June 14, 1965: Jim Maloney is credited with a no-hitter by holding the Mets hitless for the first ten innings at Crosley Field, only to lose, 1-0, on a Johnny Lewis homer leading off the 11th. Roy McMillan also singled for the Mets in the inning. Maloney struck out 18 batters, a club record for an extra inning game, and walked only one. Frank Lary and Larry Bearnarth combined for the Mets shutout.

The victory by the Mets was the only one they earned in a 16 game stretch between June 5 and June 20. In 1965, Maloney was 20-9 with a 2.54 ERA and 244 strikeouts.

All “Reds trivia” posts come from Greg Rhodes and John Snyder’s fabulous book, “Redleg Journal” (see link for purchasing) and are used with Greg’s permission.

Thanks again to Greg Rhodes for permission to use his material.

Comment: In ’65, Maloney put up an ERA+ of 148, his career best. His ERA was 1.21 below the league average. He was in the midst of a run of 7 times in 8 years putting up an ERA+ above 114. In the ’70 season, he blew out his Achilles tendon running out a ground ball and was never the same pitcher again. When he was injured, I believe he was replaced on  the Reds roster by Don Gullett.