The Cincinnati Reds losing streak came to an end on Monday night thanks to stellar pitching and timely hitting. Andrew Abbott struck out eight batters in seven innings and Rece Hinds homered into the upper deck and doubled in his Major League debut as he announced his presence with authority in a 6-0 win over the Colorado Rockies.

Final R H E
Colorado Rockies (32-59)
0 4 2
Cincinnati Reds (43-48)
6 8 0
W: Abbott (9-6) L: Feltner (1-8)
Box Score | Game Thread

Cincinnati got two men on in the bottom of the 1st when Elly De La Cruz and Spencer Steer drew walks. With two outs and Tyler Stephenson at the plate, Steer took off to steal second and when the throw went to the bag, De La Cruz took off for the plate. The Rockies relay throw home was in time to get the Reds shortstop on the tag and end the inning.

Neither team would get another baserunner until the top of the 4th. That’s when the Rockies got a leadoff single from Charlie Blackmon. Andrew Abbott got a grounder to shortstop on the next play for a double play. Ryan McMahon followed up with a double to put Abbott right back into a jam, but the Reds lefty buckled down and struck out Elias Diaz to strand the runner and end the inning.

In the bottom of the inning the Reds loaded the bases with no outs on singles by Elly De La Cruz and Jeimer Candelario before a walk from Spencer Steer. A groundball double play followed, but De La Cruz scored on the play to make it 1-0. The next pitch was a strike to Edwin Rios, but pitcher Ryan Feltner didn’t catch the return throw from catcher Elias Diaz and Candelario took off for the plate and scored to make it 2-0.

Andrew Abbott, who had been cruising earlier in the game, ran into some trouble again in the 5th as he allowed back-to-back 1-out walks. Abbott broke Hunter Goodman’s bat, but he hit a shallow looping fly ball into right, but Rece Hinds made a sliding catch to record the out and he came up throwing to keep the runners at 1st and 2nd. A strikeout came next and Cincinnati held onto their 2-0 lead.

After making a highlight reel play in the top of the inning it was time for Rece Hinds to do something at the plate in the bottom of it. The first pitch he saw was lined off of the glove of a diving shortstop and trickled into center. Hinds busted it out of the box and turned it into a double for his first big league hit.

Still clinging to a 2-run lead, Andrew Abbott returned for the 7th inning. After recording two quick outs, Brenton Doyle singles into left field to extend the inning. No worries for the lefty as he struck out Michael Toglia for his 8th strikeout of the night.

Cincinnati’s offense got to work in the 8th inning and it started off with a 449-foot home run off of the bat of Rece Hinds as he collected his second big league hit and his first home run. Will Benson would walk and then come in to score on a double by Elly De La Cruz. De La Cruz would then score on a play at the plate when Jeimer Candelario hit a chopper back to the pitcher. Santiago Espinal would cap off the inning with an RBI single that made it 6-0.

Holding onto a big lead, Yosver Zulueta headed to the mound to try and seal the win. After a fly out to start the inning, he gave up a single. It turned out to be no problem as he got Elias Diaz to ground into a game-ending double play two pitches later.

Key Moment of the Game

Rece Hinds solo home run in the 8th inning that padded the Reds lead and was the start of a 4-run inning that put the game away.

Notes Worth Noting

Andrew Abbott lowered his ERA to 3.06 on the season with his shutout performance.

Fernando Cruz and Yosver Zulueta needed 16 pitches between them to get the six outs needed in the 8th and 9th innings.

Elly De La Cruz had two stolen bases, giving him 45 on the season. That set a Reds record for most steals before the All-Star break.

The 449-foot home run by Rece Hinds is the second furthest home run in a players big league debut since Major League Baseball started officially tracking home run distances in 2015 according to Sarah Langs.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Colorado Rockies vs Cincinnati Reds

Tuesday July 9th, 7:10pm ET

Cal Quantrill (6-6, 3.77 ERA) vs Nick Lodolo (8-3, 2.96 ERA)

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  1. Dennis Westrick

    Well, couldn’t gain any ground tonight in the NL Central Division as every other team that played (Pirates & Cards) tonight won!

    Just good to get a win after getting mauled by the Tigers!

    • Doc

      Doesn’t that mean they gained ground on the Cubs and Brewers?

      • Dennis Westrick

        Technically, yes! But not in the Loss Column which is more important!

    • MBS

      We’d have to go on some kind of run to start worrying about catching the Brewers. .500 seems to be the destination that the team should aspire to. After that WC positioning.

  2. Andrew Brewer

    The Reds needed that one to break out of a funk. Shutout pitching from Abbott, and enough hitting when it counted, and good defense, to keep the Rockies from threatening. Nothing is sure these days except three strikes make an out (most of the time, ask Spencer Steer about that), and 4 balls make a walk, all depending on the calls, of course.

  3. Kevin H

    So 1 game truly means nothing. Look at Marte, however Hinds is the outfield prospect we have hears about. Why not let him play rest of season and see what happens. Could be a big piece and fixture in RF.

    Time will tell of course, however if tonight is any indication. He could a super star in the making. Yes, 1 game though, just good to see.

    • Doc

      Remember Aquiño. One game, one week, one month does not a superstar make.

      • Chad A Donnell

        Good point Doc. I will settle for a solid ball player who can hit .250 with some power. Marte’s timing seemed to be better in his final at bat. He chases breaking balls in the dirt way too much. Last week he was just up there waving at pitches. I do believe he is getting closer.

  4. Jeff Morris

    Good win by the Reds, 26 players are allowed on. MLB team. With the Reds injuries and with their always being injuries on the Reds, the league should allow the Reds to keep 52 players always on the team to allow for the Reds injuries. No calling up from AAA, just pull from the 52 players.

  5. Ted Alfred

    So Hinds had a spectacular mlb debut… which would usually mean he’ll be sitting the bench tomorrow the way our illustrious manager tends to do things. However, he’s so hamstrung as to outfield options with Fairchild and Fraley out maybe he’ll actually let the kid play for a few games to see if we can catch lightning in a bottle and give this team the spark it needs to get going into the break. I’ll say a little prayer tonight that Bell will ignore his normal tendencies/analytics…and instead will just trust what his eyes watched tonight. Hinds had with three great AB’s and played 2ell in the field…so let the kid keep playing a few games to see what might happen. How can it be worse????

    It’s hard to believe as bad as this outfield has been that this is the first time they called him up all year…kind of mind-boggling.

    Marte needs to sit a few games…let him come off the bench until we get back from the break…again just trust what your eyes are telling you.

    • Longtimefan

      Happy for Hinds. At least he gained some attention. Not going to continue though. Just look at Marte. 3 hits first game and now hitting .136. You just don’t come to the big leagues and tear it up long term when you haven’t done it in the past. Overall weak offense as usual against a sub par pitcher but great pitching. Seems like if India or Elly aren’t doing anything we really struggle. Candy,Steer, and Stephenson are all about .230-.240.

      • TR

        It’s a rare Reds season to not see a three hundred hitter in the regular lineup. I wish D. Bell was the kind of manager to play the ‘hot hand’ like Hinds.

    • Tony Cloninger

      Why are you confused. 216 BA. OBP under 300. Over 100K. He makes Will Benson look like Tony Gwynn.

      We all want him and Dunn to succeed as this team needs it. He could be the next Aquino and that would be great.

      However the Ax grinding of Bell over something like this is ridiculous. You’re really going to put Bell on blast or the organization to not calling up Hinds faster based on his terrible AAA numbers and Bell possibly not starting him again if it’s a RHP? At least make sense with the criticism. Like Espinal at DH.

  6. Melvin

    Here’s to hoping David Bell actually lets Hinds play again tomorrow and allows him a chance to get hot. We need hot hitters now more than ever.

  7. Old-school

    Noelve Marte has had a horrific 2024 lost season

    Hes nowhere close to being ready to be a good MLB 3b

    Will Benson is worse … lost career

    CES lost season

    McLain lost season

    Williamson lost season

    Front office needs to reboot and re prioritize

    Benson and CES are self made implosions

    • DW

      Really Old-School? Don’t you think you are being a bit rash? What if Marte goes on a tear offensively and turns it around defensively the rest of the season? Benson lost career? He has struggled immensely, but we have seen what he is capable of. He is still young and one bad season early on in a career is not enough to conclude a lost career. Maybe he never does turn it around, but it is far too early to call it a lost career. And CES a self made implosion? The guy was hurt. And again, a young player struggling to adjust to MLB pitching. This is nothing new. It is common with young players. Slumps happen. And sometimes guys have full seasons that they are down.

      • Still a red

        Larkin comments regarding Martes defense woes suggest he can tweak his mechanics to solve them. Probably his suspension has not helped his head either.

    • Still a red

      A little early to lump CES in with Benson…CES potential vs Benson surprise.

      • Ted Alfred

        I think the mechanics with Marte are really obvious, which is why I can’t believe they haven’t fixed this yet. He’s obviously not following through to his target and he’s letting his arm sail wide without finishing and that’s where the throws are going…not that hard

    • Jmb

      Marte is Mr. Self-implosion! Sing that to the tune “I’m Mr. Heat-miser, whatever I touch, starts to melt in my clutch…he’s too much, too much!” Not sure about tge word “miser”–us that what try sing in the Christmas claymation program?

    • Jmb

      Benson never was what Reds fans hoped he’d be. Krall took a flyer on him, rolled the dice. Cleveland had him pegged; that’s why they traded him. How are those 2 prospects Cincy sent fir him doing?

  8. RedsGettingBetter

    Abbott is now the most winner of the Reds starting rotation with 9 wins. Lodolo has a chance to tie him tomorrow.
    The bullpen was rested today and just Cruz with 7 pitches saw a little action meanwhile Zulueta after his 1-inning scoreless outing should be optioned again.
    Elly provided his electricity one more time scoring two runs…
    India has been cold in recent games and to say that Benson is struggling should be considered an understatement…

  9. LDS

    Like many here, my question is whether Hinds plays tomorrow. There’s the Slater availability and of course, Benson will likely start unless the Rockies go with a lefty Currently, Quantrill, a righty, is scheduled so Benson likely starts. If Hinds were to be benched, it would simply reinforce the fact that Bell has no clue how to develop talent.

    • Randy in Chatt

      Benson probably will start because there is no one else that will play centerfield. Maybe Slater will play centerfield. We shall see. But most people are right Rece Hinds deserves the right to start tomorrow.

    • Still a Red

      A little short sighted. Hinds AAA stats shows a tendency to SO alot. Depending on who’s pitching maybe not setting him up to fail is the best way to bring him along.

      • JB

        I don’t think Bell cares about a guy striking out a lot or cares about a guy’s mental state in failing. See Wil Benson.

      • Tony Cloninger

        Exactly Still a Red. How does sitting a guy with his K rate in AAA against a RH in the majors mean that he can’t help develop talent.

        So Elly. Steer. They don’t count?

    • Ted Alfred


      I don’t know that it’s not developing talent as much as it’s just not having a good feel or Instinct for the game… day to day… but I guess those two things are kind of linked together.

  10. RedsFanInFL

    Was at the game. Abbott was superb. I miss the good old days (not that long ago) where he would’ve kept pitching to see if he could get a shut out or complete game. I understand it’s a new era and SP don’t throw more than 100 pitches.

  11. JB WV

    Abbot has quietly become the third best starter behind Lodolo and Greene. Solid starts almost every time out with an era slightly above three and not missing his turn in the rotation. Ashcraft back down again and could become trade bait.

    • Reaganspad

      Abbott was our best starter last year, not sure anything is quiet about his performance except his presence on the mound.
      He is not behind Greene.

      And Ashcraft is not going to be traded. Montas might be.

      • JB WV

        Quiet because Greene and Lodolo get most of the attention from the media. In front of Greene? Debatable but if given a choice I would take Hunter, but love them both. Who gets traded? ?

      • JB

        I would put Abbott in front of Hunter just because Abbott is a pitcher and not a thrower. Greene is learning how to trust his stuff and become a pitcher. Might even put Abbott above Lodolo just because Lodolo can’t stay off The IL. But it’s good that we can debate this and have 3 good pitchers.

      • docmike

        I would say that all 3 of them (Greene, Lodolo, and Abbott) have had great seasons. I would rank them Lodolo-Greene-Abbott in that order, but it’s pretty close.

        I know that Abbott just picked up his 9th win, but I hope that in 2024 people aren’t still looking at a pitcher’s win-loss record. Note that Abbott’s 7 shutout innings perfectly matched the 7 shutout that Greene threw on Saturday. But while the bullpen blew the win for Hunter, last night they did not. Greene also seems so suffer from poor run support. I contend that Greene has pitched much better than a 5-4 record would indicate.

        The one thing I think we can all agree on: if the Reds can somehow sneak into the playoffs, those 3 guys would give us a decent shot to win any short series. As usual, it would come down to whether we can score enoughruns.

  12. MBS

    @Jim was asking for a player to come up and give us even 80% of Aquino’s magical debute.

    It would be fun to see Hinds do that for you. They both have rocket arms, and big time power bats.

    • Jim Walker

      @MBS>> +10K. I was thinking just what you wrote. Hoping Hinds can have at least a hot week to carry them into the All Star break with a 5-2 (or better) week. But at some point they need to get greedy; so, how about a 6-1 or 7-0 week into the ASB.

      • Doc

        The kiss of death. Seems every time someone projects 7-10 game records, the team falls woefully short!

      • Jim Walker

        @Doc>> I am not projecting. Just wishing what I think is a reasonable wish. 😉

        I’ve seen enough of Bell managed teams to know that what a person can never know with any certainty is whether they are about to win 5 or more consecutive games, lose 5 or more consecutive games, or do both in a span of 15-20 games.

    • Ted Alfred

      I just want to see Bell leave him in to see if he can provide a spark just to get the Reds jump-started heading into the second half. He may not be the long-term answer yet, but he can ignite the offense RIGHT NOW and that’s what we need… but this is where Bell always misses the mark and falls short

  13. MK

    How often have the Reds had two position players with numbers in the 70’s start a game in July (81 Rios, 77 Hinds)

  14. rednat

    still worried about the offense. we have only scored once off the starting pitcher in the 1st 3 innings once this month. hard to go on a 7 or 8 game win streak when you are not scoring early.

    just seem likes scoring is way down this year. even the Yankees are having trouble scoring runs. definitely it is the year of the starting pitcher in mlb this year. virtually no scoring league wide until you get to the bullpen. not sure what the answer is but i feel the league has to make more changes to help the offense. the pitch clock seems to be really helping the pitchers and the shift ban and universal dh have not made a difference.

    • Redsvol

      Keep pumping him Melvin but there is just too much competition for Rooker this year. Yankees & Dodgers are going to be able to put together a better package. Most of our prospects are in down years.

    • Steven Ross

      I’ve been ringing Rooker’s bell for a month. He’d be a good pick-up.

      We need to platoon Benson or only use him for late inning Defensive situations. He’s been money with the glove but we’re nearly to mid-July and he’s only batting .187! That’s a problem.

      • Jmb

        He’ll platoon with Slater, and Hinds will with Fraley.

    • LDS

      Hang it up Melvin, Krall showed us what he’s willing to do – Slater. Until he does something really material, embrace the low expectations. It will minimize your disappointment at another lousy Reds year. But hey, folks will keep coming to the GABP to see the young guys and Castellini will make more money to share with his cronies like Krall and Bell. Life is good.

    • MBS

      Rooker, Robert JR, and Chisholm are all 3 reportedly out there, and controllable for the next 3 seasons.

      Rooker will probably be the most expensive to get, Robert JR has the highest ceiling to floor, and Chisholm is probably the best bargain.

      I’d be happy with any of the 3, but @LDS is probably right that Krall will do nothing major to help the 2024 Reds.

      • earmbrister

        The Reds need a big RH OF bat. Chisholm doesn’t give them that, and despite his potential has only put up average production.

        Rooker is a late bloomer and about to be 30 years old. There’s a ton of swing and miss in his game and the OF glove has a hole in it. He’s a DH.

        Which leaves Robert. He’s young and talented, but there are some warts. He has only managed to stay healthy ONCE in the last four years (including this year). There is a lot of swing and miss in his game as well, and he chases balls out of the strike zone at a high rate. Still, Robert will still command a hefty return: the Braves, Dodgers, et al will surely drive the price up.

        Alas, the offseason FA market looks weak offensively, so that is seemingly not the answer.

        Pray to the baseball gods that Charlie Condon is available at #2 and that the Reds take him.

      • Jmb

        Robert Jr. will be making more than 20 mil. for several seasons under his current contract, no? Forget about him. Krall went out and got another .200 hitter for far cheaper. Good on him!

      • earmbrister

        The remaining contract cost on Robert is not exhorbitant, even if it includes a couple of $20MM years. The big cost is the multiple top prospects (or MLB players) he would cost. Does Cincy have the assets to pull off such a trade or does the down year being experienced by most of its top prospects limit that likelihood?

        I’d like to see what Slater is capable of. His line for the previous four seasons vs southpaws was .285/.380/.486 line with a wRC+ of 141. That production against left-handed pitching was good for 17th-best in baseball during the last four years. Even during this tough year, Slater has an overall OBP of .330 which dwarfs Fairchild and Benson.

        If it doesn’t work out with Slater, a healthy McLain, CES, and Friedl will provide many more options next year on the field and for the front office.

      • Melvin

        I’d rather not have the swing and misses too but it’s pretty hard to get that these days in the game in which it’s played. Chances will have to be taken but it’s better than sitting around waiting year after year after year etc.

    • BuzzKutter

      Everyone would go bananas if they would go out and get Rooker or something along those lines. Reality would be Tommy Pham, or Winker. But even that is probably a stretch. Slater was in our Christmas stocking.

      • Rob

        A little stunned by the listing of the Pirates as a potential suitor. I will grant that Skenes and Cruz has led to some surprise accomplishments to date. But potential buyers? Picked for last place by most all. If they are out there making calls, then management must have the sense that they could contend for a playoff spot. OK I can possibly accept that but the fact that they would give up prospects to improve the 2024 team is a much bigger step. I like the idea and wish that some organization was seriously watching. They are not the 2023 Reds sitting at 12 games over 500. Like the 2024 Reds, their situation is going to require a major addition or two to compete for a wildcard. A lot of folks would be rooting for the Pirates if they decide to make some adds and chase the playoffs.

    • Justin T

      Be leery of a guy his age finally having a career year, especially when you will have to give up assets. I dont care how many homers he hits, I personally couldn’t stomach to watch another Reds player strikeout 36% of the time. Its mind numbing. If we didnt have 5 other players who do it too, maybe it’s different. I do not see how you put together big innings consistently when you have a lineup full of guys who strikeout all the time. The guys they should’ve given up assets for is now in San Diego.

  15. GreatRedLegsFan

    I hope the guy is for real and not another Aquino shooting star, this team really needs a RH consistent power bat after so many failed projects.

    • VaRedsFan

      Based on his minor league stats, he’d have to go a bit to be as good as Aquino.

      But you never know how hard a guy is working to get better, and hopefully he can sustain and be productive longer than Aquino.

  16. Redsvol

    So nice to see some different position players get some opportunity. We need to give olenry at bats to Rios, hinds, Dunn and Soto.

    don’t yank these guys after 1 or 2 bad game. Benson, Espinal, martini & Fairchild have had dozens of bad games.

    So nice to see the ball put in play and the lineup not reach double digit strikeouts.

    Great pitching – as usual this year. Sign Abbott to extension soon. He is a keeper.

  17. Old Big Ed

    I’ve followed Hinds very closely since they drafted him in 2019, 49th overall. He got 8 ABs in that first year in rookie ball, but got hurt. He sat out the covid year in 2020, then had injuries in both 2021 and 2022 that limited him to 548 PAs over those two years. They moved him from 3B to RF in 2022. He always had plenty of swing and miss, and struck out between 35-40% of his PAs from 2022 into the first two months of 2023.

    Then, on June 9, 2023, he exploded into probably the best player in the Southern League at Chattanooga. His strikeout rate collapsed to 25% for the rest of the season, and his walk rate was just short of 10%. He slashed .314/.392/.650 from then on, for a 1.042 OPS, with 11 stolen bases.

    I hoped that Hinds would continued the vast improvement in strike zone management into 2024 in the slider-dominated AAA, but he didn’t. In the last week or so, he began to show that the light had come on again — striking out only 4 times in his last 25 PAs in AAA.

    The thing to know about his development is that he is way behind most 23-year-olds in overall plate appearances. Including the Arizona Fall League in 2022, Hinds had about 1,437 PAs in the minors. By contrast, Joey Votto (almost exactly 17 years older) had 3,004 PAs in MiLB when he was called up in September 2007 at age 23. Hinds is therefore certainly not a finished product.

    So, if they can bear with him, and maybe send him up and down a couple of times if needed, there is a lot of reason to believe that Hinds will learn the strike zone and be a major contributor. The power is obvious; he is fast and energetic; and he is a prototype right fielder with a strong arm. He has a lot of upside, and his ceiling is a kind of a cross between Paul O’Neill and Reggie Sanders.

    • old-school

      Benson has had his shot and K% now back over 40% with non-competitive at bats with an fWAR of -0.5. He’s approaching Chris Davis 2018 bad and 2013 Dan Uggla bad with another 150 futile at bats.

      Give Hinds some time in RF regularly and put him in the 6 hole. The pitchers will figure him out, but as you point out, he needs at bats and regular playing time so 2024 might be a good time to take that next developmental step. Its not as if he is being blocked by Reggie Sanders in RF nor are the Reds 12 over.500 fighting for an NL Central title in the midst of a playoff chase.

    • SultanofSwaff

      Good comp with Reggie Sanders as far as physical similarities…..and both sure hit the ball a long way. I remember seeing Reggie crush one into the red seats at Riverfront, I was in awe. Rece will need to cut down on the strikeouts to reach Reggie’s level as Reggie always had good K/BB ratios.

      • Jim Walker

        And Reggie was a very lucky guy. After leaving the Reds, he had a knack for ending up on 5 postseason teams and appearing in 3 World Series, one of them on a winner 😉

      • Jmb

        I noticed that too, Jim. Seemed Sanders was in the limelight every season but in a different uni.

    • JB

      Good comment OBE. I’m not to worried about the k’s if the guy can homer and put the ball in play enough. 1-4 with 2 k’s and singles, doubles or homers and drives in a run is way better than what we are getting from Benson. The guy can hit .240 and has power and k’s 150 times is good in today’s game. Benson brings nothing to the plate right now. Stick Hinds in right and tell him he starting every game. Right now it’s about next year and sorting these guys out like Dunn. The cupboard is bare for outfielders in the upcoming free agency and the Reds aren’t willing to trade for anybody thats decent and can play everyday. Let’s see what we got in Dunn and Hinds for right field next year.

    • Jeremiah

      That is interesting I could see Reggie Sanders in Him now that you mentioned. I feel he’s not ready with the strikeout rate to be in the bigs but he is impressive athletically, just looks big and strong. He made a nice play in the outfield, but I wonder is he smooth with like going back on the ball? Hopefully he continues to develop.

  18. Fanman

    Old Big Ed.. I am always delighted to see your posts and read your comments. Very insightful and knowledgeable.

  19. SultanofSwaff

    One of the more satisfying wins this year imo. Happy for Rece, hopefully it will build his confidence.

    The Rockies have the worst road record in baseball…’s not at all greedy to expect a sweep. While not absolutely critical, the Reds would be doing themselves a favor by inching up to .500 by the break. I’ll repeat myself in saying the front office will likely stand pat at the deadline and hope the improvements come from players returning from injury. I don’t disagree to a point–this will be a very dangerous offensive team if McLain and Friedl are on the field. That said, it makes all the sense in the world to trade prospects for a cost controlled corner outfielder who fits into this competitive window.

  20. Mark Moore

    The win was a relief after the weekend. Looks like the biggest factor today is the storm front predicted to roll through. An unexpected day off is never unwelcome, though this may mean a DH on Wednesday to make up for it. Those are always a crapshoot and sweeping both ends is rare.

    Happy for Rece Hinds and his debut. He is still a “prospect” and we need to temper any expectations with that fact. We’ve seen our fair share of prospects drop off the face of the planet. I do hope that kid found a way to get him the HR ball. I’d like to think I’d do the same.

    • Jim Walker

      Cincinnati is on the edge of the major rain field predicted from the remnants of Hurricane Beryl. If my read of the current projected path is correct, the weather in the Cincy area may actually be worse on Wednesday than today.

      • Mark Moore

        TWC’s site shows stuff coming through just before game time and continuing through until tomorrow morning. If that tracks, it will be cleared before Noon on Wednesday.

      • Doc

        Spent yesterday in the middle of Beryl, the eye passed right over our neighborhood. It was no picnic. 7” rain at my house. Spent the afternoon hauling downed tree limbs from two neighbors yards to the piles by the street. 55+ neighborhood and not many of us 75 year old youngsters to help all the people in their 80s and 90s. Hope Cincy gets only the rain they need, and where they need it.

    • Mark Moore

      Reds FB page confirmed the kid turned the ball over to Hinds.

  21. BuzzKutter

    Right now when Benson swings he is missing the ball by a foot or more. He used to have his head and eyes directly on the ball and looked it right to the bat. Now you can see that he clearly isn’t following the ball to the bat. Why hasn’t a hitting coach worked on this?

    • VaRedsFan

      Without a doubt.
      I’ve noted it a couple of times.
      He swings over everything.
      Head needs to be down. Drive the ball up the middle or the other way is the approach he needs to take to stay on the pitch.

    • Chad A Donnell

      Same with Marte. Just waves at anything.

    • Jeremiah

      I think Benson is not a natural baseball player, but a really good athlete playing baseball…so I think his mechanics have to be completely in line or he’s gonna be pretty bad. But it’s tough to hit for everyone at this level. I really wish they’d send him down to see if it’d help. I think injuries thought dn Hurtibise didn’t really hit so hot when he came up have kept Benson on the club. Maybe he’s solid defensivley too…he’s really gotten a chance a lot of players don’t get when struggling so bad. Will be interesting to see if he can turn it around.

  22. Roger Garrett

    The fact that we talk about if Hinds plays today is just one of the many problems..Marte and Benson are not helping the team and the Reds are not helping them so why not send them down and let some other guys play.Reds showed some love and compassion for Fraley and rightfully so but why is it just him.Hunter throwing up on the mound and Lodolo going out to pitch with a blister and then goes on the DL and first Benson and now Marte.Reds are just trying to convince fans they are trying to win games by treating players this way.Oh he wanted to play oh he wanted to pitch sick oh he said the blister was ok and Benson is ok and Marte will get there.Reds are a circus and we know who the ring master is.Why not address the poor play on the field?Nope were good there?Why not do something with the hitting coach?Nope we believe in our preparation?Why not go out and make a trade that will help the team?Nope we won’t trade prospects?Why not a new voice in the dugout?Nope he is loved by his players and he is going to the All Star game.Great job by AA and great job by HInds.We get to see AA in 5 days but who knows about Hinds.

    • Jim Walker

      @Roger>> About Fraley>>> As I understand it, the compassionate/ medical emergency leave is a negotiated privilege. If a player files for it, it is to be granted if his reasons for filing meet the established criteria for the use of the leave. Approving or not approving its use should have nothing to do with how the player’s absence might impact the team’s performance.

      Perhaps an official of the team suggested to Fraley that he go on family leave, but it was Fraley’s prerogative and had been all along, not the team “allowing” him to do it.

      • Roger Garrett

        Good to know and thanks.Just trying to give them some credit for doing something right by a player.Maybe they did or maybe they didn’t

  23. redfanorbust

    Rockies pitching ranking 29th of 30. Only A’s worse ERA. Would love to see stats of the other teams pitching when the Reds score more than 4 runs.

  24. DHud

    Why does this win feel like the Super Bowl

  25. Redgoggles

    What a memorable evening for Mr. Hinds! It was refreshing to have someone towards the bottom of the lineup doing anything. But. Is he really any more ready than Marte and the others rotated through the injury gaps this year? His OPS at Louisville is .699 and he was striking out over 38% of the time.

    So pardon me if I don’t go crazy if he’s not in the lineup tonight. Sure, I’d like to see him get more chances (he will) but I’m guessing he will face pitchers who primarily feature the FB (which he can hit.)

    He’s got promise, but he’s not earned the opportunity. That being said, I hope he runs with it.

    • earmbrister

      Yes, I hope he gets opportunities going forward and the current state of the outfield should provide plenty. I’m also not worried if he is in the lineup today or any particular day. The constant Bell bashing is way over done, but is all the rage.

    • Harry Stoner

      So Hinds has played all season at AAA Louisville and done well enough for the Reds to call him up and a couple of puds in RLN Land decide “he hasn’t earned the opportunity”.

      This is one of the lamest arguments that gets tossed around here.

      Recall “Greene hasn’t earned the right to start on opening day!”

      Hind’s has been playing baseball half his life and comes up and rocks it in his first MLB game.

      So you don’t care if he plays or not tonight, because of course “Bell knows things!”

      You got someone better in mind to run out there?

      Right….the new guy Slater….because he’s earned it!

    • Redgoggles

      What part of his .699 OPS or 38.4% SO rate has you convinced he’s earned it? (That is literally striking out 126 out of 328 plate appearances.) Perhaps it is the .216 batting average on .323 BABIP. He hasn’t done well enough to deserve a promotion. I think it’s clear that he’s not shown that he’s figured out AAA yet, which isn’t surprising given his age and limited experience due to Covid/injuries. I’m not hating on Rece Hinds, I hope he figures it out as he clearly has some tools.

      Slater had a .748 OPS in 2023 and .774 in 2022 in the big leagues.

      I’m not a fan of rushing players to the bigs before they are ready. (My preference is that the player shows above average ability at the level before they get promoted.) Jose Barrero and Nick Senzel are recent examples of highly rated prospects who made it to the big time before they really deserved to, and serve as cautionary tales to Rece Hinds and a lesser degree, Marte (at least he’s shown to exceed at AAA last year.) Beyond the odds that they will not help the team win, it complicates their contract situation and reduces the odds that the Reds will have them during their prime years, or at least at a cheaper cost point.

      I don’t disagree that the Reds currently have limited roster options so he gets a shot, before he deserves one. The hand ringing of whether he is in the lineup (he is) before last nights game was over, is over the top honestly for anyone in AAA and half of the retreads on the current roster. As much as folks want to crucify Bell, it simply won’t matter. Unless of course you assume that some of these players will suddenly be much better players in the big leagues than they’ve shown to be in AAA this year.

      Bell deserves plenty of criticism, but not for half of his starting lineup being AAAA fodder. Remember last year when folks were raging about Benson hitting 9th? Maybe Bell does know things.

  26. Jmb

    I noticed that too, Jim. Seemed Sanders was in the limelight every season but in a different uni.

    • Jim Walker

      Sanders was in the postseason in (with)
      2000 Braves> NLDS lost
      2001 DBacks> WS win
      2002 Giants>WS lost
      2004 Cards >WS lost
      2005 Cards>NLCS lost

      Missed playoffs with the Pirates in 2003 and Royals in 2006-7, The most he made was $5m per year for those last 2years with Royals.

  27. RedlegScott

    I looked at a couple of projected starting line-ups for today and Hinds isn’t listed on them.

    • earmbrister

      Lineup has been released. Hinds is batting 8th and is in RF.