For the second night in a row it was Rece Hinds wowing the home crowd. The rookie had three more hits, including a monstrous home run as he set a new Major League record en-route to helping the Cincinnati Reds beat the Colorado Rockies on Tuesday night.

Final R H E
Colorado Rockies (32-60)
6 10 1
Cincinnati Reds (44-48)
12 13 2
W: Martinez (3-5) L: Quantrill (6-7)
Box Score | Game Thread

The first six outs of the game recorded all came via the strikeout. Nick Lodolo would not get a strikeout in the 2nd inning, and he had to work around a walk, but he got through the inning with no damage.

Cal Quantrill was not as fortunate in his half of the 2nd inning. Tyler Stephenson would hit a leadoff homer to put the Reds on the board. Edwin Rios walked and then Noelvi Marte was hit by a pitch. Santiago Espinal then came through with a 1-out line drive single into center that made it 2-0.  Will Benson then took the next pitch and sent it into the seats in right field to make it 5-0.

With Nick Lodolo having recorded two outs in the top of the 3rd innings the skies opened up and the grounds crew was called on to pull the tarp. When play resumed 44 minutes later, Lodolo gave up a double and then hit a batter but was able to escape the jam with a shallow fly ball to right field.

The next inning didn’t go as well for the Reds lefty. After recording the first two outs he gave up a solo home run to Brenton Doyle, a double off of the wall, and then a 2-run homer to Michael Toglia as the Rockies cut into the Cincinnati lead. Nolan Jones then singled before the Reds went to the bullpen to bring in Nick Martinez and he proceeded to give up an RBI double before a strikeout would end the inning and have the Reds clinging to a 5-4 lead.

Cincinnati’s offense got back to work in the 5th. Jeimer Candelario walked to begin the inning then scored on a Tyler Stephenson double. Rece Hinds would then come through with a triple into the right field corner to bring in Stephenson to make it 7-4.

Two innings later and the Reds were back at it and it was once again Rece Hinds making things happen. He nearly broke the wall in center with a double in the 4th, tripled in the 5th, and then he hit a 458-foot homer deep into the upper deck in left field to lead off the 7th. That gave Hinds five extra-base hits in his first two games. No one in the history of baseball had ever done that before.

Hinds just got things started, though. Santiago Espinal followed up with a single then scored when Will Benson singled and right fielder Hunter Goodman’s throw back to the infield short-hopped the cutoff man and got away. Spencer Steer then capped off the inning with a home run into the seats in left field of his own as Cincinnati extended their lead to 11-4.

The Rockies would get a run in the top of the 8th on a Brenton Doyle home run – his second of the night. They’d then add another one on a sacrifice fly to make it 11-6. Cincinnati would get one of those runs back after Tyler Stephenson doubled and scored on a sacrifice fly by Noelvi Marte.

Brent Suter entered the game for the top of the 9th. He had to work around a hit batter and a 2-out walk, but he got the job done and held on to seal a 12-6 Reds win and guarantee the Reds at least a series split after taking the first two games of the 4-game series.

Key Moment of the Game

The Reds half of the 7th inning that saw them put up four runs and turn a 3-run lead into seven run lead and truly put the game out of reach.

Notes Worth Noting

When Rece Hinds tripled in his third at-bat of the game he tied Ian Desmond for the most extra-base hits in his first two big league games. His home run in the 7th inning set a new record. Sarah Langs of also notes that Hinds is the first player to hit 445+ foot home runs for each of his first two career home runs since they began tracking that in 2015.

Tyler Stephenson had his first three extra-base hit game of his career.

Spencer Steer, Tyler Stephenson, Rece Hinds, and Will Benson all drove in multiple runs.

The Reds went 5-15 with runners in scoring position. The Rockies went 1-10.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Colorado Rockies vs Cincinnati Reds

Wednesday July 10th, 7:10pm ET

Kyle Freeland (0-3, 6.62 ERA) vs Frankie Montas (4-6, 4.19 ERA)

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    • Dennis Westrick

      Begrudgingly, I’d have to say yes! Felt bad for Lodolo after his great start! Mother nature apparently not a Reds or Lodolo fan!

  1. LDS

    Good game overall. Let’s hope Hinds adjusts to MLB successfully and this isn’t the second coming of Astriedes. He could go a long way to shoring up the outfield.

    • VaRedsFan

      I’ll take Aquino-like for a month, then settle into a solid MLB player.

  2. Rut

    Rece is the piece we need! (Sorry, too much Titos and happiness from win to refrain from bad pun)

    • CI3J

      His performance so far has been out of this world. Is he an E.T.?

  3. Melvin

    Great game by Hinds and the Reds. Let’s keep it going. Looking forward to seeing Hinds in the lineup again tomorrow. wink wink 😉

  4. Kevin H

    I do wish some would stop trying to compare rookies to Aquino. I mean yes Hinds numbers weren’t jaw dropping in minors, however ride the wave and go from there.

    Elly struggled second half last season and this season is having a solid year. I say lets have a wait and see approach with Hinds.

    • Melvin

      At this point I’d take one Aquino month anyway. 🙂

      • Kevin H

        Well true dat lol…

        Gonna go out on a limb and say if Arroyo comes back fully healthy he will be starting ss next season with De La Cruz either 3rd or CF

    • Doug Gray

      Elly isn’t having a solid year. He’s literally the 2nd most valuable player in the National League.

      • Will the Red

        Thanks, Doug. While he is still streaky, the fair readers here seem to only remember as recently as his last not-amazing-at-bat. Elly is already in the MVP conversation and people need to chill out. Granted, he’d still make a better CF, but I digress. 😉

      • Melvin

        “Granted, he’d still make a better CF, but I digress. ?”

        haha 🙂 #EDLCCF2025

      • MFG

        Exactly Doug!
        Like many of you, I like the idea of Elly roaming CF but he could be injured alot by diving, slamming into the wall, etc.
        Look at TJ, Fairchild and even Senzel before that.

      • Justin T

        Outs on the bases. Errors at shortstop. Picked off the bases. Near the top in strikeouts. I love Elly but what sabermetric are we using determining him to be the second most valuable player in baseball? Hit around .200 for a couple of months.

        He has too much to clean up with his game, and he will. But has not yet. Just my opinion and you have yours.

      • Melvin

        MFG – I understand your concern but I would also say he’s not any more valuable than Aaron Judge and he plays CF.

    • LDS

      It’s a fair comp Kevin. Aquino was a monster for one month with occasional streaks subsequently. The argument frequently posited here was that major league pitchers “figured him out” and poof there he goes. Bottom line, he didn’t work out. What role did Ward play in that? At the end of the day, many of the Reds high profile players don’t work out. That’s not necessarily uncommon, but it is a drag. So, do the Reds draft poorly, develop poorly, or just a victim of bad luck? In many cases, I think wishful thinking plays in, e.g., Senzel who had a history of health issues known before the draft as did many of the players the Reds took in trade over the last few years. Guys like EDLC, Steer, hopefully Hinds seem like sturdy, everyday players who don’t need every other day off.

    • Kevin H

      I say lets do it, Send them Petty, Collier, Allen, and maybe Ashcraft!!

      • VaRedsFan

        i’d guess any deal involving Doyle would have to start with Arroyo.
        And I’m fine with that.

      • doofus

        Rox have Tovar at SS. They will want groundball pitchers. Ashcraft to start….

    • doofus

      Melvin, I like this!

      Reds truly need a real centerfielder. Yeah, I know: “We have one in Friedl” the detractors will proclaim. No, we have a guy who is a part-time centerfielder because he is always on the IL and he is not as dynamic a flycatcher that Doyle is.

      Doyle is the type of player the Reds need in the OF. One that can catch the ball. The dude earned a Gold Glove LY in just 126 games. Look at his putouts and assists last season and this one, no regression. His bat is improving not regressing in his 2nd season. Amazing.

  5. Dennis Westrick

    First of all, my apologies to Will Benson! I thought the double he got in the 7th inning was his first hit of the game! I was not following the game early (2nd inning) when Benson hit his 3-run HR since I was eating supper!

    Great job by Benson, the Reds bullpen and especially one Rece Hinds!

    Plus, a shout out to the GABP grounds crew for dealing with the rain and getting the field back in playing shape so quickly!

    • Brian

      Yep, he got to do that cool celebration where it looks like he’s shooting up twice tonight. He’s my least fav. Player on the team but he did have a good game.

      • VaRedsFan

        That’s a LeBron James gesture….representing ice water in his veins.

      • Brian

        It looks completely ridiculous and like he’s shooting up. A .180 ice water hitter. It looks trashy.

  6. Jeremiah

    Wow, Rece Hinds. He’s really taken the bull by the horns as they say. I feel for some of these young guys coming up, Hurtubise, Dunn, and even Hinds, if you don’t prove right away, there is someone right there trying to take your spot. It’s basically open competition for Right Field for the time being and got to give credit for Hinds for showing his skills. His power is impressive, he just looks like a big guy out there too, kind of intimidating. Hopefully he can cut down on the strikeouts.

    • VaRedsFan

      I’ll allow 2 strikeouts in every game he has a double, triple, and HR. 😉

    • MBS

      All 3 of the Hurtubise, Dunn, and Hinds were brought up because of need, not merit. None of them were in the middle of good seasons in AAA. Hinds however has exploded upon arrival, and his power is very exciting.

      He’s also the highest ceiling of the 3, but don’t get me wrong I still like Dunn a lot, and I think Hurtubise has 4th OF written all over him.

  7. DaveCT

    About that RH outfield power we’ve been missing …

    • Melvin

      We could use two. Is there any rule with actually being good? 😉

  8. Jason Franklin

    When looking at the highlights it looked like their was bloody finger markings on Lodolo’s jersey. Could be the blister issue?

  9. Mauired

    MLB history or not. Slater should be ready tomorrow so Bell will probably bench Hinds to get him into the game.

  10. Redsvol

    Congrats to Rece Hines and the many Redlegs performing last night. It’s amazing what happens when the bottom half of the lineup gets a few hits.

    Rece is a powerful young man. Saw him play many minor league games. Just needs to stay healthy and keep developing. He is still only 23 years old.

    Little worried about Lodolo. I felt they should have kept him out till after all star break. Hopefully he is ok.

    Good job by several minor leaguers last night on the farm. Hoping they can keep it up and finish strong.

    This trade deadline and draft are goin to be fascinating ones. There are so many injuries across MLB right now. Going to be a lot of competition for trades.

  11. TR

    It’s real nice to see a consistent hitter in rightfield. I hope it continues for Rece Hinds. He reminds me physically of the great Dave Parker.

  12. AMDG

    Hinds is a career 0.240 hitter with a 0.310 OBP in the minors. It would seem the Rockies can’t access any minor league scouting reports on him.

    It’s been a great run for him, but we’ll see where he’s at when teams roll out pitchers who can adjust to his strengths & weaknesses.

    Similarly, Martini began the season hitting 0.500 with 2 HR’s in his first 3 games vs the Nationals. But has hit below 0.200 ever since.

    • JB

      Martini is a veteran scrub and Hinds is 23. There is no comparison.

    • Red Lasso

      Best screen name on this site… “for the greater glory……”
      Well done!

  13. Redsgettingbetter

    Nice win! The offense had one of those breakout games… Go win the series now…
    I still don’t want to get my hopes up on Hinds because the 40% K rate is in my mind. Of course, he has an incredible power and could do a lot of damage when makes contact. But I’m afraid of the opposite pitchers will figure him out soon… Anyway, let’s enjoy the stretch

    • Rob

      Yes, enjoy the ride while it lasts. We all need to remember this is the Reds #15 prospect and about the 5th Louisville OF we have given a tryout to. Much like Slater, Dunn, Hurtubise, Capel, Soto, Jordan, and others, this was a stopgap measure. Sooner or later, Krall will get us the needed pieces.

  14. doofus

    Uh, Hinds is swinging against the Rockies pitchers, not the Phillies, dodgers, mariners staff. Perhaps we should temper our enthusiasm? Sorry.

    • GreatRedLegsFan

      or Atlanta or Baltimore for that

    • Luke J

      Don’t be that guy. Just enjoy it.

    • Jim Walker

      True but the W’s count the same and nobody else they were sending to the plate prior to Hinds had the potential to seize that moment against soft pitching like he has.

  15. GreatRedLegsFan

    Marte is approaching the 50 AB with a .373 OPS, perhaps he was activated just too soon and more playing time either in AZL or minors was needed. With the upcoming reactivation of Fairchild, Friedl, Martini and Fraley some others will have to be optioned/DFA.

    • TR1

      He just doesn’t seem to have the same juice as last year. Maybe he finds that secret sauce and starts hitting again soon.

      • Redgoggles

        Coming off a PED suspension, I’m a bit sensitive reading “juice” and “secret sauce”. Hope neither apply.

        It seems like plate disclipline and timing (in field) are off to me, both are reasonable considering his overall experience and how far behind he is in 2024. I’d give him a couple more weeks and if he hasn’t turned it around, then send him down for more seasoning. Of course, that assumes India is healthy, and Friedl is back (moving Steer to 1B) to avoid the daily dose of Espy.

  16. JB WV

    We’ve all seen some massive hrs at GABP, but I’ve never seen one get to the upper deck as fast as Hinds’ blast. A WOW moment

  17. Doc4uk

    Hurtibose and Dunn are similar to Friedl but the team needs only one lead off hitter . If Hinds can maintain some consistency he is our now and future right fielder. Move Elly to CF and Arroyo to SS with McClain to 2B. Condon or Caglione should be future at 1B with Candy or Steer at 3B and CES or Candy as DH

    That is a pretty impressive line up

    Then throw in young pitching trio and a free agent

    • Rob

      You left out Marte. He is the key piece from the Castillo trade and our #1 prospect as of June. If you are thinking trading him, the return would have to be immense. Much more so than Arroyo or India. Not opposed to trading him but only trying to point out his relative value. So maybe you offer the Rockies a choice of the 3 and see who they demand. Again, a case of an over abundance of SS and 3B when you count Arroyo, Collier, Stewart, and Jorge. I absolutely no issue with Doyle and we definitely need a CF with an arm, but ithink I would rather have Bellinger.

  18. Roger Garrett

    Lets be real about the strikeouts.Nobody cares how many times a player strikes out. its when they fan that matters and what they do when they don’t.Elly is an elite player at 22 years old and fans will come to see him play regardless of how many time he goes down swinging.He may lead the league in strikeouts but will also lead the league in stolen bases.He will make some base running mistakes but will also score when nobody else could or would even try.His defense is great but at times he makes some bad errors.He is 22 and he will get better which will put butts in the seats.Hinds like so many players with his kind of talent just needs to play and play a lot and there is absolutely no reason why he should not do that right now and for the rest of the year.Now I have been the first to criticize the Reds in how they have handled Benson and Marte but if they believe its the right thing to do then why not do the same with Hinds.My biggest beef has always been how the Reds just handle players differently.Hinds per Doug has good speed a plus arm and raw power and is what 23 years old.He obviously can help win games in a lot of ways and the Reds are not going to beat out any of the teams currently ahead of them.Its a no brainer.GO REDS and GO HINDS

    • Justin T

      Elly is hard to properly evaluate unless you really watch the games and track his progress. For every exciting unreal moment, there are 2 completely unnecessary bone headed plays or crucial strike outs. Some of the pick offs have been egregious, then he turns around and does it again. Maybe if the Reds were an established team that had great players around him it wouldnt be so noticeable. I am looking forward to watching him develop but cant help but wonder how much a veteran group would help him.

  19. Jason Linden

    I hope Hinds mashes the ball forever, but sometimes, I wonder about some folks. Two games for a call up does a starting player make. He’ll play some after those games, but nothing about his minor league numbers says ready.

    • Earmbrister

      Exactly. Most MLB players can look All-World for a short period of time (the recent MLB. com article on Condon addressed this saying “any kid can have a good day”). He will sit soon and there will be those here that contend that David Bell ruined the second coming of Hammering Hank Aaron by sitting him. Those minor league numbers tell a different story than stardom but time will tell one way or another. Let’s enjoy the ride and not get too worked up in the meantime.

      However, MAN he sure looks good 😉

    • Harry Stoner

      Some folks here will find any excuse to argue and try and be the smart guy.
      Like a hitter going after an off speed pitch.
      Another swing and miss.

      I wonder why some folks here always are setting up faux straw men in order to pretend to be ‘sensible’?

      Does your ego really need that boost?

      Pretty sad.

      No, two games don’t a starter make, but they certainly and easily make for a third game.

      And see where things go from there.

      • earmbrister

        Hey Harry!

        I was actually “agreeing” with Jason.

        You would be the one “arguing” with me.

        We all have opinions, they shouldn’t be threatening to you.

    • Old Big Ed

      Hinds is not “ready” in the sense that Elly was last year, because Elly just had nothing else to learn in the minor leagues.

      Hinds had a fantastic last 3.5 months at Chattanooga last year. He was struggling with strikeouts and walks, but the light came on for him on June 9; from then on over 263 PAs he slashed .314/.392/.650 with 11 SB, a near 10 BB% and only 25 SO%. Before that, he had struck out 44% of the time, with a BB% of less than 4.5. Clearly, the light came on for him in some fashion.

      He did that at age 22, and when it started, he had roughly 850 PAs since being drafted in 2019, due to Covid and a series of injuries. He had never played a full season in at the lower level, getting 185 PAs at A ball and 274 PAs at A+.

      He got sent to Louisville, and he certainly struggled over the first three months in the quintessential slider league, again with a 40 SO%, but he did maintain a 9 BB%. The light appeared to come on again on June 30, and he struck out only 4 of his final AAA PAs, with a .591 SA.

      This did not come out of the blue. He’s raw and green, because he simply has not played that much baseball yet. Hinds hit Cincinnati with about 1,450 PAs after high school; Joey Votto when he made Cincinnati at the same age had 3,000 PAs.

      He is going to struggle like everybody else does, but I think the Reds development staff and minor league hitting instructors absolutely loved him. All young players have a chance to fail, but I’m glad that they haven’t traded him.

      • Old Big Ed

        Final 25 AAA plate appearances.

  20. Votto4life

    While I am thrilled by the start by Rece Hinds and the Red’s wins the past couple of days, we should keep in mind that Colorado is the second worst team in baseball and have been out scored by 161 runs so far this season.

    • Melvin

      I say just enjoy something good while it lasts….and hope Krall gets us some help to go with this pitching. Hinds has been “a breath of fresh air”. Who knows how long it WILL last (see Aquino).

    • JB WV

      Thanks Melvin, and while on the Cubs, wasn’t Counsel supposed to be the move that wins the division for them? I guess the Brewers really miss him.

      • Melvin

        The Cubs can destroy the BEST of managers. haha

  21. Mark Moore

    Quite the fireworks show last night. Happy for Rece. Finish as strong as possible over the next 5 games. Rockies are a low bar, but the Tiggers were supposed to be as well.

    • Melvin

      You almost missed the cycle last night as Hinds did indeed get one more AB.

    • Justin T

      The jaded fan can say its little fluke runs like this with a player like Aquino and Hinds along with all the call ups last year is what helps keep employees employed at GABP. Nothing has been sustainable. I love Rece (watched him play 20 times in Dayton) and he is a great kid to boot. But he will be back down to Louisville sooner than later. Young guys called up last year helped produce a 12 game win streak and everyone is still using that as “what could be”. This twilight zone of dancing between 5-10 games under .500 has to stop for any progress to be made. Suck bad enough to clean house or win some friggin games without a streaky player helping for a couple weeks.

      Yes, Ill admit to being a jaded fan but I assure you I didnt start out that way and it took 40 years for it to finally happen.

  22. west larry

    Rece for president! His major league start is incredible, but pitchers will figure him out (Aquino) and he will need to adjust. Let’s not discard him if he goes into a slump.

    • Melvin

      Yes but let’s not sit him on the bench any until he does. 😉

    • Harry Stoner


      The last pitch he got on his 9th inning K was the dreaded down-and-away slider, the Achilles Heel of a lot of Reds (and likely other) hitters.

      My hunch is he’ll be seeing a lot of those very soon.

      Hopefully, he learns to identify them and lays off.

      India was getting tortured by that pitch last year and has been making good adjustments.

      Steer as well, but he has pretty good plate discipline.

      Hopefully, they are confabbing with Hinds.

      Reminds me of the stories Dusty Baker used to tell about Hank Aaron’s advice to him when he was coming up:

      “Why are you swinging at that (Drysdale’s curveball)? You’re never going to hit it. Lay off!”

  23. Rednat

    i was at the game last night. what a blast!! i certainly prefer the high scoring slugfests than the pitching duel 2-1 games that we have been accustomed to this year.

    a play that has not been talked about yet was Elly’s amazing over the shoulder catch on a flare to shallow left. amazing play, but that was clearly Steers ball and Im quite sure by Steer’s reaction he had called Elly off. he has had some mix ups with other players too. I love Elly’s enthusiasm. How do the Reds corral him so he plays a little better as far as fundamentals? you almost have to put him in center where his aggressive defensive play would be more effective.

    • Melvin

      “you almost have to put him in center where his aggressive defensive play would be more effective.”

      Thumbs up – It was an amazing catch made to look easy.

    • redfanorbust

      “you almost have to put him in center where his aggressive defensive play would be more effective”.
      Sounds good at first glance but the thought of him running full speed diving for balls and slamming into the wall or a teammate gives me pause. He might be too long and lean to absorb that kind of punishment. I know a player can get hurt at any position but think SS will be safer plus he has I think he has said on a few occasions that he prefers SS. Keep his legs fresher for stealing bases. Why risk messing up a good thing?

      • Melvin

        Well one thing you can say about Elly that’s extremely important especially this year is that he’s durable. Let’s hope that continues no matter where he plays. In my post above I mentiond Aaron Judge playing CF. It’s not all THAT dangerous.

      • earmbrister

        Melvin, it’s funny that you bring up Aaron Judge when talking about it not being all that dangerous to play the OF. Judge missed 42 games last year after breaking his big toe running into the fence at Dodger stadium. Senzel and Freidl have accumulated various injuries playing out there and let’s not forget the other 44, Eric Davis who had a hard time staying healthy in CF (including a lacerated kidney in the WS).

        Now, you can certainly get hurt at SS (for instance covering 2B, though that is certainly less dangerous than it used to be). For me it has nothing to do with injury. I want the Reds to have their most talented defensive player (range and arm) to have the most touches in the game. And that happens at SS. Now if Arroyo is banging on the MLB door, then a decision needs to be made. I confess I have no feel for who is better suited for a change in positions, or whether a trade would be in order. I do, however, like McLain at 2B – I think he’s going to be a stud there.

      • Melvin

        earmbrister – Yep. The idea of accumulating all these SS was that they are good athletes and can play anywhere. Sooner or later, minus anytrades, something will have to give. Of course my view is EDLC at CF and Arroyo at SS but who knows? Whoever they draft at #2 will make a difference too. Getting back to CF and Aaron Judge. I don’t think the Yankees would have him there if they thought it was a “dangerous” place to play. Personally I believe SS will cause more wear and tear on the body over time than CF. I know others disagree. Should be fun to figure it out while we still have him though. 🙂

  24. Grand Salami

    Reds should push for 2nd place in the division with a 5-1 finish heading into the ASB. The Cards are phantoms with a winning record and a -33 run differential.

    It’s still the same old story with Bell coached teams – winning consistently in the division.

    Another intersting anomoly: Reds are 17-24 in day games which is easily the worst record in the division and the worst in the NL save the Marlins and Rockies.

    • VaRedsFan

      Day games are typically Sunday afternoon, and mid-week “get away” games in which the manager refuses to play Stephenson, and other AAAA guys get their turn to play.

    • Rob

      The Cards are in a front end of a rebuild. I doubt they will add at the deadline and merely hope to maintain the magic. Should be an easy catch for the Reds but not if we don’t trade some of our prospects for adds. You got your core and you got 2026 prospects, why would you wait? There is no reason to believe 2025 is going to have any prospects arising. Just saw the Reds moved Arroyo to 2026. Phillips and Dunn are still listed as 2024.

  25. Indy Red Man

    I think I’d be happy with 1 productive starter and 1 productive platoon player out of CES, Marte, Hinds, and Benson. Figure that out and add a guy like Rooker and they’d be ready to do damage next year.

    • west larry

      Too many financially strong have shown interest in Rooker. I don’t think the reds can get him.

      • VaRedsFan

        The Reds don’t have to pay with cash.
        They pay with prospects, where they at least stand on somewhat equal ground.

      • Old Big Ed

        Correct, VA, and they get Condon or Bazzana in about a week to replace whoever they trade to get Rooker, or Robert, whom I think is the logical piece to get.

      • Rob

        Cubs and Nats may soon unload. Happ, Bellinger, Morel, Hoerner.

      • Melvin

        Rob – We should grab Happ just to keep him from playing against us. 🙂

  26. redfanorbust

    I surely will take it but seems like mostly the entire lineup turning into the bronx bombers against this pitching staff, I will keep my enthusiasm measured.