2012 Postseason

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Reds medical staff strikes again

From the Cincinnati Enquirer: The Reds have announced that Johnny Cueto's "back spasms" are now a "strained oblique"... “It’s odd,” head trainer Paul Lessard said. Lessard could not put ... Read More...
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Game Two Reds’ Line-up

I remember when Super Todd Frazier played for the Reds. (Sigh.) I wish he were starting today at 3B. I also wish Homer Bailey was pitching instead of Bronson Arroyo. Nonetheless, go get 'em in Game Two! 1. ... Read More...
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Postseason mid-day reading

Here's some reading material for those of you looking to multi-task while cheering for the Harpers this afternoon. Start with Mark Sheldon's excellent game report at Reds.com: The Reds this season have already ... Read More...