The Reds and Nationals have a deal in place to trade Brandon Phillips to Washington. The Nationals are now working out an agreement with Phillips who has to waive his no trade rights. Reporting by Ken Rosenthal.

Sorry to be a little late on the Phillips rumors tonight. Was at The Force Awakens. An hour ago, Phillips wrote a cryptic tweet that indicated he was flying from Cincinnati to Washington DC (202 area code).

No word on possible return for the Reds. Don’t expect too much unless the Reds eat some of Phillips salary (which is a decent way to spend some of the payroll they’re saving with all these trades).


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  1. eric nyc

    I know it is all for the best long term, I really do, but I do have to wonder how on earth the Reds are going to sell people on paying to watch Joey Votto walk 450 times and literally NOTHING else this year and probably next.

    • Steve Mancuso

      Great young pitching. Mesoraco hitting behind Votto. Hamilton and Peraza creating chaos on the bases.

      • eric nyc

        Hamilton and Peraza with their combined .250 OBP…………

        Seriously, I do know this is all for the best but this is going to be a dreadfully boring team to watch for a while.

      • Steve Mancuso

        Yeah, that part was tongue planted firmly in cheek.

      • jdx19

        It doesn’t take much to get BH and JP to .310 or so… and at that level maybe juuuust maybe they’ll be fun.

      • pinson343

        The Reds are trading exactly the players we knew they would and should trade, except for the Chapman problem and no on wants Bruce.

      • Jim t

        Still very early to say no one wants Bruce. There are still FA’s out there in play. When that market flushes out interest in Bruce will pick up.

      • lwblogger2

        Yeah, they are going to be beyond horrible. I’m not a fan of the Astros/Cubs rebuild strategy. I’m especially not a fan because I don’t see it working with our front-office.

      • Ted Feldmann

        That would be great if Hamilton could get on base, but he’s not yet proven that. Peraza seems like “Hamilton light” if that’s possible. As a fan, i am very disillusioned with the Reds organization. No one seems to know what they are doing. I’m much less optimisitc about the young pitching than you are.

      • Brian

        tough to say the market will pick up on Bruce, you hope that it will but with SOOOO many FA available in the OF and only Heyward signing so far its going to be a long time and then add that Colorado made their entire OF available and Bruce is probably close to worst case scenario for a lot of those teams.

      • jdx19

        Hamilton light? He’s a better hitter than Hamilton, according to just about everyone. He’s really very similar… better hitting, but slightly worse defense and baserunning value.

    • jdx19

      Honestly, I don’t think it is their concern to sell people this year. If they can build a winner, that sells itself. Some people will be upset and not understand the process, and they’ll take their dollars elsewhere, as is their prerogative.

      Personally, I’m glad things look like they’ll get a full blow-up. I am perfectly willing to wait 2 seasons if we can build a winner, especially since this is Walt’s last year.

      • pinson343

        JDX19, I admire your consistency. Others wanted a full blow-up until the Reds started blowing things up.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        @JDX19 and PINSON343 +1. I completely agree with you both.

      • earmbrister

        Pinson — excellent follow-up on JDX’s quality post.

      • Steve Checkosky

        The problem is that it doesn’t look like the blow-up is likely to produce a winner.
        I don’t see any Addison Russells or Jake Arrietas coming on board. Looks like second line talent. Relying on Schebler, Dixon and Peraza to build a winner seems far-fetched.

      • Chuck Schick

        No one realized Jake Arietta was Jake Arietta.

      • greenmtred

        The Russels and Arrietas wouldn’t be available. As others have said more ably, we won’t know how good these guys are until they’ve played for awhile–probably quite awhile. Plenty of instances historically of minor league numbers and expert opinion being wrong about young players. Votto and Frazier, as two familiar and recent examples.

      • jdx19

        Three days into a “blow-up” is a bit too early to tell.

        Here’s something that could happen…

        1) Votto keeps playing at an All-Star to MVP level for 4 more years.
        2) Jesse Winker turns into an All-Star caliber outfielder.
        3) Jose Peraza turns into an above-average everyday 2Bman and provides a much needed leadoff hitter.
        4) Hamilton learns to walk a bit more and keep the ball on the ground, raising his OBP above .300 and consequently steals 75 bases a season and provides GG defense for the next 4 years
        5) Mesoraco stays healthy and actually turns out to be a good hitter.
        6) Any two of the many young Reds pitchers turn out to be decent MLB regulars.
        7) Bailey stays healthy and earns his contract.

        There are loooots of good things that COULD happen. Of course, they all won’t happen, but some of them likely will. Even without a finished “blow-up” the foundation is there for a winner in 2 years-ish.

        (Optimism helps get through it!)

      • whodeythinkgonnabeatthemredlegs

        Agreed. I didn’t move back to Cincy until July but I did not attend a game all year because I didn’t agree with the lack of direction they provided at the deadline.

        I will be happy to attend next year and watch whatever they can throw on the field (although I will most likely circle Iggy and Disco games) because at least they are making some decisions now. Whether or not we compete in the next 3 years, not going to keep me from supporting the team.

      • Brian

        JDX19: agree. To your point about a winner look at the Astros – at one point during the Astros rebuilding they pulled a 0.0 TV rating for a game or two which is beyond unheard of. I doubt many people in Houston are focused on that anymore with the team they have built through a few tough years.

      • lwblogger2

        I think we’re looking at more than 2 years.

      • jdx19

        Very possible. I think 2 years is best-case and that hinges on lots of things, most important of those are Winker and Peraza becoming good (not necessary great) players and at least 2 of the 5 young pitchers in the pipeline joining Bailey and Disco as regulars in the rotation.

        Three is more likely, especially if they get high upside A+/AA guys in the Chapman/Phillips/Whoever else deals.

    • jazzmanbbfan

      It may be painful but this is exactly what the Reds should be doing. I anticipate that they will be awful in 2016 and maybe 2017 but their only hope to eventually be competitive is to start over with young players.

      • jdx19

        Well said.

        The worst case scenario, in my opinion at least, would have been to hang on too long like the Phillies did and be the worst team in baseball for 2-3 years before figuring out you need to blow it up. We only have to suffer through a 2nd half of being the worst team. Now, hopefully, we are at least pointed in the right direction.

      • eric nyc

        Well we were basically the worst team in baseball last year and we have a pretty good shot to be the worst team in baseball this year. So we might not really have dodged that bullet.

      • jdx19

        ERIC, I said being the worst before you realize you need to blow it up. The Phillies did nothing for a long time. The Reds were not the worst team last year in the 1st half, but once we got rid of Cueto and Leake, we were the worst team. So, we only had to suffer through a single half-season of being the worst without a clear rebuild direction.

    • Phil Gasson

      Hopefully we won’t have to see him walk at GABP.

  2. Matt

    Without giving away any spoilers, did Star Wars live up to the hype? Seeing it tomorrow evening.

    • Steve Mancuso

      If you’re a fan of the first movie, you’ll love TFA.

      • Matt

        Awesome, looking forward to it (assuming “first movie” doesn’t mean Episode I :P)

      • jessecuster44

        A New Hope is what the Reds could use right now. … Can Rey lead off and play LF?

  3. rhayex

    If we get Robles, I will not question anything about our previous trade. Please get Robles.

    • earmbrister

      I’d do cartwheels if we get Robles. I’d be satisfied with Ward, Franco, or Soto.

  4. George

    Bruce better get packed!! We know Chappy will be gone eventually.

    • Brian

      With so many OF’s available via trade and FA with the market not really moving, I am starting to wonder if their will ever be a market for Bruce or if the Reds would be better off hoping we has a strong first half before trading him. Depends what teams offer of course and I am 100% in favor of a rebuild, its just crazy to me that so many OF’s are available this offseason. I mean Colorado put their entire OF on the block.

  5. kmartin

    Aroldis may be the last man standing!

    • CStein

      That is, unless Walt chooses to reduce Aroldis’ return to the clearance rack. And I wouldn’t put it past him.

    • Michael_Øk

      He could very well remain on our team for another year; provided that the MLB dishes him a 50+ game punishment. I believe that is the magic number to prevent him from filing for Free agency next year. With that said, I wouldn’t wish that upon him or any of our players.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        It’s either 34 or 35 games that puts him over the number. I have doubts that he will receive any suspension.

      • Michael_Øk

        I agree, I doubt anything will happen either. Florida did not press charges against him, so I feel like if the MLB were to do so; then they wouldn’t have much ground to stand on. I’m sure that the MLBPA would throw a fit otherwise.

  6. RedAlert

    Here comes the bag of batting practice balls – nice return there Walt !

    • rhayex

      Can you even wait for the return before hating on the trade? Seriously dude. And I’m sure even if we got back a ridiculously good return you’d still be unhappy.

      • jdx19

        I suspect this is a tough two days for folks who were attached to BP and Todd.

      • greenmtred

        You’re right, JDX19. Watching BP field his position has been a bright spot for me in some dark times.

      • lwblogger2

        Indeed. Frazier and BP were at least fun to watch. BP is one of the better fielding 2B I’ve ever seen. Frazier had his moments both in the field and at the plate. Frazier was universally a fan-favorite and BP had his fans, myself included among them. This is not a good time for Reds baseball and the returns for Frazier were horribly disappointing in my opinion. Honestly, for that package, I would have held him. As for BP, I’d expect a much smaller return but if the Reds spend some of the money saved or even put it away for future payroll considerations but it doesn’t feel to me like they will do that.

      • RedAlert

        I don’t have to wait dude – I know what’s coming – so should you ! And no , I’m not going to be happy with the continued incompetence that aboundss in the Red’s front office . You keep on pumping in the sunshine all you want . You got one thing right – the return will be RIDICULOUS

      • jdx19

        Honestly… what are you expecting? BP is an old 2Bman on his last legs. I’d be shocked at anything other than a very, very fringy player.

      • RedAlert

        Honestly , not expecting much at all . Don’t even have any problem with them trading Frazier or BP. More frustrated with the lame front office operations/ decisions. Clueless > (i.e. supposedly same return for Frazier as Chapman).

      • thecoastman

        Lordy, Lordy, Lordy….. .294/.328/.395 with 12 home runs, 70 RBI, and 23 SB. Hmmm…. how many 2nd baseman in MLB have better stats than that with gold glove caliber defense? If those are the numbers of a broken down 2nd baseman on his last leg, I’ll take a dozen. Geez get real…. His salary is right in line with what any other 2nd baseman would be getting on the open market.

        And stop acting like the Toddfather was another Votto. As much as we loved him, the realty is that his bat went completely awol the entire 2nd half of the year and killed us the entire year batting out of the 4 ad 5 hole with .210 BA and .286 OBP with RISP. I’m not bashing Todd because he was one of my favs, but stop acting like we got a bag of peanuts for him.

        And what is this with the front office being incompetent? Last time I checked Walt has fleeced just about every GM that dares makes a trade with him. RReading some of these posts is starting to make me feel like I’m living in some kind of crazy alternate realty.

      • RedAlert

        You ARE living in a fantasy world if you’re giving this front office credit in its current state . Fleeced, Jocketty …. Really??? Have you truly been paying attention … dare make a trade with him ???? He has more trouble matching up with any other teams to consummate trades than any other GM in today’s modern era . Game passed him by a while ago .

      • Jim t

        Simon,Latos twice,Leake, Cueto we’re all wins by the front office. All this while the owner was reluctant to move anyone before the all star game. No one posting on here has nearly the information to be critical of the GM. He is shedding payroll. Teams understand the Reds have to move players. Not a strong position for the front office.

        Bruce will not be moved until FA market is settled for outfielders. Chapman’s own ignorance is why he is still here.

        BP while a good player and fan favorite is getting older and pricey. Club will not win with him so why pay millions to keep him. He’ll also get a chance to play for a contender as his career winds down. He also had a full no trade clause to deal with which limits the flexibility considerably to deal him. The gaining team has to be willing to not only meet the Reds price but BP’s.

        From things I’ve read the Frazier deal is a head scratcher. But considering what he has pulled off in the other moves I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Walt has won much more then he’s lost. No one wins them all.

        We are in total rebuild mode. Like many I’m not happy but as a baseball fan for over 55 years it will be fun watching the Reds try to build around some quality arms. A bit of improvement in OBP out of Peraza and Hamilton will drive pitchers crazy. Winker is comparable to Joey in approach. Y-Rod has the tools and if he can grow we may have a exciting team. Would I rather have a team of established players, SURE but in our market we all know that is not ever going to happen.

        As far as ownership goes we have one that will and has spent money. He wants a winner more then the fans. Tearing it down and starting over was very hard for him. There are a lot worse owners we could be saddled with then Bob Castellini.

      • JoshG

        yeah, those Latos and Simon deals were horrible

      • JoshG

        We’ll have to wait and see on these deals, but so far so good on the ones from last winter and during 2015, all are looking pretty decent to me

      • jdx19

        COASTMAN – I didnt say he was broken down, I said he was “aging” and “on his last legs.” Meaning, yes, maybe you get another decent season out of him like last year. Maybe you don’t. But, given what we know about aging, it’s fairly unlikely he has 2 decent season to finish off his contract.

        His power was way down last year because, as has been written about on this very site, he turned himself into a singles hitter. That has value, of course. Also, he used his experience and relatively healthy legs to provide good value on the base paths. His defensive range has already begun to decline and will only get worse. Once he’s a league-average defender (maybe this year, maybe next year), he’ll be an overall below-average player.

        Nothing against him… everyone has to pay Father Time at some point or another.

        Kudos to him for helping us win some ballgames here, and I”ll miss his flash on the field. Wish him the best in Washington, but I’m glad he was finally traded.

  7. Michael E

    Cover a few million in salary and get the better prospect. It will pay off handsomely down the road.

    • jdx19

      Yep. Basically what the Braves did to buy Touki Touissant.

    • eric nyc

      We assume that’s even what the Nats would want. They have plenty of money. If I’m Washington, I hang on to my prospects and pay BP his not entirely unreasonable salary to put web gems up on ESPN for them for the next 2 years.

      • thecoastman

        Totally agree with Steve and Michael here — cover a few coins of his salary, especially considering he is going to want to up the ante for waiving his no-trade rights, and we should get a decent mid level prospect or two.

    • Chuck Schick

      Why would a team that doesn’t need money do that?

      • Bryan E

        BP still has a good amount of value. Irrespective of a team’s payroll, a player of BP’s caliber for 7-8mil/year is better than BP at 13-14mil/year. I’d be willing to give up someone better to save money and hopefully win now.

    • Chuck Schick

      Let’s hope. 83′ and 84′ were most improvements and from 85′-95′ they had amongst the best records in baseball and a championship.

      • jessecuster44

        Way to put a good spin on it Chuck… I could be dead by 2018.

      • lwblogger2

        That’s what my dad said too. Made me sad. Chin up on that stuff Jessecuster. I hope both you and my dad are still kickin’ through the 2020s!

      • greenmtred

        I could, too, Jesse, but I’m betting that we’re both around in 2018–you being gloomy and me being mostly uninformed and irrationaly optimistic.

  8. Dan

    according to espn the Reds will be getting several minor league players back in the trade. No names mentioned yet that I have found.

    • Brian

      I don’t trust Bowden and ESPN much when it comes to rumors but I hope their are a few good prospects coming back.

      Does anyone know why in trade rumors its always the MLB Players Name and then just the work Prospects but its like pulling teeth to find out who the prospects are? Are teams just unwilling to leak the prospects names in fear of the deal falling through and impacting their development. Just curious.

      • jdx19

        I feel like sometimes a team will offer a group of prospects and say something like “Hey, here are all our 40 FV guys… you can pick two. Here are our 45+ FV guys. You can pick one.”

        Basically, though, this is wild speculation on my part.

      • lwblogger2

        Actually, from what I understand about the process, you aren’t too far off.

    • whodeythinkgonnabeatthemredlegs

      if it is more than 1 prospect I cant imagine any of them being more than a lottery ticket to even make the big leagues

      • Brian

        agree, the only way in my opinion they get a top nationals prospect is if it is only 1 prospect coming back and if there is a second one it is simply an organizational filler.

        I kind of get the feeling (for no reason really) that Phillips isn’t going to end up waiving his no trade clause.

  9. Redgoggles

    As much as it sucks to see this team gutted over the past couple of years, I would much rather lose 100 games with young, hungry players than rich, old(er), more injury prone players…..even if they have the All Star pedigree. I will always remember this core for bringing winning baseball back to the Redlegs, but at the end of the day, what did this core really win? The window is closed, locked and the house burned down. If/how quickly the Reds can rebuild will be Jocketty’s legacy with the Reds in my mind.

    • Dan

      exactly what did they really win? In the end they couldn’t go all the way. With the best rotation in baseball and Joey Votto they still couldn’t win it all. Winning the division title doesn’t mean a thing, winning the World Series is what it is about and everything else indicates a failed season.

      • Chuck Schick

        In the 46 seasons since the playoffs expanded, the team with the best record in baseball DOESN’T win the World Series 77% of the time. Playoff success is utterly random.

        The Cardinals won 100 games last year despite a slew of injuries….was their season a failure? The 2012 Reds lost an even match up, in the final game, with the winning run at the plate. Someone had to lose.

      • lwblogger2

        I agree with you 100% here and don’t understand the people who say that anything short of a WS title is a failed season. All a team can really do is put themselves in a position to go to the postseason. Once there, it is about being hot at the right time and getting a few bounces to go your way.

      • kmartin

        Chuck, above you state: “the team with the best record in baseball DOESN’T win the World Series 77% of the time. Playoff success is utterly random. ” I am not sure about the “utterly random” conclusion. I think the optimal team construction for a season is not necessarily optimal for the playoffs. For example, having a lot of depth in the pitching staff is very important for a 162 game season. A decent number five starter can make a significant contribution to a team’s season record since he starts about 20% of the games. However, in the playoffs the number five starter may not even make the playoff roster. I view a five game playoff as a battle between the one and two starters on each team and a seven game playoff as a battle between the one-two-three guys.

      • Michael_Øk

        I will say that the Cardinals 100 wins last year was inflated by a great deal. It was primarily because two of the teams in the division are so irrelevant (Reds and Brewers), it’s basically a surefire to win at least 2 of the 3 games in a typical 3-game series. This year… the Cards would be lucky to garner 90 wins, but they seem to do good no matter what, so you really never know.

      • greenmtred

        No wonder nobody likes baseball: as Dan points out, only one team out of thirty accomplishes anything. The mystery is why fans of the other 29 teams pay any attention at all. The Reds were a moribund, boring and hopeless team in the Dunn/Griffey era (not blaming those 2 guys, particularly). They became an exciting, competent contender. And, yes, they fell short, but it was fun and exciting to have our favorite team be relevant all season. Now it’s time to start over.

      • jdx19

        Agreed. It’s nice to have a fun team to watch, but fun and mediocre can only be handled for so long. Eventually, the fans need some playoff success. Not even the WS… at this point I’d be fine winning a series since we’re 0-for-the-Postseason since 1995.

      • Dewey Roberts

        Greenmintred, I am glad you are excited about the Reds are starting over. I just have one question. Other than marginal prospects, with what are the reds starting over? No one in the major leagues would gives us a bag of balls for the players we have in our farm system. In my opinion, this is not starting over. This is cementing our place in the cellar for a LONG, LONG time. Just watch and see. Walt will have to leave and someone will have to start drafting position players with real potential before this thing turns around. I am thinking by 2022 the Reds could break even again. Until then, Reds fans better be very patient. As for me, I will probably check the standings every couple of weeks- instead of watching or listening to the games every day as I have done for 54 years.

      • earmbrister

        Dewey — From what I’ve seen, the Reds have a top 10 farm system, particularly after the most recent trade(s). The cupboard is fairly full, particularly when it comes to young controlled pitching. A far cry from “no one in the major leagues would gives us a bag of balls for the players we have in our farm system”.

        If you want a lousy prospect pool, take a look at SD, the ChiSox, Detroit, Baltimore, etc. These teams have little in the way of higher prospects.

      • jessecuster44

        Thank you Dan. This team underachieved, due in large part to the FO’s unwillingness to make trades for one more offensive piece.

      • Chuck Schick

        You often cite FO inaction as a reason they lost in the playoffs.

        In 2012, they had the best record in the National League largely due to pitching. In the playoffs, they lost 3 games to the Giants…a team that was their virtual equal. In 2 of the 3, the Reds gave up 8 and 6 runs respectively. Perhaps more offense would’ve made a difference….but projecting what the ” mystery bat” would’ve done to change that outcome is rather spurious.

        In 2013, they lost Ludwig from April-August. Perhaps they could’ve made a move to improve things in his absence…but the only way to have avoided the 1 game-coin flip series against the Pirates would’ve been to win the division….which they lost by 7 games. Was there an attainable LF who would’ve disproportionally contributed to winning 8 additional games? Highly unlikely.

        In the 1 game playoff, Cueto was
        ” not at his best” and they would’ve needed 7 runs to win. What are the chances that “mystery bat #2” could’ve single handily made up that 5 run difference? We’ll go with slightly greater than 0%.

        All a team can do is be good enough to make the playoffs. The best team over the course of 162 has a 23% chance of winning the World Series. Post season success is utterly random. 1 very good team wins and 9 very good teams lose.

      • jessecuster44

        talking about 2013 season. Hunter Pence was available.

      • jdx19

        Chuck… in multiple posts you have run out the 23%/77% number and equated it to being “utterly random.”

        Given the fact that now 10 teams make the playoffs (if you count both WC teams), a 23% chance is a SIGNIFICANT advantage over the rest of the 9 teams who have to split the remaining 77%.

      • Chuck Schick


        Let me re-phrase:

        Since divisional play began in 1969, the team with the best record has won the WS 11/46…..23.9% of the time.

        In the wild card era, it is 4/21….19% of the time

        In the extended wild card era, it is 1/4 25% of the time

      • Chuck Schick

        Let’s assume that the defending WS Champion Giants were willing to trade Pence to the Reds….on the evening of Opening Day….. in return for players who didn’t detract from the Reds 2013 production.

        Pence had a net WAR of 4.3 above the 4 headed monster of Ludwick, Heisy, Paul and Robinson. He almost certainly would’ve improved the team. Perhaps he would’ve performed better as a Red….perhaps he would’ve contracted bird flu or scurvey.

        Would that move have enabled them to make up 8 games and win the division and avoid their 1 game Pittsburgh Waterloo? Unlikely….but, who knows.

        Pence made 9.10 million more than the aggregate of the other 4. Was he worth the money? Hard to say that he wasn’t, but the Reds had already increased payroll by 19 million before Ludwick was hurt and its estimated they lost 12 million that year.

        So, they had already jacked up payroll, we’re losing money and decided not to add another 9 million more. Bad move? Perhaps. Would it have changed the ultimate outcome? No one will ever know.

      • jessecuster44

        If you actually “go for it” and are “all in,” you make a move like this when your cleanup hitter is lost for 4 months.

      • Aaron Bradley

        It’s not Ludwig its Ludwick.. I’ve seen this typo a few times what is wrong with you people… you are thinking Ludgwig Von Beethoven? LOL… It’s hard to take stuff seriously after an agregious spelling error like that.

  10. ncmountie1

    We’ll see what the return is but IMO they are just dumping salary for young prospects seemingly without a real plan in place. Stockpiled a bunch of young arms, now getting some bats but still not really addressing needs as currently stands.

    • greenmtred

      Dumping salary for young prospects IS a plan. You acquire young pitchers. You acquire young position players. You hope that many of them will become helpful major league players. How much more complex do you feel the plan should be?

  11. vared

    Will the Reds spend any of the savings this year? Anything left out these that would fit and maybe produce a run or 2?

  12. Michael_Øk

    Hopefully we get some decent prospects in return. But either way, I think I’m going to miss this guy more than Frazier. Just keep on doing what you do best:

    glovin’ it.

  13. Carl Sayre

    I will miss watching BP in a Reds uniform. I don’t expect much of a return here because of the age, salary thing. The doomsayers have been after this since he signed this contract and other than his injury and early return last year he has earned his salary. I think it is unreasonable to expect that going forward eventually time catches us all. I do hope if eating part of his salary to improve the return is an option that the FO chooses that option. WJ has done a pretty good job IMO with his trades, that is until this Todd Frazier thing and it looks underwhelming. The return he got for 4 contracts we were not likely to sign has put a lot of club controlled talented youth in the mix.

  14. Daytonian

    I’m fine with keeping Bruce. He’s a good glove. He has power. And he’s young enough to still be a factor if this team ever turns it around. OK, he’s streaky. Very streaky. But given how little else we have in the outfield, I’m holding on the Bruce, age 28, unless the Res get a really good return in a trade–which, right now, is not happening. No reason to dump him. (Can someone teach him to bunt toward third to counter the shift in non-RBI situations?)

    • Brian

      Yeah, I said something along these lines above. The OF market is tough this offseason with all the FA’s still unsigned and people like CarGo available via trade. The Reds might be better off waiting to move him until the deadline unless someone gives them an offer they can’t refuse.

    • TR

      The Reds should keep Bruce to be a part of the middle lineup of Votto, Suarez and Mesoraco. If he has a good first half Bruce might be traded in July because Winker will soon be ready.

  15. Brian

    While the Reds are having a difficult offseason with the Chapman situation and having to trade fan favorites, I can honestly say that I am happy to NOT be a Dodgers fan right about now – their offseason couldn’t be going any worse for a potential contendor.

    • Mister D69

      I’d rather have a bad off-season as a POTENTIAL CONTENDER, than a bad off season (or any kind of off season) as a terrible team.

  16. whodeythinkgonnabeatthemredlegs

    Sounds like BP wants is going to make it tough to waive his no trade clause

    • Brian

      I kind of get the feeling that Phillips is asking for the moon to waive his no trade thinking the Reds/Nationals won’t agree to it and the fact he is in DC for other reasons just allows him to have a little fun with everyone on twitter.

      • TR

        It could take awhile but I think Phillips will waive his trade clause. I don’t see him riding the bench for the Reds while Peraza plays second base. Also he’ll join Dusty and a contending team in Washington.

      • jazzmanbbfan

        If he goes, I think it will be because Dusty is the manager there.

      • TR

        And that the Nationals should be in the hunt for the 2016 WS title.

  17. ncmountie1

    Any idea as to WHO we may get in return if no-waive is worked out?

  18. Frogger

    We have no need for BP at 2nd base at this point. I would think he should a have been told this in no uncertain terms. He just needs to understand if he stays he won’t get the playing time he deserves, because younger players will need that time.

  19. vegastypo


    It’s not known which players would go to Cincinnati, but the source indicated that the Nationals’ top prospects “are not in the picture.” The Washington Post reported Friday that it is “unlikely” that Phillips will waive his no-trade protection without some sort of adjustment to his current contract, which guarantees him $27 million over the 2016-17 seasons.

  20. doublenohitter’s Williams Ladson reports that there is an “85-90 percent” chance that Brandon Phillips will waive his no-trade rights in order to approve a deal to the Nationals.
    Phillips has 10-and-5 rights that allow him to block a deal anywhere, but you had to figure he was likely to waive them in order to be reunited with former manager Dusty Baker. Ladson also adds that while it’s unclear which player(s) the Reds will receive in the deal, the Nats’ top prospects “are not in the picture.” Phillips is owed $27 million over the next two seasons and is expected to receive some sort of incentive as part of agreeing to waive his no-trade protection. Dec 18 – 2:47 PM

    • Big56dog

      This seems idiotic to me. The Reds initially overpaid him so no one wants his contract straight up, so they are going to pay him more to not play for him?
      I can see picking up some of contract since they would be paying him if he plays or if he is cut- but no way give him any more money.

      • Michael Smith

        I believe he is holding out for the deferred money in his contract.

      • Aaron Bradley

        Its an admission he was overpaid yes, and hopefully he shuts up now about getting an unfair contract. He belongs with Dusty who will bat him leadoff or cleanup (or 3rd) somewhere he doesn’t belong.

  21. David

    With some of the other BIG contracts the Nationals have invested in (Scherzer), they need to win now to justify it all to their fanbase, ownership, etc. I don’t see Brandon as being an impediment at 2nd base to the Nationals (for 2016) winning. They still have to dump Papelbon, and still might be interested in Aroldis Chapman when all the smoke clears./
    What did people think this off-season would look like? Most teams don’t want to part with their true Top Prospects, because they are Top Prospects, 2016 will be hard to watch, but we will know more about the 2017 and beyond in a year. The Reds get a top draft next summer, plus another top “competitive” draft pick. If they get a near -major league ready college player to fill a key slot, they could be ready again in 2017.
    I’m excited to see a couple of the young kids (especially Iglesias and Stephenson) in 2016. Not to mention a full year of Moscot, Finnegan, etc.
    I’m really not expecting much out of Bailey until 2017. He will pitch in 2016, but will be limited in innings, etc until he is strong again.

  22. bpbailey

    If DatDude goes, the Reds must complete the trifecta and ship Bruce out, also. If we are going to “clean house”, let’s truly do it and build a new team around Joey.

  23. timatnewlife

    Prediction – Phillips stays, Chapman traded at mid-season, Bruce traded now. Suarez at 3b and peraza in lf. Question what would happen if the Reds just cut Phillips from the roster? If someone picks him up are the Reds liable for any of the salary?