Barry Larkin: Hall of Famer

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Playing Favorites

We all have our favorites. Ask any Reds fan about their favorite player, and you'll get a bunch of different answers, for a bunch of different reasons. Here at the Nation, I've written about my favorite current... Read More...
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Breaking News!

Barry Larkin has been elected to the Redleg Nation Hall of Fame with 100% of the vote. Meanwhile, Daedalus has the post-mortem on this year's Baseball HOF election. (More here from Cnati, Mark Sheldon, John Er... Read More...
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Love for Barry Larkin

Over at ESPN, Jayson Stark puts it very succinctly: Barry Larkin is one of the greatest shortstops who ever lived. Period. Indeed. But then, we already knew that, right? Stark continues: I'm not sure why th... Read More...