The Cincinnati Reds have made four roster moves today. The first two moves were expected as the team activated Nick Lodolo from the 15-day injured list so he can start the game tonight against the Rockies. Austin Slater has also been activated as he reported to the club after being acquired in a trade early on Monday morning. To make room on the 26-man roster for the two, the Reds optioned infielder Livan Soto and right-handed reliever Yosver Zulueta to Triple-A Louisville.

Nick Lodolo was named as the probable starter for tonight’s game prior to yesterday’s game. This move was one we knew was coming and it’s just going to bolster the rotation. Lodolo missed a few starts while dealing with a blister on his pitching hand. The lefty has made 12 starts this season with Cincinnati and has gone 8-3 with a 2.96 ERA. Over his 70.0 innings pitched he’s allowed just 56 hits, walked just 19, and he’s struck out 73 batters. He will be taking over the spot in the rotation that was briefly filled by Graham Ashcraft, who is now back in Triple-A after seemingly losing his spot in the rotation to Carson Spiers.

Austin Slater joins the club today after being traded to Cincinnati by the San Francisco Giants at roughly 12:30am on Monday morning. He’s joining the team that currently has outfielders Will Benson, Blake Dunn, Rece Hinds, and Spencer Steer.

The stay in the big leagues was another short one for Yosver Zulueta. Up for just one day, he entered the game for Cincinnati last night in the 9th inning and needed just nine pitches to get three outs and seal a 6-0 win for the Reds. His prior outing – his big league debut – also took place on the only day he was on the 26-man roster before being optioned back to Louisville.

Livan Soto only spent two days with the Reds this time around and didn’t play in any games. He only played in one game earlier in the year when he was called up, going 0-3 against the Pirates on June 26th.

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  1. TJ

    Hey Doug just wondering, we used to have Kyle Farmer as an emergency 3rd catcher on the roster. Do you know who that is now? Also, if Wynns or Stephenson gets hurt, who’s the next man up? Thanks.

  2. Randoxu1

    So we trade for Slater and Bell talks about how great he is and then he’s not in the lineup, makes perfect sense.

    • BK

      Slater is more likely to be used as a platoon OF against LHP. The Reds are facing a RHP starting pitcher today. So, it likely came down to Slater or Rece Hinds and Bell chose Hinds–I agree with Bell on this move.

      • Randoxu1

        I agree with you except Benson should be the one on the bench. He can’t hit lh’s or rh’s.

      • Melvin

        You are correct Randoxu1. Bell just can’t help putting Benson in the lineup it would seem.

  3. Mark A Verticchio

    Slater should be in center field instead of Benson. Most managers always give a new player a start ASAP to make them feel like one of the team members. That theory is way beyond Bell’s thoughts.

  4. Laredo Slider

    Reds jerking around Zulueta, he can help if he can stay around over a day.

    • Redgoggles

      They have probably 3-5 arms in AAA that could plug into the Reds current roster without a signficant drop. Conversely, they probably have 3-5 offensive guys on the current roster that have no right to be there. Sure hope Marte/Benson figure things out soon, as I don’t see Freidl/McClain coming back soon enough to turn this season around. A hot stretch by Stephenson/Fraley would be be nice as well.

      • stuckonthenorthshore

        The All-Star game is meaningless. I can’t remember the last person I talked to that gave a flying bat fart about it, or the “attempt” MLB gives to make it relevent. Ahhhh, I see where you’re going, stop, let it go, kids don’t think like that anymore. One thing adults could learn from them.

      • Jim Walker

        Even if name recognition played a role……..
        In 1 more inning pitched, Greene has 34 more Ks and has given up just over half as many HR (9/16) as Abbott who leads the league in HR allowed. Also, Abbott’s FIP is over a run greater than Greene’s (4.73/3.68) which suggests his better ERA (3.06/3.45) might reflect better luck over better pitching.

      • Melvin

        Well I guess they figure EDLC is the Reds most talented position player and Greene is the Reds most talented pitcher at least raw talent anyway. Dodgers, Yankees, etc. are licking their chops for when the time comes to get them.

  5. Mauired

    Hunter Greene is 17th in NL ERA just ahead of Tyler Glasgow, the guy he replaced on the All Star team. Glasgow is a contender for the CY Young. Greene is also 11th in MLB in strikeouts and ninth is Batting average against. Congrats on him making the All Star team. Much deserved.


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