Time for a recap of today’s titanic struggle….

Atlanta 7
Cincinnati 0
WP: Hanson (2-0)
LP: Maloney (0-2)

–None. Pathetic performance.


–I can’t say any more right now about the Dusty Baker Disaster (TM), i.e., batting Wee Willy Taveras (.270 OBP) and Alex Gonzalez (.256 OBP) 1-2 in the order. It’s so frustrating. Again today, they were 0-9 and struck out three times. I just can’t believe that Dusty is so dense that he can’t realize what a terrible idea this has been.

–Matt Maloney’s worst outing of his big league career. He went 5.2 innings and gave up 6 runs on six hits, striking out 5 while walking two. I still like Maloney, but today wasn’t good. Of course, he could have thrown a no-hitter today and wouldn’t have gotten a win.

–Hurry back, Edinson Volquez.

–Can you believe this quote by Dusty?

“It’s the best lineup I can come up with.”

–Chris Dickerson: 1 hit in the 7th inning. Willy Taveras: 1 hit in the entire month of June.

–Long day of work today, thus the delayed recap. Please forgive me.

*This Offense Stinks