The Major League Baseball draft begins on Sunday July 14th. We are getting quite close to decision time. As we get closer and closer, here at Redleg Nation we are taking a look at who the Cincinnati Reds could select with the #2 overall draft pick. As was noted in our draft primer earlier this month, there seems to be a group of five players who have separated themselves from the rest. After taking a look at two hitters so far in Charlie Condon and Travis Bazzana, we’re going to look at the lone pitcher among the top tier of players.

Chase Burns Scouting Report

Background Information

Height: 6′ 3″ | Weight: 210 lbs | Born: January 16, 2003

Bats: Right | Throws: Right | School: Wake Forest

The first two seasons of his college career, Chase Burns played at Tennessee. In 2024 he transferred to Wake Forest. While at Tennessee he made the SEC All-Freshman team and a Freshman All-American. In 2024 he was named the ACC Pitcher of the Year and was an All-American.

When he was at Tennessee he had a strong freshman season in 2022, and while his walks and strikeouts were still outstanding in 2023 as a sophomore, his ERA jumped up to 4.25. After getting to Wake Forest, though, he took things to a completely different level. While his ERA of 2.70 is only 0.21 lower than where it was as a freshman, the run scoring environment in 2024 is far higher than it was in 2022 (1.44 more runs are being scored per college game). The righty struck out 191 batters and had just 30 walks in his 100.0 innings and he gave up just 62 hits.

When it comes to stuff, Chase Burns has plenty of it. His fastball sits in the upper 90’s and has touched 101 MPH. His slider is probably a better pitch, though, grading out as a plus-plus offering when it’s at it’s best. It works in the upper 80’s with high spin rates and late downward bite. While those are the two offerings he tends to lean on, he also shows a curveball and a change up – both of which could be above-average offerings.

There is some effort in his delivery, which tends to leave questions about both control and long term health. But control has never been an issue for him in college and he’s remained healthy, too. It’s yet to be determined if that’ll continue, but we can say that about every pitcher alive. Most of them wind up getting hurt these days – it’s just a matter of when.

Chase Burns’ College Stats

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22 Responses

  1. LDS

    Hopefully, the Reds go for a hitter, preferably an OF’er. But, I have a nagging feeling that Burns is the kind of pick that Krall might make. Not that he’d be a bad addition to the team in the long run, just that hitting, particularly someone with power is a much more pressing need.

    • Jason Franklin

      Here is a big reason they go with Burns: money. If they can save a couple bucks by not going with Condon, the Aussie Banana or Poor-mans Ohtani, than the Reds may. I wouldn’t be surprised. It should be either Condon or Banana man. Let’s hope.

    • Luke J

      One thing I’ve learned about baseball, unlike other sports, is that you really shouldn’t draft for team needs at the major league level. Prospects are typically years from the majors, and team needs can change by then. And prospects can be capital to obtain major league needs via the market. I’m always a fan of taking the best talent in the draft and building the major leauge team from all avenues.

  2. SultanofSwaff

    At #2 overall there’s just such a higher probability (I know I know…Senzel) of a position player being a productive major leaguer that you have to lean strongly in that direction before you even look at the players. It’s so difficult for pitchers to stay healthy over a 6 year run, so unless that pitcher is an unworldly talent like Hunter Greene, I have to go with a position player. I don’t think Burns is that guy, so gimme Condon.

  3. RedsGettingBetter

    Chase Burns had a really impressive stretch from the beginning to the middle of this season so it put him in a place to be even #1 pick during few weeks. I guess he should going to be picked off after #4 or #5 but not by the Reds, however, one thing makes me doubt and it’s the factor that the Reds top starting pitching prospects have been performing poorly this year being uncertain who can reach the big leagues in short-term other than Lowder or Aguiar at this moment, so Burns could be an option…

  4. earmbrister

    Give me the big RH bat that Condon provides. He’s the only big righty bat at the top of the draft and he would fit nicely into a corner OF spot in Cincy.

  5. AllTheHype

    Chase Burns will be a great selection for someone in the 4-7 range. Not for the Reds at 2 though.

  6. Brian

    The Reds have a fetish for middle infielders and the Indians will probably take Condon so don’t be surprised.

    • Harry Stoner

      That’s because they’ve had so much success turning their stockpile of IFs into OFs…..

      With McLain and India and Marte and Candelario and EDLC and Arroyo and Espinal and CES, selecting another IF makes a lot of sense.

      In a very Krall-ian way.

      He will find a way to make it complicated, however it shakes out.

  7. JB WV

    “There is some effort in his delivery…” With the off and on injuries that Greene and Lodolo have already experienced that worries me. CES May still be that power RH bat for us, but who knows. Condon seems like the logical, safest choice if he’s available

  8. Melvin

    Doug – I would like to know who you and the rest of the writers on here think we should draft.

    • Doug Gray

      Assuming I get to pick from everyone available, Condon.

      • Doc

        And if Cleveland takes Condon, who do take from the rest of the candidates?

  9. BK

    Like others, it’s hard to want to see the Reds pass on a hitter when it’s the immediate problem, and two hitters are among what appears to be some level of consensus as the top two players available.

    That said, hitting dominated pitching in the NCAA this season. Burn’s numbers and stuff stand out. One has to wonder if an external factor tipped the scales in favor of the power surge seen in the NCAA. If there was an external factor, the top pitchers appear much more impressive.

    In sum, if the Reds see Burns as the BPA, then pick him. Starting pitching remains the scarcest resource in the majors.

    • Nick in NKY

      Your last sentence really nails it. I’m still on the ‘pick Condon’ train, but assuming the typical development curve for a starter, Burns could be instrumental in a year or two in a way that an outfielder could be replaced. You just can never go wrong putting talented arms in the system.

    • Redsvol

      I think they’re going burns and signing him below slot so they can pick a high upside player with their next 2 picks. Burns is a nice player. If he had 2 straight years of performance, he would easily be a 1/1 pick. But something didn’t click at Tennessee and he wasn’t awesome in the college world services so there is some doubt.

      But for my $ I’d go with condon or wetherholdt – if his medical check out. Banzanna doesn’t run as well as JJ. And I don’t trust the pac-12 baseball league.

      Cags wouldn’t be a bad pick either. He appears to run very well for a big guy and he cut way back on his strikeouts in the toughest baseball conference that is the SEC.

      There is no Bryce Harper of Paul skenes in this years draft. We can save some $ for a later pick and get just about as talented a player by taking someone projected at 5~7 this year.

  10. AMDG

    Yeah, he throws hard, but also gives up a lot of hard contact.
    Sort of a lesser version of Hunter Greene as a prospect.

    With several prospects in this year’s draft with very high hit grades (Bazzana, Condon, Wetherholt) it would be a difficult pill to swallow, to see the Reds reach for Burns at #2.

  11. DW

    He is a far better prospect than I was aware of. I would still go with Condon, Bazzana, or Caglianone over him; and possibly Wetherholt. As far as pitchers go, I think I would take Smith before Burns, too. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.


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