Homer Bailey had an easy outing this morning, in the Reds “B-game” against the Brew Crew:

Homer Bailey pitched two perfect innings in the B game against the Brewers. He struck out three. He went to a two-ball count only once. He threw 23 pitches in all.

His first inning was particularly good: He struck out the first hitter on three pitches, struck out the second hitter on fourth pitches, then got third hitter grounded out on the second pitch.

Bailey wanted start the B game over pitching in relief of Bronson Arroyo in the A game, so he could stick to his pregame routine.

“It’s nothing new,” Bailey said. “It’s more of the routine in general, starting a game. I was going to throw after Bronson. I told them I’d come early and pitch the early game.. You know what time you need to stretch, what time you need to be out to start throwing, what time to get off the mound and prepare into a game. I think that’s just as important as anything. That’s what I wanted to work on as opposed to be in the bullpen, throwing and getting out there in the game.”

Dusty Baker had some praise for his young right-hander:

Although Aroldis Chapman was originally slated to start the early game, the move was made for Bailey, and it was something Dusty Baker liked hearing coming from his young right-hander.

“The thing he’s learning is a routine,” Baker said. “That’s why he wanted to pitch the first game. They say sameness is greatness. He’s gotten into a regimine, which wasn’t Homer in the past. He’s maturing, he’s serious about being good in this game. He’s a man. He’s growing up.”

(FYI, that last link above was from C. Trent, who spoke with Diamond Hoggers about all things Reds. It’s worth a listen.)

In the end, the Reds lost 4-2, mostly because of four errors. The pitching was good:

The Reds lost the B game 4-2, thanks to some sloppy fielding. The Reds committed four errors — two by Miguel Cairo (on back-to-back plays) and one by Josh Anderson and Drew Sutton — leading to three unearned runs.

The Reds pitched well. Homer Bailey threw two perfect innings, striking out three. Carlos Fisher pitched two hitless innings. Jordan Smith gave up two runs (one earned) in two innings. Logan Ondrusek and Enerio Del Rosario pitched a scoreless inning each. Phillipe Valiquette gave up two unearned runs.

Fisher and Bailey are really the only two guys out of that group who have a chance to make the Opening Day roster, and Fisher is probably a bit of a longshot.


In game two of the day, the Reds broke out the bats finally…but that wasn’t the big news.

Aroldis Chapman hit 102 on a scouts gun. OMG, indeed.