The Cincinnati Reds dropped game three of their series to the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday night. They were down early, but rallied for three runs in the 9th inning before coming up just short in their comeback attempt in a 6-5 loss.

Final R H E
Colorado Rockies (33-60)
6 12 0
Cincinnati Reds (44-49)
5 12 1
W: Freeland (1-3) L: Montas (4-7) SV: Beeks (9)
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After two strong innings to begin the game, Frankie Montas got into trouble in the 3rd. He walked Nolan Jones to begin the inning and then gave up a line drive home run to Sam Hilliard that just cleared the wall in right field that gave the Rockies their first lead of the series. A double would follow, but Austin Slater misplayed his second ball of the game and Ezequiel Tovar was able to get to third on the play. He later scored on a single into left that made it 3-0. Cincinnati was able to get one of those runs back in a hurry as Jonathan India clubbed a 1-out solo home run to put the Reds on the board in the bottom of the 3rd.

Sam Hilliard led off the top of the 5th inning with his second homer of the day. They are his first two homers of the year in the big leagues, but he’s only played in 11 games with the Rockies. He had 14 home runs in 65 games in Triple-A this season before his call up late in June. The Rockies added to their lead in the 6th inning when Brenton Doyle walked and came around to score on a double by Jake Cave, making it 5-1.

Cincinnati appeared to be off to a good start in the bottom of the 7th when Tyler Stephenson lined a ball past a diving Jake Cave in right field, but Cave recovered quickly and Stephenson tried stretching the hit into a triple and was easily thrown out at third on the play. The Reds would get a 2-out double from Noelvi Marte and then an RBI single from Rece Hinds to cut into the lead, but that was all they’d get in the inning.

When the 8th inning began the Reds sent Brent Suter to the mound to take over for Frankie Montas and he gave up three singles to begin the inning as Colorado added to their lead to make it 6-2.

After Buck Farmer kept the Rockies off of the board in the top of the 9th the Reds came to the plate in the bottom of the inning needing four runs to tie things up. Tyler Stephenson made it three runs rather quickly as he crushed a solo home run into the seats in left-center on the 2nd pitch of the inning.

Jake Fraley was then called on to pinch hit for Austin Slater, but the Rockies went to the bullpen to bring in lefty Jalen Beeks. Manager David Bell then sent Austin Wynns to the plate to hit for Fraley and on the first pitch he saw he singled. Noelvi Marte followed up with a single of his own. That brought Rece Hinds to the plate, but he would fly out to right-center for the first out of the inning.

Santiago Espinal then came through with an RBI single to make it 6-4, and when Sam Hilliard threw the ball to third base, Espinal took second. Will Benson then pinch ran for Espinal as the Reds turned the lineup over. Jonathan India then hit a sacrifice fly to make it a 1-run game. That left the game in the hands of Elly De La Cruz but he would ground out to shortstop to end the game.

Key Moment of the Game

Reader’s pick on this one. There were more than a few to choose from.

Notes Worth Noting

Noelvi Marte had three hits in his season debut. He then had three hits over the next 42 at-bats before picking up three more hits in this game.

Tyler Stephenson had two extra-base hits in the game and now has six in his last four games. He only had six extra-base hits in the previous 31 games.

Rece Hinds had his first big league stolen base.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Colorado Rockies vs Cincinnati Reds

Thursday July 11th, 1:10pm ET

Austin Gomber (2-5, 4.47 ERA) vs Hunter Greene (5-4, 3.45 ERA)

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    • Jmb

      …against the 2nd worst team in baseball (the Rockies and Marlins being equal).

  1. CincyDo

    TS failed stretching a 2 base to a 3 base hit proved costly. Base running time and time again is Reds Achilles heel.

      • Ksdavis

        All we hear is a manager affects maybe 5 games a year. This coaching staff causes about 10 losses a year. Also twice within the last week Candy has swung at the first pitch after EDLC got on base, not giving him a chance to steal. GIDP both times. Directly on staff

    • Melvin

      According to baseballsavant Stephenson sprint speed at 26.6 which makes him the slowest man on the current 26 man roster. A 3B coach has gotta know those things and adjust accordingly.

    • big tony

      ts had 3 monkeys and a gorilla on his back 20 feet after rounding second base I watched I was at the game first time I had seen a reds game since 1977

    • Tom W

      Please have the third base coach read the cardinal rules of baseball, especially #5.
      The Cardinal Rules of Baseball
      The Book of Unwritten Baseball Rules
      1. Never put the tying or go-ahead run on base.
      2. Play for the tie at home, go for the victory on the road.
      3. Don’t hit and run with an 0-2 count.
      4. Don’t play the infield in early in the game.
      5. Never make the first or third out at third base.
      6. Don’t steal when you’re well ahead of your opponent.
      7. Don’t bunt for a hit when you need a sacrifice.
      8. Left and right fielders concede everything to the center fielder.
      9. Never give up a hit on an 0-2 count.
      10. Never let the score influence the way you play.
      11. Don’t go against the percentages.
      12. Take a strike when your club is behind in a ballgame.
      13. Leadoff hitter must be a base stealer. Designated hitter must be a power hitter.
      14. Never give an intentional walk if first base is occupied.
      15. With runners in scoring position and first base open, walk the number eight hitter to get
      to the pitcher.
      16. In a rundown situation, try to make one throw.
      17. If you play for one run, that’s all you’ll get.
      18. Don’t bunt with a power hitter up.
      19. Don’t take the bat out of your best hitter’s hands by sacrificing in front of him.
      20. Only use your bullpen stopper in late-inning situations.
      21. Don’t use your stopper in a tie game – only when you’re ahead.
      22. Hit behind the runner at first.
      23. If one of your players gets knocked down or hit by a pitch, retaliate.
      24. When retaliating, do not throw above the shoulders.
      25. Hit the ball where it’s pitched.
      26. A manager should remain detached from his players.
      27. Never mention a no-hitter while it’s in progress.
      28. With a right-hander on the mound, don’t walk a right-handed hitter to pitch to a left-
      handed hitter.
      29. Don’t swing with 3 balls and no strikes.
      30. Guard the lines late in games with a one-run lead.
      31. Don’t spend excessive time watching or celebrating home runs , act like you’ve done it
      32. Never bunt for a hit late in the game, when a no-hitter/perfect game is possible.
      33. Hind sight is 20-20.
      34. What goes on in the clubhouse, stays in the clubhouse.
      35. What goes on after-hours, stays in the clubhouse, too.
      36. Sacrifice individual glory for the good of the team.
      37. Peek in for signs at your own risk.
      38. Do not whine if you get caught cheating.
      39. Above all else, respect the game.

      • DW

        Glad to see someone share this. Thank you

  2. Dennis Westrick

    Falls just short should be this team’s motto! Gonna take a miracle (or a managerial change) to capture one of the three NL Wild Card spots! I’ve given up any hope of winning the NL Central Division!

    • Jeremiah

      Yeah I think the Central is not really attainable. That is kind of a funny motto! I forgot their 1 run loss record is pretty bad. Does make you think a few changes here and there, whether with players and managing, maybe does make a difference down the stretch.

    • Oldtimer

      Reds have changed managers 12 times in mid season in my lifetime (born 1951).

      Not once – NOT EVEN ONCE – did the managerial change bring a pennant, division championship, or wild card.

      ZERO times. Sometimes they played better, sometimes about the same.

      • Dennis Westrick

        Maybe No. 13 will be the lucky one!

      • Harry Stoner

        Completely irrelevant piece of information.

        Every single one of those Reds teams were made up of different ball players than the current team.

        None of those managers or their replacements were the same person as the current manager.

      • Brian

        Not saying they would but now over a 1/3 of the teams make the playoffs. There probably wasn’t 6 playoff teams in those years.

      • still a red

        Not totally irrelevant Harry. Such moves carry with it
        a lot of baggage more often negative than positive. Players may not say yea…they may say manager is the fall guy, etc etc. It may appease the fan base but not the players.

    • Jmb

      One of the NL wildcard teams may have a losing record this season. So much for this expanded playoff system’s goal of rewarding more good teams.

  3. Jeremiah

    Tovar on Colorado looks like a pretty good young player, maybe someone for them to build around. Nice comeback by the Reds, can’t ask for more with India and De La Cruz up, just didn’t get the big hit. At this point 5-5 home stand would probably be the best you could hope for.

    Montas not great, but gives some innings. I feel like he is going to kick into another gear at some point, but we’ll see.

  4. Melvin

    Hinds BA dropping way down to .500 and his OPS to 1.833. What are we going to do with him now? 😉

  5. Jeff morris

    At least a good comeback by the Reds in the 9th inning, but fell short. But have to love the not giving up. Suter giving up runs last few times he has pitched, maybe he is tired? Reds not scoring many runs, so he has to pitch maybe more times than he used too. Also, Tyler S thrown out easily at third in trying to stretch a double into a triple. There is aggressive baserunning, which is good. But plays should be close, if a player is easily thrown out at 2nd base, 3rd base, or home…emphasis on the “easily thrown out”, than its stupid base running! Not playing smart! Also, new Reds player Slater misplays a couple of plays in the outfield. When the Reds acquire a player or draft a player or trade for a player, do they bother to see if this player can play defense? Since the Reds are not a good defensive team, I would think they would make improving defensively a priority!

  6. Steelerfan

    Small positive Hines at least played despite predictions to the contrary. Afternoon off today?

  7. big tony

    Doug or old school I would resign montas now for $18 mil his arm strength will be way better next year as he gets further away from surgery .if its possible get winker back for low prospect he has been on tear last 4 weeks.make a trade for orzbul of the tigers using ashcraft Lyon Richardson and Conner Phillips he would strengthen our rotation immensely what do you guys think?

    • Indy Red Man

      Idk about Montas? He was still throwing 96 late so his arm seems sound, but he still gets knocked around. I don’t want him back personally, but we’ve had many seasons where we wished the 4th-5th starter had a 4.50 era. I hope Williamson can resume his career and Ashcraft doesn’t need Tommy John.

      • Jmb

        Bobby Miller was just sent down because he throws 96-97 these days, down from 99. Reds need to find some real talent.

  8. Indy Red Man

    Hinds reminds me of Jonny Gomes, maybe more towards his ceiling then floor, but who knows?

  9. Jmb

    He’ll blaze briefly, then mlb pitchers will adjust, and Hinds will become another Benson.

  10. Jmb

    Reds should trade India (who the Mariners want) to the Angels for Ward (who the Pirates want).

    • Rob

      No problem with any trade the Reds make. Except. Any trades must be aimed at improving the 2024-2025 team. We need 1-2 additional pieces of offense to carry us through until the next wave of prospects arrive in late 2025-2026. We have plenty of highly ranked SS and 3B prospects to get any body out there. Just a matter of will. Or we can continue to pretend we have enough, and will not be faced with future injuries, and some prospects all of a sudden will become major contributors. We have played 93 games! with about 10 different Louisville fill ins. Haven’t we seen enough to know we need something much better? We are not a rebuilder! We just spent $50M on free agents. We need to finish the job with a couple of trade upgrades. Krall bet the ranch on Greene and Lodolo health last July and that was a fatal mistake. Let’s not do that again in the sake of saving prospects.

    • Tony Cloninger

      Why? He’s cost controlled for next year and this team needs as much depth as possible. There’s no sensible way you trade him unless you’re getting back a more cost controlled player for the next 3 years who can play OF. Which you don’t have enough good depth. Unless Matt is ready to go now. Which he’s not. So not sure how this helps.

  11. LDS

    Leaving Montas in to give up 5 runs is the key moment of the game. The Reds digging out from a 4-5 run deficit is not a common occurrence. The Stephenson running “error” is a distant second. Tied with the Cubs in last place. Doesn’t it make your heart soar like an eagle. Time for changes as it has been for several years. Quit pretending everything will work out fine with better players and fewer injuries. It won’t.

    • Tony Cloninger

      I think He had to because the bullpen was used up the day before. Sometimes you have to bite it with your starter.

      • LDS

        No, he didn’t. But he does need to learn how to manage a bullpen or get out of the game. Every year he’s burned them out by August. He’s demonstrated that he’s Just clueless. And the Reds FO keeps doubling down. Surely, it will be different this time. insanity.

  12. Mark Moore

    Early “loss of focus” from Frankie is what did us in. So it’s a series of “key moments” that span both teams. Humidity had balls carrying out that probably wouldn’t on a less humid night.

    So close on the comeback attempt … but late rallies falling short still chalk up the “L”.

    Today’s mid-day line-up will be interesting to see. Hoping we can find a way to win and that Greene has a great outing.

  13. Mark A Verticchio

    Elly is only 22 and going to be a great player, hopefully as he matures he will be able to get the big hit, so far that hasn’t been the case.

  14. Tony Cloninger

    Bell defending House is expected but then to say Stephenson slowed down and that’s what cost him? No. Tyler did not expect to get the go sign and with his lack of speed just can’t compensate for that and rev it up. Of course the OF made the play. It’s the major leagues. The majority of ML players make great plays.
    They seem to be making them a lot against the Reds too. This is when I can’t defend him or this philosophy. You’re acting as if you can afford to make these types of mistakes at this point of the season.

    • docproc

      Yep, he threw Tyler under the bus. The fault was entirely on House.

    • Rob

      House’s choice to take a risk here is or was the problem. No outs in the 7th inning and you trail by 4. Poll 9 other mlb managers, and baseball experts, and I would bet 99% would say you do not send him unless you are 99% sure he makes it. I am not a Bell hater but I think it is an absolute travesty he defends the decision by House. It was a very serious mistake that cost us a win. When you fighting tooth and nail for a playoff spot, you don’t blow this off on Rockies excellent play or Stephenson cramping up. Baseball 101 says you don’t send him 4 down in the 7th inning. I don’t GAS if you are in 30th place or your team doesn’t need discipline or you are winning by 25 runs, send him. This ho hum attitude just doesn’t fly with me. We would have won the game! Krall ,and ownership should weigh in here also. Aaron Boone cuts players for loafing. This is worse than that. This is lack of baseball knowledge by coaches.

  15. Mark A Verticchio

    I didn’t hear the interview but if Bell threw Tyler under the bus = crap. It was 100% the 3rd base coach’s fault. Come on Bell you have to be better than this.

    • Tony Cloninger

      It was more of a Tyler slowed down and it cost him. Not under the bus but defending the 3B from any responsibility of making a better decision to try and send him. Knowing the situation. The runner.

    • Melvin

      “Obviously, I’m not Elly [De La Cruz with my] speed, where it’s an automatic. I picked [House] up, and he was giving me the green light, and I gave it everything I could,” Stephenson said.

  16. Jim Walker

    My vote for key points of the game is the Reds 7th/ Rockies 8th innings.

    With the help of their 3B coach, the Reds ran themselves out of a possible big inning in B7.

    Suter then came on in T8 and got absolutely lit up by the Rockies hitters. The Reds were lucky the Rockies got only 1 run as 5 of the first 6 Rockies hitters put the ball in play with an Exit velocity of 99.9MPh or higher but launch angles of LT 5 degrees. The outlier was a 91.3MPH grounder on which the Reds turned a GIDP ahead of an 108MPH line drive with an xBA of .750 the Reds managed to corral to escape the inning.

  17. redfanorbust

    4-7 with a 4.38 era so far for $16M for Montas? I gave the Reds credit for being bold and signing him but much like our seemingly never ending injuries/suspensions to key players for extended periods things are just not working out. We have aprox 70 games left, enough time to make a wild card “IF” we get players back and everyone remains relatively healthy and plays up to their potential. Capped IF because it’s a big IF.


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