Ok for us James Avery started and did really well.  He didn’t give up any runs in 3 innings.  The next 3 innings Johnny Cueto left the Orioles blank as well.  Then came me.  The first hitter grounded out, second hitter struckout, and then Logan and I had a Redleg Nation Spotlight Players assist to each other.  A line drive off my leg that happened to go right to him. ha.  I’m definitely bruised up a little bit but I’ll be ok.  Probably no more than a few days of the training room.  Jose Rojas did pretty good but gave up one run and Derrik Lutz finished the game with a scoreless ninth.  As far as how the hitters go you might have to ask Logan because I can’t really remember.  I do recall Drew Stubbs leading off the game with a double to the wall though.  That’s all I got!