Chuck Harmon

The Chuck Harmon I Knew

Fresh out of law school in 1995, my first law job was as a clerk at the First District, Ohio Court of Appeals. I worked there for two years—from May 1995 to May 1997. Chuck was the bailiff there during that time, and it gave me an opportunity to talk to him any time I wanted. With the stories he told, wow, I sure wanted.
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RedsFest Photos

Okay, I've finally uploaded some of the photos I took at Reds Fest. I know it was two months ago...get off my back!!! I'm not particularly happy with most of these; the lighting in the room was terrible for ph... Read More...
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Redsfest Wrapup

I'm home after a fantastic weekend at Redsfest. It was my first experience, and I came away with two firm conclusions: 1. If you haven't been, you have to go to Redsfest. It is a first-class event, and Bob Cas... Read More...
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Civil Rights Weekend

As you know, the Reds are hosting a "Civil Rights Game" this weekend. I'm not really sure, frankly, what it's all about (okay, it's supposed to "honor the efforts and struggles for equality among the races"); i... Read More...