Time for a recap of tonight’s titanic struggle….

Atlanta 2
Cincinnati 7
WP: Herrera (1-2)
LP: Jurrjens (5-5)

–Smilin’ side of the scoreboard! The Reds really needed that one. We Reds fans probably needed it more.

–If you don’t love the Daniel Ray Herrera (1.69 ERA) story, you don’t have a soul.

–Laynce Nix hit two of the hardest hit balls I’ve seen all season. Neither of them were homers (they were doubles), but he crushed them. Nix added a single and 3 RBI. Good night.

–Brandon Phillips was 3-4, scored a couple of runs, and even took a walk!

–Aaron Harang looked pretty good early in the game, but the long rain delay meant that he only got to throw two innings. Disappointing for him, I’m sure.

–Not a good outing by Nick Masset, but he was due for one of those. His ERA skyrocketed to 1.07 on the season.

–Someone needs to pull Dusty Baker aside and tell him it’s completely moronic to “hit” your two worst batters at the top of the order. It’s just insane, yet Dusty continues to put Willy Taveras (he’s one-for-June now!) and Alex Gonzalez one-two in the lineup.

Oh wait, never mind. I forgot Dusty’s stance on clogging the bases. No chance of that happening with this dreck at the top of the order.

–I know Dusty has a hard time getting him into the lineup since Alex Gonzalez is the greatest shortstop in the history of the world, but I was glad to see Paul Janish get a half-inning of playing time tonight!

–Ryan Hanigan didn’t get his customary two hits, but he laid down a bunt in the bottom of the eighth that was perfect. Then he busted his butt down the line and beat out the throw. Hanigan’s another kid you have to love.

–Two rain delays made this a long night. But a successful one! With an offensive explosion (for this team)!

–Jonny likes!