Let’s recap today’s titanic struggle….

FINAL — 10 innings
Cincinnati 7
Milwaukee 6

W: A. Chapman (2-0)
L: S. Mitre (0-1)
S: F. Cordero (4)

–Aroldis Chapman barely knows how to pitch, yet he’s the best pitcher on this team. The phenom came in with one out and two runners on base in the eighth, with the game tied at 6th. He retired the Brewers as if there were nothing to it, then returned to the mound in the bottom of the ninth and was just great. If you get a chance to see a replay, take a look at the slider Chapman threw to Prince Fielder in the ninth. Made a very good hitter look very silly.

In all, Chapman threw 17 strikes out of 19 pitches. When you can throw 100+ mph, that’s just not fair. Everyone in the park said that it was the best he’s ever looked. Chapman needs to be a starting pitcher. Now.

–Drew Stubbs hit a homer in the top of the tenth to give the Reds a victory in a game that they seemed on the verge of losing all day long, even after jumping out to a 4-run lead. It was Drew’s fifth homer of the season.

The Phenom, Aroldis Chapman (The Enquirer/Gary Landers)

–Those five homers ties him with Joey Votto, who crushed one in the first inning with two runners on base. Votto went 2-4 with two walks, a run scored, and 4 RBI. Just another day in the life of an MVP.

–Paul Janish went 3-4 with a double and an RBI. He’s now hitting .284/.313/.311 on the season. I’ll take that, frankly.

–CoCo pitched a great bottom of the tenth. He’s still going to have his moments, but you have to be happy with Cordero’s performance thus far this season.

–Jay Bruce had three hits. You read that correctly.

–Nick Masset pitched a good inning when the Reds needed someone to settle the bullpen down. He’s looking much, much better lately. That’s a good thing.

–I noted yesterday the idiocy of moving Janish off shortstop in order to accommodate Edgar Renteria. It’s just moronic.

Well, it got worse today. In the fifth, with Cincinnati clinging to a one-run lead, Dusty Baker engineered a double-switch. Bill Bray relieved Sam LeCure, Janish moved to third, and Renteria entered as the shortstop. Someone explain to me the logic of moving your best defensive player to another position, so you can put your worst defensive player in the game — at the most important defensive position!

Two pitches later, Renteria made a terrible error on a throw, allowing the Brewers to tie the game. It’s just insanity. I’m so bummed now that I’m not even going to talk about the poor decision to have Jay Bruce bunt in the sixth inning.

–Poor Jonny Gomes is really struggling right now. (Of course, Chris Heisey can’t even get into a game, so we don’t know whether he’s struggling or not.)

Drew Stubbs

The Enquirer/Joseph Fuqua II

–Reds win the series, and return back to Cincinnati after a .500 road trip. I know everyone is concerned with everything surrounding this club, but I will always take a .500 road trip against Cincinnati’s two biggest competitors for the NL Central. That’s a good trip in my book.

–It is an absolute crime against humanity that Aroldis Chapman isn’t a starting pitcher.

–Am I the only one who loves the way Votto drops the bat when he hits a no-doubter home run?

–I know some of you want Jay Bruce sent to AAA. I know some of you want Bruce tarred and feathered. I know some of you want Bruce placed into the stocks and displayed at Fountain Square.

Yes, Bruce is only hitting .247/.306/.371 after today’s three-hit effort. That’s not good, no matter how you look at it. Consider this, however: as late as April 24 of last year, Bruce was hitting .180/.261/.377. Bruce is going to be fine. Be patient.

–Sam LeCure pitched pretty well for most of his outing, but he kinda fell off the cliff. What do you expect? He’s a fifth starter, and he’s doing just fine in his role.

–Votto has now reached base in 25 straight games. The club record for consecutive games reaching base to begin a season: 34, by Dave Collins.

–If Renteria refuses to play third base, he needs to be designated for assignment immediately.

–Okay, Reds have an off-day tomorrow. It’ll be much more enjoyable after today’s win. Good work, Redlegs.