The Cincinnati Reds have announced that Jake Fraley has been activated from the Family Medical Emergency List and that they have optioned outfielder Blake Dunn to Triple-A Louisville.

Fraley, who has been out for the last few days in order to spend time with his family, is back and will be available off of the bench tonight for the Reds. The 29-year-old went 2-4 with a triple, steal, and three runs batted in on July 4th before he went onto the Family Medical Emergency List. The lefty is hitting .278/.333/.356 on the season with 12 stolen bases.

Blake Dunn, who if you squint a little bit, could be confused for Jake Fraley from a distance, will head back to the minor leagues. Dunn went 1-3 with a double back on June 7th. He’s gone 0-12 in eight games played in since then with the Reds. For nearly four weeks in the middle of that stretch he was back in Triple-A with Louisville.

Injury Updates

Prior to the game today manager David Bell spoke with the media and provided updates on more than a few players who are currently on the injured list and where they are with things.

TJ Friedl seems to be the closest player to return. Bell said that he’s expected to be back in 7-10 days after the All-Star break. The outfielder is recovering from a strained hamstring and hasn’t played since June 23rd.

Ian Gibaut, who has not pitched this season and was recalled from an earlier attempt at rehab, will begin throwing bullpen sessions next week. Brandon Williamson also hasn’t pitched this season and was also called back from a rehab assignment earlier in the year. He’s expected to begin throwing bullpen sessions the last week of this month.

Matt McLain has moved forward in his rehab and has begun to swing a bat. Bell said that he’s scheduled to begin a rehab assignment on August 12th. He didn’t specify where that would begin.

Nick Martini, who was placed on the injured list over the weekend, had surgery on his thumb. It is possible that he could return later in the year.

All of that was reported by Charlie Goldsmith of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Jeremy Rauch of Fox 19, and Mark Sheldon of

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  1. Jason Franklin

    I hope that his daughter and family are doing much better. The worry that comes when a child has health issues is a massive one for everyone involved. Also, the worry about his power this year being less is factual but maybe now that he can get back to enjoying the game again somewhat will allow him to find that pop as the summer warms up.

    • Rednat

      I totally agree with you. i am not at all surprised his numbers are down this year. tough to perform your best with a sick child

  2. LDS

    Good that Fraley is back. As for the rest of the injury updates, I’ll take them with a grain of salt. Bell’s updates tend to differ from reality.

  3. SultanofSwaff

    Disheartening to hear McLain won’t start playing in games til the middle of August. If I’m the GM, his limited availability changes my calculus as far as how aggressive I’d be in searching for offense IF the team is solidly in the hunt for a playoff spot. We know the pitching is capable of a deep playoff run. The front office needs to recognize that and acquire the bats we need to get us to the big dance.

  4. Mark Moore

    I’m in the camp that says MattyMc shouldn’t see the MLB field at all this year (with a possible exception for late September when there’s little to play for except pride). It’s just not worth rushing him back.

    Good for Jake and wishing him and his family the best. I’m guessing Martini is done and done.

    I realize it isn’t popular, but the words “We really don’t know anything definite” should be practiced. It sets better expectations, even if they are low. I have some degree of empathy for Bell having to give these kinds of updates. His demeanor and lack of public speaking ability make it extra hard to hear. But that is his job …

    Good to see Hinds in RF again tonight. We’ll see how that plays out. Didn’t realize Slater could play CF, but it’s good to see Benson getting a day off even after his solid performance yesterday.

    It is almost that time, friends …

    • Jim Walker

      But that is his (Bell’s) job …

      But is it really his job? Given Bell’s poor public persona and the number of times he has seemingly misspoken or shaded facts of a situation with his hopes or interpretations, wouldn’t the team be better served by just issuing injury statements through the team’s media relations people?

  5. GreatRedLegsFan

    Next moves: Friedl and Fairchild IN, Rios and (?) OUT.

  6. Tony Cloninger

    If there is a LHP starting Benson should not start ever. They tried it. It didnt work. It’s literally not a day off? But I’m pretty sure someone will be posting about giving him a day off when he’s hot.

    I’m glad Jake is back. Did not expect him until after ASB. At best. Don’t know how he’s doing it mentally and physically.

  7. RedsGettingBetter

    The positive: Friedl back after ASB, McLain rehab on August 12th, Gibaut and Williamson could throw bullpen soon…
    Negative: Martini had surgery…

    • RedsGettingBetter

      Another positive: Fraley is back today , of course..

  8. Klugo

    So, just to be clear, do you think Bell said Friedl would be back in 7-10 days after the All-Star Break or 7-10 days, after the All-Star Break?

    • Tom Diesman

      Sounds like a week or so after the end of the All Star Break to me.

      From the Cincy Enquirer:

      “Leadoff man TJ Friedl, who has been sidelined two weeks with a hamstring injury, won’t be ready to return for the first series after the All-Star break, Bell said, but should return within a week to 10 days from the break.”

  9. Jason Franklin

    So, now it sounds like Ashcraft is going to the IL after his option was voided. Krall was like “Well, we thought he had a problem but didn’t think much of it at the time.” Does this not smell of incompetence?

  10. Jmb

    Dunn will be a back-up at best. The Reds have too many of such players. Martini is done; dfa him, now or later. No need to bring Fairchild back, either. Trade India for Ward, or trade him, along with Candy (Montas too?) to the Dodgers for prospects, Rushing included.