After kicking off the series last week where we looked at the 10th longest home run of the 2021 season by a Cincinnati Reds player, we’re back at it today. This week we are looking at a virtual tie with the one we covered last week.

The 9th longest home run hit in 2021 by a Red was clubbed by first baseman Joey Votto. His 442 foot home run came just five days earlier than the 442 foot home run hit by Aristides Aquino that was covered last week. The home run was one of two that Votto hit on the day against Atlanta, with this one coming against Touki Toussaint on a full count that disappeared into the shrubbery in Georgia.

The Video

The Metrics Behind The Blast

On a full count Touki Toussaint opted to go with a 91.4 MPH sinker. Unfortunately for him it didn’t sink and it was about as middle-middle of the zone as you could be and Joey Votto squared it up and sent it to centerfield at 107 MPH for a 2-run homer.

Distance Metrics

Distance: 442 Feet

Reds Rank: 10th (tie – but I had to give someone 9th and someone 10th)

Major League Baseball Rank: 307th (tie)

Joey Votto Rank (2021): 2nd

Other Metrics

Launch Angle: 29°

Exit Velocity: 106.7 MPH

Reds Exit Velocity Rank (home runs only): 67th (tie) out of 222

MLB Exit Velocity Rank (home runs only): 1786th (tie) out of 5935

The Story Behind The Blast

Cincinnati was trailing 5-0 after a tough start that saw Wade Miley give up five runs in the first three innings of the game. Touki Toussaint was rolling through the first five innings, but he hit Nick Castellanos with a pitch to lead off the 6th. That brought Joey Votto to the plate and after working a full count he unloaded on the sinker that didn’t sink to make it a 5-2 game.

In the 9th inning the same scenario played out as Nick Castellanos was hit by yet another pitch and Joey Votto clubbed a 2-run homer. That one tied the game up and eventually helped send the game to extra innings, but Atlanta would walk things off with their own home run in the 11th.

You can follow along the entire series here

8 Responses

  1. Melvin

    If he stays healthy mainly from not getting hit by pitches, Joey Votto will lead the National League in Home Runs next season…….How’s that for a prediction? :)….unless Aquino plays a full season then all bets are off.

    • burtgummer01

      The only thing AA will lead the league in is strikeouts

      • Melvin

        Maybe…but I wouldn’t bet on it.

      • redsfan4040

        If the DH is implemented and we don’t see a Moose/Suarez platoon at third, it very well may be teammate Eugenio Suarez.

  2. Mark Moore

    Absolute monster shot! Love this series.

  3. CFD3000

    I was at that game here in Atlanta. Votto carried the team that night but got little help. Never count the Braves out against the Reds in Atlanta (unfortunately).

    My biggest hope for the next few years as a Reds fan is that the young core of India, Stephenson, Barrero, Greene, Lodolo and a few others elevates the team to playoff regular and WS challenger. A close second is that Votto stays healthy and finds Tom Brady mode for three (or more) very productive power years to close out his hall of fame career.

  4. redsfan4040

    Any word on how Barrero did last night in his 1st game? I saw someone tweet a walk and steal after his 1st PA, but I logged off Twitter for the night shortly after that.

    • Old Big Ed

      0-4 with no strikeouts thereafter.

      That team shows Albert Pujols as having played some games there this winter. I assume it is the same guy, but it isn’t clear if he is playing there now. If so, it would be great for Barrero to spend some time with Pujols.