The Reds are actually doing alright on this road trip; let’s hope they can continue to play decently tonight. It’s a battle of Brandons — Claussen and Webb — and they are a couple of good pitchers.

Here’s a game thread to discuss the action.

I’ll be forced to miss the first part of the game, as I will be watching some minor league baseball. Should be fun.

That reminds me. I’ll be attending a Chattanooga Lookouts game later this month. After that game, I will have attended at least one game at every level of pro baseball this season (MLB, AAA, AA, A, Rookie). That’s a first for me.

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  1. Chris W

    I’ve got a theory on Dunn and where he should bat in the order. Yes, we all know he should be batting 3rd or 4th. If he were to be moved, is it possible that his strikeout total would go down?

    Batting Dunn 6th or 7th with NO protection behind him, pitchers can in essence pitch around him, knowing that whoever is behind him in the order is far less dangerous. Pitchers can pick at the corners, throwing borderline pitches. If they walk him, no loss for the opposing pitcher. If they can get Dunn to chase and strikeout, good for the pitcher.

    But if Dunn were batting 3rd in the order with Griffey batting 4th, wouldn’t pitchers have to be a little more aggressive with their pitch selection, not necessarily wanting to walk Dunn to face Griffey? It just seems to me watching games lately that opposing pitchers don’t give Dunn a whole lot to hit, forcing him to swing at pitches on the corners, some of which are balls.

    Let’s say you put Lopez leading off and Casey batting 2nd. Casey seems to be a singles machine of late and Lopez is getting on base. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Dunn come up in the first inning with 2 guys on, no outs, with Griffey on deck? The pitcher would have to give Dunn something to hit or else risk loading the bases for Griffey.

    Consider this my application for Reds manager:mrgreen:

  2. Greg

    Dunn would still be batting with the bases empty because Casey would clear them with a GIDP. 🙂

    Dig back through the archives…the Dunn batting 3rd theory has been posted here by many several times. If for no other reason than he is losing at-bats by batting down so far in the lineup.

    Regarding how they pitch Dunn, if you look at, they have a chart showing where all the pitches are thrown. You can look by pitcher or by hitter and even break it down to the PA level. Look and see how much junk Dunn is thrown.