TR #477: Is Nick Senzel Back?

Nick Senzel was named NL Player of the Week and the Reds headed west for 6 against the A's and Padres. Nate was joined by Carlos Guevara to steer the Senzel hype train, question some David Bell decisions, and t... Read More...
Kyle Farmer (Original Photo by: All-Pro Reels)

Reds fall to Mets, lose first series of the second half

The New York Mets just continue to roll, with their latest victims being the Cincinnati Reds. The Mets have now won 14 of their last 16 games. The Reds suffered their first series loss of the second half. They will try to salvage a game in the series finale tomorrow afternoon at 1:10 PM.
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RNR #394: Sell the Reds, Bob!

Chris Garber and I discuss one of the more eventful weeks in the Reds season, despite the fact that the team on the field continues to lose. David Bell is returning and the minor league gurus are leaving. What ... Read More...