Hint: Cincinnati is third from the bottom.

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  1. RiverCity Redleg

    Interesting article, but they should dig deeper than college degrees and/or attendance.

  2. RampantRedsFan

    While I think that this is interesting I think this is more a result of how you like to draft. The A’s notoriously like to draft college players, therefore they will score higher using this system. I think that HS standardized tests would would work much better at comparing the teams.

  3. -C-P-

    I think most people would have guessed the top 3.

    1. Oakland (for obvious reasons).
    2. Tampa Bay-#1 draft picks tend to come from college
    3. Arizona-supposedly the team highest on sabermetrics-makes sense to have guys with larger sample size.

    The teams that have invested a lot of money in latino countries would have somewhat a disadvantage.

  4. GRF

    I think RRF and River hit this right, interesting but I am not sure they are really using the right metric.

    Speaking of stupid ideas, Andy Marte is hitting the ball pretty well for Columbus in AAA. I know EE may be on track to coming back, but we had some luck with one Indians cast off infielder and Marte is not going to get another shot there, so we might be able to get him cheap. Worth a flyer?

  5. Travis G.

    We could’ve had Marte on waivers back in March or April, but I wonder what his trade value would be. Mark Shapiro would probably charge the Reds more than another team, after the Phillips giveaway.

    But that’s not a terrible idea, if EdE’s wrist injury remains problematic. Those injuries can linger for hitters.

  6. GRF

    The wrist being an ongoing problem is what I am worried about. As much as Taveras has been killing us, the offensive production out of 3B has been as bad. I think any low cost option is worth looking at.

  7. mike

    the production from 3B has been bad an I’m looking forward to EE’s return

    The Reds have no shortage of ways/positions they could improve this team

    Here are the Reds positions (as a team) that are among the worst 5 in baseball

    1 Mariners -18
    2 Royals -15
    3 Phillies -14
    4 Reds -13

    3B (worst in baseball)
    1 Reds -22
    T2 Marlins -20
    T2 Rockies -20
    T4 Brewers -16
    T4 White Sox -16

    CF (worst in baseball)
    1 Reds -19
    2 Diamondbacks -16
    T3 Marlins -14
    T3 White Sox -14
    T3 A’s -14

  8. brublejr

    That article is dumb…just because guys didn’t go to or graduate college doesn’t make them smarter or dumber players.