Former Reds GM has surfaced in Milwaukee:

The Brewers announced that they have hired former Cincinnati Reds general manager Dan O’Brien as a consultant and special adviser to general manager Doug Melvin.

“I’ll be involved doing a review of the Brewers’ minor league system,” O’Brien said. “I’m excited to be involved with an organization on the rise.”

I wish O’Brien the best, but he was never a fit for the Reds organization. He seemed like a decent sort, but I’d rather have a good baseball mind running my team.

2 Responses

  1. Philip

    Dan O’Brien O’ sucks!!
    The brew crew is and always will be horrible, and what in the world kind of consulting can I guy who was worthless in Cincy going to give them.

    I love the way bottom dwellers feed off each other. They just makes them look ignorant, and Brew Crew fans probably think they really got some good help.

    I can’t believe he got another job.
    I’m so glad he’s gone..good-bye and good riddance to Dan ‘O!!!

  2. Buddy

    Another ‘roids burnout. Can’t get it up without the juice. So long, It’s been good to know ya.