Tom Seaver threw his first career no-hitter against the Cards…

Interesting notes from the box score:

– He beat future Red John Denny.
– The Reds catcher was Don Werner.
– He no-hit a pretty good lineup (Lou Brock, George Hendrick, Ted Simmons, Keith Hernandez).

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  1. per14

    (Um…Lou Brock was a complete joke in 1978. Just saying. It’s one of the worse years ever–with substantial playing time–for a future HOFer.)

    But yeah, yay for Tommy.

  2. mexicanred

    Years later, George Hendrick will ruin Mario Soto´s attempt to a no hitter. He homered with two outs in the 9th inn.

  3. AnnapolisRed

    Would not be surprised if the Reds honored Seaver tonight by being no-hit by the Braves.

  4. Mark in CC

    I had the opportunity to hear a Cleveland Vice-President speak this winter. He told us that in 1980 John Denny signed a contract with the Indians with deferred money. For 2009 and 2010 he still receives $30,000 a year from the Indians. He hasn’t played for them since 1982.

  5. Steve Price

    This was Seaver’s only no-hitter. Tom Terrific!!

  6. mike

    No hitters are a pretty amazing feat

    But they are sorta odd.
    And Seaver was a particular exception to the odd-ness by being one of the greats of his time. Actually that’s wrong. He WAS the greatest of his time.

    He was the best starting pitcher while he pitched
    Blyleven and Neikro were probably the closest and they weren’t really close

    My point is Seaver pitched many great games, including many games as good as his no hitter or even BETTER than his no hitter

    He walked 3 and only struck out 3 against a lineup that contained really only Simmons on a team that was almost 20 games under .500. Oh it’s still a great feat but he had many better pitching performances

    That game was a game score of 87

    For example in 1977 he pitched a 1 hitter vs a much much better Cubs lineup, pitching a complete game, 5 base runner shutout striking out 6

    Or in 1972 when he dominated a bad Padres team, pitching a complete game, 1 hit, 5 base runner, 11 K shutout

    and arguably the best game he ever pitched, against a playoff bound Pirates team in 1971. He pitched a complete game, 1 hit, 1 run, 2 base runner, 10 K win against a Stargell led Pirates offense. He only allowed the 2 base runners…so how did they score? He walked Cash. Davaillo singled, Cash to 3B. Oliver hits a sac fly in the 7th

    but lets look at this a different way.
    From 1967-1986 (the time Seaver pitched) there were only 34 games pitched with a game score of 95 or higher. Seaver had 6 of those! The next closest was Bob Gibson with 3

    6 of those were over 100(!!) A crazy 13 inning game by Clay Kirby, a 13 1/3 inning game by Marichal, a 13 inning game by Gibson, a 16 inning game by Perry, and a 11 inning game by Cuellar.

    Seaver, pitching for, at the time, the 8-14 Mets who were taking on the amazing 18-6 Dodgers in 1974 with the likes of Crawford, Garvey, Russell and Yeager and pitched maybe his best game ever. 12 innings! 5 base runners and 16 Ks. The Mets lost the game when a Mets reliever blew it in the 14th.

  7. Bill Lack

    Mike, didn’t Seaver have a one hitter that was close to a perfect game in ’69? Jimmy Qualls got the hit, if I remember correctly?

  8. Steve Price

    Jim Qualls….was a Reds farmhand for one season. He was with the Cubs above in Bill’s comment, his only season with more 11 plate appearances in the majors.

    The Reds acquired him from the Expos in exchange for another reserve outfielder, Stan Swanson, who spent 1971 as a pinch hitter for the Expos. The Reds traded him for a pitcher named Pat Jacquez who never pitched for the Reds.

    I kind of wonder how many organizations does the typical AAA or 4A player play with during a career. Like Jolbert Cabrera is now with the Norfolk Tides of the Orioles organization. He may have played for almost every organization in 14 seasons of professional baseball.

  9. Bill Lack

    Found it.

    July 9, 1969

    Seaver threw a 9 inning, 1 hit, no walk, 11 strikeout game, with a game score of 96.

    Qualls, who was the only Cub baserunner, got his hit in the top of the 9th, with one out.

    The Cubs were in first place, but had lost 5 in a row. The Mets, in second, but only 3 1/2 out, had won 7 in a row.