The Reds Top 20 Prospects

Some interesting names, some relatively unknown names….

1: Billy Hamilton
2: Tony Cingrani
3: Robert Stephenson (not sure about the criteria, but in the earlier list, Stephenson was above Cingrani in the top 100)
4: Daniel Corcino
5: Nick Travieso
6: Kyle Lotzkar (IMO, this is a BIG year for Kyle, had his first healthy season last year…needs to bloom and climb in ’13)
7: Ryan Wright
8: Sean Buckley (One of our Spotlight guys, article says he moved to OF at end of season, but I don’t remember that? Needs to cut down on K’s and raise OBP.)
9: Sal Romano
10: Henry Rodriguez (Only 22 and played AAA last year. He’s a future major league utility guy, with the Reds or elsewhere)
11: Jesse Winker (Big year at 19 last year in Billings, might he jump over Dayton and go to Bakersfield?)
12: Drew Cisco (Started 15 games coming off TJ last year)
13: Ryan LaMarre (Strong CF, healthy for ’13, might be in AAA by end of the year )
14: Nefi Soto (He’s a trade chip at this point)
15: Gabriel Rosa (19 year old who has had trouble staying healthy)
16: Kyle Waldrop
17: Jeff Gelalich
18: Dan Langfield (Was hitting 97 in Instrucs, 54K’s in 37 innings is going to attract attention)
19: Ismael Guillon (Reds put him on the 40, which says something about what they think of his talent)
20: Amir Garrett (Plays basketball at St. Johns, but article says might be most talented player in the system)

Anyone left out that you think should be on the list?
Who is too high? Too low?