Defending Edwin Encarnacion

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Defense: The New OBP

Defensive stats are now on the cutting edge. I particpated in a public AOL online discussion with baseball historian and statistical guru Bill James over 15 years ago about a new defensive metric he was propos... Read More...
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Scott Rolen Trade Roundup

Let's round up the analysis of Walt Jocketty's big deadline trade.... --Baseball Prospectus, in a post they titled "The Worst Deadline Deal": his was not good business for the Cincinnati ballclub. Rolenâ€â... Read More...
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On Edwin Encarnacion

Okay, I admit it, I got a little worked up yesterday trying to defend Edwin Encarnacion. (I know, I shouldn't use "defend" and "Edwin Encarnacion" in the same sentence.) I'm just continually amazed at how Red... Read More...