What are your favorite Cincinnati Reds moments as a fan? This week, Nate and I count down our personal Top 5. We also get into all the news of the week…and there is actually some Reds-related news to discuss!

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13 Responses

  1. ryan

    1) 75 World Series
    2) 76 World Series
    3) 61 World Series
    4) Any childhood game at Crosley
    5) day off in college visiting Wrigley to watch the visiting Reds

  2. Mark Moore

    1976 WS sweep over the Yankees
    1990 WS sweep over the A’s
    1997 Spring Training game I attended in Plant City (against the WLB’s)
    2006 game in GABP where David Ross walked one off against the WLB’s
    2021 Joey Votto HR run

  3. Mark Moore

    Adding one very fond memory … listening to WLS when I was a kid living in Southern NY state. Got that signal usually when it was overcast and the “skip” spread out farther than normal. Nuxhall was the best.

    • Mark Moore

      WLW … not WLS (only did that in the mornings when I lived in South Bend)

  4. RedsFanInFL

    Non Playoffs/WS moments

    1) Rose getting all time hit record
    2) Bench HR on Johnny Bench Day
    3) Seaver’s no hitter
    4) Browning’s perfect game
    5) Every opening day in Cincinnati

  5. Bob Purkey

    1. 1975 Game 7 WS Win over Boston
    2.1972 Johnny Bench home run off Dave Giusti to tie NL pennant game in bottom of the 9th over Pittsburgh.
    3. Glenn Braggs catch at RF wall vs Pittsburgh in 1990 NLCS.
    4. 1990 World Series Sweep of Oakland A’s
    5. Hal King 3-run pinch homer in game 1 of DH vs Dodgers in 1973. Was lucky enough to be in town for college pre-registration and went to the game(s) at last minute on Sunday.

  6. wizeman

    1. Was lucky enough to be in Fenway for game 6 and 7 of World Series. Game 7 best moment.
    2. Bench tying the Pirates in Game 5 of 72 playoffs with a homer.
    3. Foster scoring on wild pitch minutes later to win the pennant.
    4. The first time Chapman came into a game.
    5.Bench clearing brawl against the Braves in Atlanta in mid eighties. Was sitting by the dugout. Totally wild

  7. Jeffery

    Hal King HR….And take your pick of Johnny Bench.

  8. doofus

    Seeing a major league baseball field for the first time, June 21, 1964 in Cincinnati.

    2 through 5, too many to rank.

  9. Michael

    Fun topic. I was born in 1980 so I am smack dab in the middle of the Dotson boys.

    5. Weird to put up a non reds player moment but I had the pleasure of being at the Mark Whitten 4 home run game. It was surreal seeing it happen. Stupid Cardinals.

    4. Barry Larkin hitting his first grand slam (also at the game)

    3. Game 2 in San Francisco in 2012. Never been so confident in my life after that game…. this makes me sad

    2. Joey Votto the entire second half of 2016 when he decided to stop makin gouts. Batted 408, obp 490 and slugged 668.

    1. Todd Benzinger catching final out in game 4 1990.

    HM: Joey Votto interview in the Mountie uniform!!!

  10. Votto4life

    5. The day the Reds acquired Ken Griffey Jr.

    4. George Foster scoring from third base. It was the game winning play in the 1972 NLCS

    3. The Reds winning the 1990 World Series

    2. The Reds winning the 1975 World Series

    1. Going to Red games with my dad. He didn’t know a lot about baseball, but he followed the Reds because I did. He died in 2014 and I miss him ever single day.

  11. TejasRojo

    1) The bratwurst at Riverfront.
    2) Taking the water taxi across the Ohio to the Newport strip clubs after a Red’s game.
    3) Sitting in the “Top Six” (or was it the Top Three?) cheap seats in an otherwise empty stadium as the Reds were on their way to losing 100 games. Again
    4) The mettwurst at Riverfront.
    5) Sitting behind Marge Schott and having her light my pal’s cig with her own. While it was still in her mouth.