not invited to big league camp in the spring, but instead was a part of “early minor league camp” that ran alongside big league camp. But his performance caught the right eyes and in mid-March got invited over to big league camp. From there he kept on going and earned a spot on the Opening Day roster. He never looked back.

When the season was complete, India’s name was all over the leaderboards for rookies in Major League Baseball. In 150 games played on the season he hit .269/.376/.459 with 98 runs scored, 69 runs driven in, 34 doubles, 2 triples, 21 home runs, 12 steals, 71 walks, and he led the league in pitches that found his body with 23. According to Fangraphs and Baseball Reference he put up a 3.9 WAR on the season.

The last time the Reds had a Rookie of the Year winner was in 1999. That was the year that Scott Williamson posted a 2.41 ERA in 93.1 innings, picked up 19 saves, and was a National League All-Star at age 23. Cincinnati hasn’t had a position player win the award since 1988 when Chris Sabo won the award, hitting .271/.314/.414 with 46 stolen bases. Like Williamson, Sabo was also a National League All-Star that season.

Jonathan India has already picked up several Rookie of the Year honors this offseason. Baseball America, who only hands out the award for all of MLB and not one for each league, gave India the nod in their voting. He also got the nod from the other players in baseball and was named as the National League’s Most Outstanding Rookie as voted on by the other players in the big leagues.

The Rookie of the Year will be announced on November 15th at 6pm ET. It will be announced on MLB Network.

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  1. Mark Moore

    This is one we’ve been waiting for. He appears to be the real deal. Putting him and TySteve near the top of the line-up will be sweet indeed!

    For Christmas, I want new ownership that will build around those two.

  2. redsfan4040

    Jonathan India should win it, but I don’t think it’ll be as run away with as some people think. Carlson and Rogers both had very good years.
    I think it’ll be India, Rogers, Carlson.

  3. RedsGettingBetter

    I wonder if India could repeat or improve the 2021 season performance. Some people talk about the very hard the 2nd year is after claiming the ROY

  4. Stock

    Fangraphs has an article on potential trade pieces and targets for the Reds.

    • LDS

      So does CBSSports and it isn’t pretty. The expectations of the Reds are quite low.

      • Steelerfan

        Wow, that CBS article is depressing. Reds wiling to discuss “any player making significant money.” That about says it all…

      • 2020ball

        That article is just a fluff piece from an average writer looking for clicks. I wouldn’t put much stock into it.

    • west larry

      Read the Fangraph article. If they can move Moose with Castillo in a trade, sadly I think they will do it. If not, keep him. Since it’s his final year under contract, I think that they will trade Grey. If all of this happens, will the reds try to become the Rays or the Pirates?

      • jeffversion1

        They’ll try to become the Rays.

        They will become the Pirates.

  5. Bill J

    Nice article about the Reds minor league players on today. I guess we will find out what the FO thinks of them this spring.

  6. Vada

    Not to take away from India’s fantastic year but after having witnessed the 2021 Reds performance as a whole and witnessing various comments on this site by fans the entire season I am continually being reminded of a quote in the film “Fever Pitch.” While struggling to balance a love relationship with his girl and the Boston Red Soxs he was asked, “what has the Soxs ever done for YOU”? Now I ask myself, what have the Reds ever done for me over 60 years? The question is very appropriate bc it allows a person to reevaluate their PRIORITY in life. Baseball as a whole has given me opportunities to squander my time “chasing windmills” instead of focusing on things that develop strong relationships with people who CARE ABOUT ME. The MLB and other professional sports, has become a lucrative playground for narcissists and the fans are their prime FEEDERS. Sorry Reds, go find your food from someone else, I am focusing my life on things that matter – like developing strong relationships with people who care about me. No more for me.

    • TR

      I’m a life-long Reds fan who just turned age 85 and will continue to be one as long as I’m around. Strong personal relationships and the love of baseball are not exclusive.

    • Greenfield Red

      Love the movie Fever Pitch, but like you, I have reprioriti,ed my life in the last several years. The NFL is out of my life. The Reds and coege football occupy about 1/3 of what they used to. Coege basketball down to about 10%. I’ve probably added a little time to music, but it much less rhan the Spirts given up. I’m concentraiting on my family first, a few more years of accumukation before I retire. For my efforts, I have been rewarded with my first grandchild on the way. Sports don’t matter much.

      • Greenfield Red

        sorry for the typos. 3 AM at work and typing on my phone.

  7. Old-school

    Jon Morosi tweets that the Mariners are 1 team thats checked in on Castillo and their Gm Jerry Dipoto has a history of swinging big deals. They have arguably the top prospect in MLB in AA outfielder Julio Rodriguez- a powerful RH outfielder with a big arm in AA who some project to be a superstar.

    Interestingly, the online trade simulator site gives this trade about equal value 1:1. That would be a major trade.

    • Old Big Ed

      I don’t see the Mariners doing that. I don’t think the Mariners would do it for Castillo and Sonny Gray, and probably not even if the Reds ate half of Sonny’s contract. It’s a good example of why the trade simulators have to be taken with a grain of salt. I could see that the Mariners would be interested, but I don’t know what they have to give for Castillo who would fit the Reds’ needs.

      The Mariners thought that they had a bunch of good young outfielders all ready to blossom together, with Jarred Kelenic, Kyle Lewis and Taylor Trammell, but it hasn’t worked for them. Lewis and Trammell last year both had an OPS of .615, and Lewis turned into their version of Nick Senzel.

      The Angels need pitching, too, and they have money.

    • 2020ball

      Dipoto is on record saying he won’t trade any of their top prospects

  8. Chris Wheeler

    If I am India or Winker I ask to be traded to a contender. The Reds management has all but shown they are not going to spend what is required to win. Normally I would be upset at guys doing that but I could not blame them at this time. Reds don’t care about fans or players wasting their prime in that clubhouse. Sad.