Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (61-82) 1 4 0
New York Mets (63-79) 6 9 0
W: Montero (5-9) L: Bailey (4-8)
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Not-So-Random Thoughts
–The Reds have scored a grand total of four runs in these three games in New York, all losses. That’s nine straight losses at Citi Field. Ugh.

–Everyone on earth — with the obvious exception of Bryan Price — knew that it was a bad idea to send Homer Bailey back out to the mound for the seventh inning. The Reds were down 3-1, so they still had a fighter’s chance. Bailey was up to 96 pitches on the night, and had surrendered three hits and a walk in the previous two innings. He’d pitched a fine game –six innings, three runs — he’s continuing to improve in his comeback from injury, and Price was playing with fire by leaving him in the game.

Homer promptly hit the first batter of the seventh inning with a pitch. The Mets then sent Jacob deGrom, a pitcher, to the plate to pinch hit. Presumably, deGrom was up there to lay down a sac bunt, but he was unable to get that done — because Bailey walked the pinch-hitting pitcher.

Michael Lorenzen came in at that point and soon both of those runs scored (thanks partially to a double that would have been caught in the air by most center fielders, but Scott Schebler couldn’t pull in). It turned a good start for Homer into a sub-par one, and the game was out of reach.

–Some nights, it seems like this is a season that will never end. Whatever. It’s not like we’re going to turn this into a Mets-focused site or something silly like that. Let’s just hope for better things tomorrow (and in 2018).

Milton was unhappy with Cincinnati’s performance today.

29 Responses

  1. Nick Carrington

    Homer starting the 7th and Schebler playing CF put this game out of reach. Frustrating game to watch.

    • Vicferrari

      Just imagine how different the game would have been 3-1 – they could have thought about bunting guys over had they got on. The issue with this series is offense in my opinion and when it is not going I agree the games frustrating to watch

    • Da bear

      He’s below average in right field.

  2. kmartin

    Unfortunately for the Reds deGrom is pitching tomorrow.

  3. Keith

    Reds got 4 hits. It’s not like it’s all Homer’s or Price’s fault.

    • Da bear

      The point was Homer shouldn’t have been out there in the 7th. That’s a bad decision by Price.
      It was also a bad decision by Price to sit Duvall vs. Montero instead of Harvey. A little research, a cursory look at stats, would have yielded better lineups. Finally, a bad decision to put Schebler in CF instead of Ervin, for obvious reasons.

  4. CP

    On a positive note, the Reds have leapfrogged the Mets for a better draft pick.

  5. TR

    if Winker is back from the DL, I hope he’s in the lineup for the remaining three weeks of the season. The Reds need his on-base ability. I don’t think Shebler is the answer as a starting outfielder. His hitting is inconsistent and he swings at too many bad pitches plus his defense leaves a lot to be desired.

    • Still a Red

      When Schebler first came back from DL he seemed like he was back to early season form…but watching him the last few games, he’s missing balls low and away by a mile (on pitches he probably should not even be swinging at) and behind high hard ones. What’s up? Seems to have lost his ability to opposite field. Injured again? Hearing Winker’s and Ervin’s footsteps?

      • Da bear

        Schebler is a decent 4th outfielder for an average team. He is a starter on a bad team.

  6. Sliotar

    Chad, you made me dig out my copy of “The Book.”

    According to their game state chart…
    Trailing by 2
    Start of bottom of 7th inning
    Reds’ chance of winning the game……..


    At this point, isn’t the big picture goal to give Bailey the work to try and reasonably insure he is ready to go the entire 2018 season?

    19 more games and then, no more meaningful Reds baseball for 6 months.
    (That’s a long time to go without seeing Milton).

    I am keeping my sense of humor and will do my part to keep RLN from being anything like any Mets fan-related sites. Joyless is being kind in describing them, every single year.

    • J

      One additional inning on September 9 is going to help him get ready for next season? That makes as much sense to me as taking him out in the 5th because you don’t want his arm to be fatigued in April.

      • Sliotar

        He started the inning at 96 pitches (I believe).

        I think we all agree that Price/Jenkins or Bailey isn’t going to risk the guy’s arm in a meaningless September game. As long as he felt good, why not give him the work? He had registered a quality start to that point, anyway.

        Even if the Reds had overcome that 76.6% likelihood they were losing when Bailey started the 7th, is 71-91 that much better than 70-92?

        By that logic, how dare Price give Duvall a day off? Get him back out there for all 19 remaining games…get that 1st round pick, Ervin, back on the bench.

        (And, I am not a Price fan, by any means)

      • Sliotar

        Plus, the TV broadcasters said he had already thrown 109 pitches in an outing earlier this season.

        It’s not like they were stretching him 20 pitches farther than he had gone in 2017.

      • Chad Dotson

        It wasn’t the number of pitches, it was that Bailey was clearly fatigued. I don’t care if Bailey throws 130 pitches, as long as he’s still strong.

      • Da bear

        Yes it is Sliotar….especially if you have the over at 70.5 wins….!!!

      • Vicferrari

        If a pitcher cannot go more than 6 innings at 96 pitches , maybe he should be a reliever. Price does a lot of dumb & pointless things, this was not one of them

  7. J

    I’ll continue saying it: I don’t care what his strengths are, bringing Price back is sending a clear message to this team. All anyone asks of the Reds is to show up on time, go through the motions, do whatever feels comfortable. have some fun, be nice, chat with friendly reporters from time to time, and show up again tomorrow.

    • Indy Red Man

      Exactly! San Diego was down 6-0 tonite after 6 innings and beat a playoff bound in Arizona on the road. They have no established talent to speak of, and now they’re 4 games better then the Reds. We get down a few runs and quit. Thats on Price

      • Da bear

        And which team has quit? None of them. It’s not a reason to keep a manager.

    • Scotly50

      Well, and we want a good draft choice also.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        I agree with Jim T. This team has not quit. They get beat (a lot) but quitting isn’t something that I see.

      • J

        What does it look like when a baseball team has quit? They stop taking their ABs? Refuse to catch the ball when it’s hit to them? Pitchers throw underhand? I think it looks a lot like what we’ve been seeing the past few days. Go on the road to face a horrible team and somehow manage to look far worse than you did at home against a playoff contender. They were “up” for the Milwaukee series. That one mattered to them. This series on the road against a bad team — they don’t care. That’s what quitting looks like. It doesn’t mean the players NEVER care, it means they don’t ALWAYS care.

  8. Bill

    All we have to know about the Reds keeping Price is, the price was right. Now who is behind the next door the Reds open?


    The Reds want to win…the owners, friont office, manager, coaches, players. The Reds problem is a lack of sufficient talent. Many on this site over rate Reds talent and under rate other teams. Batting Scooter cleanup shows how weak the talent is. Duval is inconsistent but he will finish with 100 RBI. He is not an All-Star but he is the best left fielder the Reds have had for many years. Schebler does not have the skills to be a regular center fielder. He is not quite as good as Bruce. Ervin is not the answer. Hamilton will be in CF until some definite improvement comes along. Winker looks OK but is his power and defense good enough to hold down a starting corner OF position on a competitive team? Catching is below average. My guess is Senzel will be at 3B and Suarez at SS year. The infield defense will not be as good. Votto has had a great career here but players do not win vs. age and a slow decline is inevitable. I am not sure Votto wants it but a trade to a playoff contender might help him and the Reds. Getting a chance to play in a bigger market and in meaningful games will enhance his Hall of Fame credentials. The Reds will be slightly better next season. The starting pitching will improve which should help them win 75 games or so. Next step 80 games in 2019.

  10. james garrett

    Probably doesn’t matter if Homer goes out for the 7th or not.Pros and cons both make sense but Homer has been hurt for two years and what is the worse thing that can happen for him.It would be bad if he got hurt which can happen if he is fatigued but if he was good to go back out then let him.If winning the game was important them a fresh arm would have been better.If winning is important then look no further then the offense over the last 14 games.We are 6-8 and in our losses we have scored 7 runs having faced the Bucs and Mets.Yes all teams go through this but our starting pitching has been pretty good not great.Its a team game and the pen is wore out and the line up is as well.Time to let the young guys play more and more and lets wrap this season up.Finally all the outfielders were moved last night so Duvall could get a night off.No need to do that just put Kivlehan in left and leave the others alone.Time to try Scott in center is at a smaller out field with Duvall in left and Winker in right,two guys in their normal positions,

  11. Steven Ross

    A meaningless game on September 9th. That is all. Don’t over analyze it.

  12. joshtrum

    If you’re going to play Schebler in CF, then his offense needs to make up for his lack of range (think Choo). Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like Price, at all, many of my comments this year have been clear on that, but he experimented with the lineup tonight; put Scheb in center (something we’ve all clamored for) and in a very very small sample, didn’t quite work out. This offense has been good this year, one of the better. I think we all need to accept that what we wanted for 2017, is now hopefully what 2018 will be. The organization may make bad choices, but I don’t think there wholly stupid, they’ve made good personnel moves this year and there is hope in all of the pitching we have, and the people coming up. As long as the Vertigo issue gets resolved an offense featuring senzel, Suarez, Votto, Winker, and any of the others coming through is a solid offense. Don’t let the clouds in the sky block the rest of the blue sky and sun out there, my friends.

  13. Da bear

    Schebler is not an average defender. Not for lack of trying, he hustles, but he is not.
    The offense gets runs in batches often extending big leads or coming back when the deficits are too large to overcome. The result yields inflated offensive stats, especially by the home run/strike out batters. We need more Winker’s – high OBP hitters – and fewer Schebler’s/Duvall’s.