I’m glad to see that the current management has really reached out to former Reds. Add Frank Robinson, who is going to be grand marshal of Cincinnati’s Findlay Market Opening Day parade, to that list.

More excitement at this year’s parade:

Also in this year’s parade is Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo. Reds historian Greg Rhodes said it’s the first time that he knew of that an active Reds player has been in the parade since its earliest days, when everybody on both teams rode in horse-drawn carriages or street cars.

I dunno, if you’ve seen the parade once, you’ve seen it, I suppose. I think I’ve gone downtown three times in the last twenty years. If the weather isn’t bad, it’s a decent way to kill time before the game.

But the game’s the thing….

UPDATE: OMGReds is “stoked” about Robinson coming back for the parade, and even more so about the Reds’ announcement that they’ll be wearing Robinson-era uniforms for the Civil Rights Game.