According to Marc Lancaster:

After months of dodging questions on the issue, Wayne Krivsky said today the Reds will file a grievance with Major League Baseball that claims the Washington Nationals misled them about Gary Majewski’s health before trading him to Cincinnati in July.

“We don’t feel like we were dealt with fairly, and you can go to the bank that we’re not going to take it sitting down,” Krivsky told an applauding crowd during a Q&A session with fans at Redsfest.

Lancaster goes on to describe the situation and that the Reds have spent the last few months collecting the relevant information.

He goes on to say:

There is a grievance process with MLB, but it usually does not involve a formal hearing. That’s why the Reds wanted to ensure they had every angle covered before taking their case to the commissioner. Krivsky didn’t say specifically, but the Reds likely will ask for an additional player as compensation should their case be upheld.

“We’re not looking to negate the trade,” said Krivsky. “But there are other remedies.”

Anyone know what these remedies might be? A player? A draft pick? Financial compensation?