USA TODAY’s Bob Nightengale recently convened a summit of “baseball men” to talk about “ways to improve the national pastime.”

The Reds’ Dusty Baker represented managers on the panel, and along with wily superagent Scott Boras, had a unique solution to shortening the length of games: Add a pitcher to every roster, because if teams can keep pitchers fresher, it might reduce the need for so many changes.

Hat tip to Rob Neyer, who points out the obvious:

Of course that’s preposterous. The more pitchers you’ve got, the more pitching changes you’ll make.

Exactly. Every team would just add another LOOGY. Pre-LaRussa, every team had 9 or 10 pitchers, and games lasted 2:20. Now, teams carry 11 or 12, and the games take 2:50. More pitchers may not be the cause of the problem, but I’m sure they aren’t the solution.

Note to the grammar geeks: I know the headline is incorrect. But “fewer” just doesn’t have the same flow.