“It seems like we’re not hitting because we’re not getting hits.”
Dusty Baker

8 Responses

  1. Y-City Jim

    The fan base would have a higher opinion of the man if he just kept his mouth shut. With Yogi Berra it was funny. Not so with DB.

  2. mhopp

    I think he’s trying to say that they’re not clogging the bases so he must be happy

  3. Chris Garber

    Dusty’s the gift that just keeps giving.

  4. brublejr

    That is pretty easy, and dumb to say. Too many swing and miss guys, no proven run producer other than the improving Votto. Bruce and EE could get there but they strike out a ton. No lead-off guy (Taveras is not an answer). That is why they are not hitting and/or scoring runs. The Reds are a team with little direction that has yet to show an effective gameplan to get out of being under .500. Small moves and wasted FA money year after year to stay similar to the year before (as far as record). The groundwork could be there with the young talent if they improve (Votto, Bruce, EE), but the million dollar question is if this coaching staff can get the improvments out of them or not.

  5. Matt McWax

    He might have meant tough luck hitting too (at’em balls). But I wouldn’t say there has has been an unusual amount of bad luck.