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RNR #319: Draft Day!

On this week's episode of Redleg Nation Radio Jason and Chad draft historical teams to face off against one another, but there's a fun twist.

Sparky Who? Reds fans sure know today

John Ring reflects on Sparky Anderson's tenure with the Reds. John was able to interview Sparky in 1986 in Detroit. "He was kind, decent and humble. He never forgot where he came from. He loved baseball and most of all, the Cincinnati Reds."
Great American Ballpark

1999 Reds: When Sean Casey became The Mayor

On the field, Sean Casey could do everything but run. He could hit for average, hit for power, was a leader on the field and lefties didn't bother him a bit. Casey captivated Reds fans. And a lot of us remember him still today. The Mayor was a class act.