There was not much player movement this week down on the farm, but we’ll check in with a few select players and see how they are faring.

AAA Louisville Bats

OF Brennan Boesch didn’t take long to get his stroke back after being sent down to AAA.  Boesch is slashing .389/.488/.444/.933 in 10 G and 43 PA since his return.  Kris Negron is not faring quite as well, .200/.235/.600/.835 in his first 17 PA, since his demotion.  Two of Negron’s three hits have been HR.  Kyle Waldrop is struggling a bit since his promotion to AAA with a .250/.286/.250/.536 slash line in his first 21 PA.

LH SP David Holmberg (4.64 ERA) is having a rough season, he has surrendered 107 H and 35 BB in 85.1 IP with 49 SO.  Sam LeCure (5.97 ERA) is struggling mightily as well allowing 41 H and 21 BB in 37.2 IP with 25 SO.  Jumbo Diaz is faring better since his demotion.  Diaz has a 1.69 ERA with 4 S and has given up 10 H and 3 BB in 10.2 IP with 7 SO.

AA Pensacola Blue Wahoos

OF Jesse Winker’s big month of June (.321/.408/.476/.884) raised his season numbers to .262/.366/.371/.737.  The Southern League average is .257/.332/.374/.706 and the AA numbers for the recently promoted Kyle Waldrop were .277/.313/.430/.742.

SP Robert Stephenson now has a 3.68 ERA which is below the Southern League average of 3.79.  He’s allowed only 53 H in 78.1 IP with 89 SO.  His only blemishes this season are his team leading 43 BB and 8 HR allowed.

High A Daytona Tortugas

SS Alex Blandino (.288/.367/.408/.775) and OF Phil Ervin (.258/.344/.428/.772) continue to lead the Tortugas offense.  OF Sebastian Elizalde (.263/.320/.422/.742) is more than holding his own as well in the Florida State League where the average slash line is .250/.315/.338/.653.

SP Amir Garrett (3.00 ERA) has allowed 65 H and 31 BB in 72 IP and leads the team with 80 SO.  RP Nick Howard leads the team with 43 BB in just 34 IP.  Closer Brian Hunter (2.15 ERA) now has 7 S and has 38 SO in 29.1 IP.

Low A Dayton Dragons

2B Ronald Bueno (.276/.347/.390/.737) and OF Jonathan Reynoso (.284/.333/.383.716) are both outpacing the Midwest League average of .252/.321/.357/.677.  Both are successful on the bases also as Bueno has swiped 12 in 14 SB attempts and Reynoso has 9 SB without being caught.

SP Tyler Mahle (3.07 ERA) has allowed 87 H and 11 BB in 85 IP and his 84 SO lead the team.

Rookie Billings Mustangs

OF Aristides Aquino has yet to reach base in his first two games of his rehab assignment with the Mustangs.  He was hitting .226/.288/.321/.609 in 59 PA at Dayton before suffering a broken wrist.  CF Ed Charlton is pacing the offense with a .345/.424/.621/1.045 slash line.  RF Kevin Garcia, .421/.477/.500/.977 is off to a hot start as well.

LH SP Ty Boyles has a 3.68 ERA over his first three starts which is well below the Pioneer League average of 5.83.

Rookie AZL Reds

OF Juan Duran is making the most of his rehab assignment as he is hitting .391/.464/.739/1.203.  Duran hit .243/.297/.464/.761 with 17 HR last year at AA Pensacola.  RF Raul Wallace (.882 OPS) and SS Cory Thompson (.849 OPS) are also off to good starts.

Wendolyn Bautista has a 0.64 ERA and has allowed 14 H and 3 BB over 14 IP with 19 SO.

28 Responses

  1. VaRedsFan

    Wow Boesch. I wonder why he can’t bring his AAA to MLB. SSS this year, but he also did it last year at AAA

    • jdx19

      I think it has a lot to do with the approach of the opposing pitchers. Boesch’s issue this year in the bigs was swinging at junk out of the zone. In AAA, I’m assuming pitchers have worse command so they’re more likely to be in the zone where he can hammer it, or out of the zone enough to he can lay off it.

      And, to be honest, any major league veteran who has ever done well in the bigs should destroy AAA pitching. Votto would probably hit .400/.575/.800 in a full season in AAA.

  2. big5ed

    Nick Howard is an utter dud. I hope he got his degree; he’s gonna need it.

    • Redsfan48

      Go ahead and call a player a dud just over a year after being drafted, but if history is an indication, some players take years to reach their potential.

      • WVRedlegs

        Sorry, but not for 1st round picks coming out of college. He was the 19th overall player selected. Calling him a dud is being kind. The scouting department made a big whiff on this selection. Big Whiff.
        He still may come around, but right now he is a huge disappointment. The Reds needed to draft a top hitter here with this pick, but chose to roll the dice on a relief pitcher they thought they could convert to a starter, and the dice came up snake eyes.

      • jdx19

        He’s got 87 innings pitched. Can’t draw any useful conclusions about that.

        Honestly, low minor league stats aren’t even that important since half the time he’s probably trying to incorporate some sort of mechanical tweak or work on a new pitch in a game.

        The process is what is important, not the stats He’s walked 12 batter per 9 this year and has an unluckily high .337 BABIP. Of course his numbers look terrible, but there’s no possible way his true talent is anywhere near a 12BB/9 level. Something is off mechanically and I’m sure they’re working to fix it.

        87 innings, man.

      • WVRedlegs

        The Reds needed a hitter. Howard selected at #19.
        #20 Casey Gillaspie, 1B, Tampa Bay, at A 16 HR, 44 RBI, 64 G’s, .278/.358/.530.
        #21 Bradley Zimmer, OF, Clev., at A+ 10HR, 29 SB, 69 G’s, .302/.400/.498.
        #22 Grant Holmes, SP, LAD, 2-0 at A+, 13 G’s, one of LA’s top prospects.
        #23 Derek Hill, OF, Det., not so good, BHam type of BA/OBP.
        #24 Cole Tucker, SS., Pitt., A in 54 G’s, .293/.324/.365 and 20 SB’s.
        It just makes you sick that the Reds passed on Zimmer, Gillaspie, and Holmes.

      • Vicferrari

        I kind of see the point of minor league pitchers especially those trying to make adjustments like incorporate pitches as the a starter that they did not need as a reliever. And it is not 87 innings as JDX points out it is 34, had decent numbers at Dayton last season, slightly below average in AFL.
        Clearly the issue is throwing strikes and I would think he has shown he is capable of that. A full season of college, a half season of A, followed by AFL, ST, and this season, guy might just be worn out and not getting good guidance from his A+ catchers. Anybody got similar case studies of successful pitchers? Or are all #1 draft picks out of college bust by the beginning a year 2 as pro player if they are not showing signs of success?

    • tct

      Yeah, it’s too early to consider him a flat out bust. But,.man for a top 20 pick he has been terrible. And walk and k rates stabilize pretty quickly, so you can’t just blame bad luck for his peripherals.

      Considering their track record over the last ten years, I usually trust the Reds scouting department. But this feels like they kinda got carried away with the whole taking a college reliever, or Cuban reliever in the case of Iglesias, and turning him into a starter thing.

      • DHud

        I don’t know why we’re comparing Iglesias to Howard here. Iglesias has been pretty good in his limited appearances so far

      • tct

        Wasn’t comparing them. I like Iglesias more than any other of the Reds young pitchers. I’m saying that they did this whole college reliever info a starter thing with Lorenzen and Cingrani and a Cuban reliever into a starter with Iglesias. I think they got a little carried away looking for the next reliever to turn into a starter and possibly over valued Howard.

      • Redsfan48

        Out of all the young pitchers the Reds have tried in the majors this year, Iglesias has by far the best stuff. Between him and Lorenzen, the Reds have two really good young pitchers that should be around for years.

  3. Redsfan48

    I have to think Jumbo Diaz will be back up with the big club fairly soon. The only runs he has given up in AAA were in his first appearance after being demoted. If anyone struggles in the bullpen or gets injured, I have to think he’s the first option (other than activating Cingrani from the DL).

    As for Negrón, I’d be surprised if he isn’t back in 2-3 weeks unless he really struggles. Price basically said he was sent down to get some at bats, and as long as they are productive at bats, he will be back and hopefully Bourgeois will be gone. If DeJesus hadn’t had a good week, he’d be the one to go.

    • Vicferrari

      Considering that guys they have brought up have been pretty lights out, it is obviously is not that hard to be a middle reliever. His balls that hit go too far and he just blew it. I would imagine Price does not stick him in any high level situation if he does come back but with the emergence of Hoover, Parra, and Matheus there is not a need. Heck, Badenhop has a something like a 2.5 ERA since the awful first month and Cingrani and Marshall may even be back. Bullpen is the least of their worries. I really rooted for Jumbo too, liked the 30 year old rookie story.

      • Redsfan48

        Parra will likely be traded. They will capitalize on his good season and get a solid prospect back

      • RedAlert

        That’s good – hopefully will at least get a callup when rosters expand if not sooner

      • WVRedlegs

        Great news.
        He last pitched on June 28, Sunday. If he stays on schedule that should be on Friday night, tomorrow night. But I haven’t seen anything official.

      • Jay King

        I honestly hope we don’t see Stephenson this year. Let the kid develope a little more this season we can take a look at him next year.

    • Vicferrari

      How does the clock work? Say he comes up the last 2 months of this season, then starts out in AAA next season and gets brought up just after 2 months lapses in June and stays. Does it not count as a full year until a few games into the following season?

  4. wizeman

    where did you see this. a first step. going to need starters in near future when leake and/or cueto traded

    • Matt WI

      That’s a good call… could be a prelude to those kind of moves, and clearing room in the lower ranks for the returns on the trade.

  5. Matt WI

    Tom– Thanks for showing the various league averages, that’s a nice reference point.

  6. Vicferrari

    What is the deal with Juan Duran doing a rehab in AZL. Why not at least A, numbers look nice how good are some of these prospects on D- I understood Winkler is solid but what about guys like Ervin, Blandino, Waldrop, and Duran