Last night saw the trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers pay off, at least for one game, as Yasiel Puig crushed a walk-off hit off of the wall in right-center field in extra innings to beat the Chicago Cubs. One of the other pieces in that deal between the Cincinnati Reds and Dodgers, Alex Wood, has yet to appear in a game for the Reds this season. And from the sounds of it, it’s going to be a while until he does.

John Fay of The Cincinnati Enquirer provided an update on the left-handed pitcher. Manager David Bell had this to say about Alex Wood:

There’s a pretty good chance he’s going to start a throwing program next week, it’s not 100 percent. We’ll see how he does between now and Monday. If everything goes well, then he’ll begin a throwing program early next week.

Fay makes some logical assumptions from there about the timeline for Alex Wood to be ready to pitch in the Major Leagues. For the lefty, he’s basically starting over at this point. If he’s just going to start a throwing program next week if things go well, you are likely looking at a stretch to believe he’ll be ready any sooner than the very beginning of July. That would be five weeks from the time he would start throwing. As noted by Fay, he’ll likely get a few rehab starts, too, which likely stretches that into July before he’d see time in Cincinnati.

Of course, all of that timeline is based on if things go well for Alex Wood’s back throughout that entire time. What this does seem to do is make it next to impossible for the Reds to trade Wood this season. Not that they necessarily would want to, but they’ll have to do a whole bunch of winning over the next two months to get to a point where they shouldn’t be approaching the trade deadline as sellers. As an impending free agent, Wood would be on the list of players a team in sell-mode should be looking to move. That seems off of the table now.

It could, however, open up a possible extension window for the Reds and Wood, if he pitches well upon his return and happens to like things in Cincinnati. It could give him a chance to hit free agency coming off of a season in which he didn’t miss more than half of it. Of course he could also just decide to go into free agency either way and roll the dice elsewhere in 2020 (or beyond if someone is willing to give him multiple years).

Where’s Jose Peraza?

As pointed out by Redleg Nation’s own Nick Kirby on twitter, Jose Peraza has started just one of the Cincinnati Reds five games from May 10th through the 15th. He came off of the bench on both May 10th and 11th. Then he started on May 12th, going 2-4. He didn’t play at all in the game on Tuesday against the Cubs.  Wednesday he found himself out of the starting lineup once again – entering the game in the top of the 9th inning in a double-switch. The infielder has struggled at the plate this season, hitting just .205/.254/.287 this season in 40 games played. With Jose Iglesias clearly being the stronger defender at shortstop, and also clearly outhitting him this season, time at shortstop isn’t there. And while he’s the best defensive option at second base among the group of players there, his bat may be far-and-away the worst. With Derek Dietrich leading the team with an OPS of .977, he’s going to get a bulk of the playing time until his bat begins to cool off.

The original version of this article noted that Jose Peraza had started just one of the last five games. This was due to the authors idiocy – who somehow scheduled the post two days later than it was supposed to be published. It has been corrected.

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  1. CI3J

    I’m starting to get serious Ryan Madson vibes from this whole situation.

    • matthew hendley

      one cant think of Alex wood the Red without remembering Ryan Madison. Luckily it wasn’t tommy John Wood needs though.

    • Pete

      This is very possible. Farmer could be a long-term Red but Puig has to really produce to make the trade worthwhile unless the two prospects we shipped to LA flop. At that point, it comes down to the extra dollars the Reds spent to unload Homer. I do like Farmer as a utility guy and wonder if he can more than emergency catch…

  2. RojoBenjy

    I’m confused. Peraza started in LF last night and went 0-3. Made at least one good catch in the game according to Tommy Thrall’s call on radio.

    • Doug Gray

      *I scheduled this post for the WRONG DAY*

      It was supposed to be published on NOT TODAY. Talk about my surprise to see it posted when I got to the computer today….

      • RojoBenjy

        You get a pass as far as i’m concerned. I’m always impressed with how well you juggle all that you have to do. Cheers!

  3. old-school

    Its unfortunate for Wood and the Reds. Injuries happen and kudos to the Reds FO for making low risk moves that give them flexibility come the off-season. The Pirates are reeling with injuries.

    Doug- assuming Roarck and Wood are not in the rotation in 2020, is there anyone in the minors who can step in and be a really good SP? The Reds really need a good lefty starter IMO. The ne’erdwells of MLB will soon be starting over and trading assets for younger assets. Matthew Boyd for the Tigers is right there with Luis Castillo as one of the best young pitchers in baseball and has 3 more years of control. Caleb Smith for the Marlins is another controllable young lefty who is one of the best starters in the AL. Could Tony Santillan be the central player in a package to get one of these young controllable proven lefties?

    A SP rotation in 2020 of Castillo/Boyd/Gray/and Mahle would be solid.

  4. WVRedlegs

    Boy that Dodgers trade is looking better and better with each passing day.
    Puig struck out 3 times last night vs. his old mates the Dodgers. Barely hitting .200 with a very sub-Billy Hamilton OBP. That has all star written all over it.
    What a great trade that was. An all time best Reds trade. It ranks up there with the Joe Morgan trade. Dick Williams for MLB Executive of the Year.
    Go Dick Williams, and take David Bell with you.

    • PhP

      With you excellent hindsight you should have warned Dick Williams that Wood would be hurt the whole year and Puig would struggle! I blame you for not speaking up, because obviously you knew those things were going to happen

      • daytonnati

        Okay everybody, raise your hands if you would trade Puig and Farmer and Wood to the Royals for Homer?

      • Eric

        Ask me again at the END of the season, Daytonnati, not 1/4 of the way through it. 🙂

        For right now…still no.

      • seat101

        Now now. What really hurts is that we don’t have Homer Bailey as Our number one pitcher anymore.
        You know he’s leading the major leagues and every pitching category now, don’t you?

    • Hanawi

      I’ve been on record as hating that trade since the beginning, especially giving up Gray. Reds have no pitching in the low minors at all. It’s why the Dayton team is terrible. Plus, Downs is now coming on as well and OPSing almost .900 in May as a 20-year old SS in A+.

      They could have just paid out Bailey. They’d still be in last place in NL Central.

    • Lwblogger2

      Would you have not made that trade WV? In hindsight it isn’t looking great, but at the time of the trade I liked it. The Reds gave up 2 prospects who were fringe top 10 in their system and 2-3 years away. They got back a pitcher with some injury history but who still made 20+ starts a year. They got back a solid all-around RF with a lot of pop and a possible breakout candidate in his walk year. They got a utility guy that Dodgers fans loved. They got Bailey off the books and put Kemp on the books.

      I’ll beat up the FO for some things but not for this trade. Did you see Puig with a sub .700 OPS and Wood out for over half a year? If so, you really should have a career in baseball somewhere.

  5. Ethan L

    Would it be unethical to cut Wood? Thanks for nothing, pal.

    • Shchi Cossack

      No more unethical than cutting Kemp. Both would get paid thru the 2019 season, irrespective of being cut.

      • matthew hendley

        Wood will not be injured the whole season. He is also head and sholders above Kemp in terms of talent. Cutting him would be outright dumb. Kemp, I got. But if Wood is cut, someone in the FO needs to be fired.

  6. Curt

    When exactly did Wood get hurt again? Did he arrive hurt? (Wouldn’t be surprising since he’s always hurt). Was it known that he was hurt when traded? I forget.

    • matthew hendley

      Spring Training. It violates a ton of rules to attempt to trade a player while hiding physical alements (see SD-MIA trade COlin Rea). Alex Woods back trouble is also common knowledge. It is why he is usually good for 150 innings a year.