The Cincinnati Reds offense failed to show up, but the home team remained in the game until an 8th inning error opened the flood gates and saw the Tigers put the game away. Detroit’s win earned them a 3-game sweep at Great American Ball Park and dropped the Reds to 42-48 on the season.

Final R H E
Detroit Tigers (42-48)
5 12 1
Cincinnati Reds (42-48)
1 4 1
W: Skubal (10-3) L: Ashcraft (5-5)
Box Score | Game Thread

Graham Ashcraft got himself into, and then out of trouble in each of the first three innings after allowing two baserunners in each frame. He was not able to wiggle out of the jam in the 4th inning when the Tigers scored the first run of the game by stringing together three consecutive singles with no outs. He was able to get out of the inning with only that one run coming across the plate. All of this was happening with Tarik Skubal dominating on the other side, throwing just 50 pitches in the first 4.0 innings and having racked up seven strikeouts.

During the 5th inning the Tigers picked up a 1-out single before Ashcraft got a fly ball for the second out. Cincinnati then went to the bullpen despite the Reds starter being at just 80 pitches, and called on Sam Moll to face Riley Greene. He needed six pitches to strike him out to end the inning.

Detroit would play add on in the 7th inning against Nick Martinez. He led off the inning by walking Jake Rogers, who then moved up to third on a double. Colt Keith then singled into center to make it 2-0. In the bottom of the inning the Reds got themselves a little bit of something going when Jeimer Candelario led off with a double and an error allowed Spencer Steer to reach safely. A wild pitch would move both runners up before Noelvi Marte grounded out to bring Candelario in and put the Reds on the board. That’s all they’d get as Tarik Skubal picked up his 13th strikeout of the game to end the 7th.

Cincinnati turned the 8th inning over to Alexis Diaz as he was set to face the middle of the Tigers lineup. After striking out the first two batters, a grounder to Noelvi Marte turned into two mistakes as he dropped the transfer from his glove to his hand and then after picking the ball up he fired it past first base, but the runner couldn’t advance even though it did extend the inning. That turned out to be a huge play because a few pitches later Zach McKinstry hit a ball that landed in the seats to put Detroit up 4-1. A single, steal, and another single followed and the Tigers played add on to make it 5-1.

The Reds entered the bottom of the 9th still down by four runs. Elly De La Cruz grounded out to begin the inning. Jeimer Candelario followed with a strikeout of his own. Spencer Steer kept things alive with a double into the left field corner, but he’d be stranded there when Noelvi Marte grounded out to third to end the game.

Key Moment of the Game

Noelvi Marte’s error in the 8th inning that extended the inning. It resulted in three unearned runs and turned a 1-run deficit into a 4-run one.

Notes Worth Noting

Noelvi Marte has made five errors in ten games.

Every hitter that Cincinnati sent to the plate had at least one strikeout in the game. The team drew zero walks and wound up striking out 15 times.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Colorado Rockies vs Cincinnati Reds

Monday July 8th, 7:10pm ET

TBA vs Andrew Abbott (8-6, 3.28 ERA)

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  1. LDS

    Looking more and more like Meador/Krall will be selling at deadline.

  2. Brian

    This organization is just a mess. The novelty of the youth movement isn’t shining too bright right now. Marte should’ve been in AAA to develop and aid for his future. Why is Benson up here? Would it surprise anyone if Mac is brought back this year before he’s ready? Why not mess him up mentally or physically? The Reds are just run extremely poorly from top to bottom. The organization gets an F. Anybody think that they deserve a better grade?

    • PTBNL

      I hear you but in Benson’s defense, he did have nice solid contact and a good base hit against a very tough lefty today along with his very solid defense. Let’give him that much.

      • Brian

        I’ll give him that he’s been good defensively all year actually. He doesn’t belong on an mlb team right now, regardless of his D.

  3. RedsgettingBetter

    One of the worst series played by this team this season. Maybe Just few things can be rescued. Detroit looked to be very lucky at the offense when really bad hitters crushed Reds pitchers…
    I don’t know what to expect for the rest of the homestand…Maybe they will lose all the games or win them all or just 4…Who knows…The Reds also are depleted right now, only Lodolo’s return would be a good news

    • Longtimefan

      15 K’s and 0 walks. 0-8 with RISP against the Tigers. Didn’t really do much better in New York except for some timely long balls. Maybe that’s why they never bunt or sacrifice because without a long ball they can’t score enough. Can’t keep winning with smoke and mirrors.

  4. Dennis Westrick

    Can you say Embarrassing! Can’t win a single game AT HOME against an American League team with a team batting average ranked 26th out of 30 ML teams!

    Something has to change soon! Oh, that’s right, our manager is headed to the All-Star game!

    Will make my annual pilgrimage from Central Florida to GABP in September! I expect the Reds to be 20 games out of 1st place in the NL Central Division by then!

    • Pharmer85

      At least there should be plenty of good seats available

    • RedsFanInFL

      Luckily you will still be able to see the genius field general the Reds have in David Bell

      • Daytonnati

        At least Pete Rose beat the heck out of Bud Harrelson! 🙂

  5. scotly50

    They just do not have the hitting. Too many.100 hitters in the lineup.

    • MFG

      Agree Scotly50! We rip on Bell but nobody rips on our hitting coach!

      • redfanorbust

        Also many rip on Bell but few rip on ownership/GM who sign his paychecks and gives him extensions and keep him on the field.

  6. docproc

    Repeat from thread:
    I know we’re short on healthy players but Marte needs a stint in the minors. He’s stepping in the bucket at the plate and fielding atrociously. He’s earned a ticket to Louisville.

    • Longtimefan

      The problem is there isn’t anyone in Louisville to replace any of our Mendosa line hitters. Horribly weak organization. I want to know where all these prized recruits we traded for are.

      • AC

        One of them is out for the year with a shoulder injury, one with a wrist injury. One just got back (not great so far) and one is playing everyday and may be the best pure hitter on the team. Add in McClain (who was drafted by the Reds, but was going to be counted on this year), and there you have it.

    • PTBNL

      Also, if we can see what Marte is ding at the plate and in the field, and the announcers can see what he is doing at the plate and in the field, why can’t someone on the Reds staff help him. Either they are working with him to correct his issues and he is not getting it, or he is ignoring it or they aren’t working with him at all. It has to be on of those three outcomes???
      We are doing him and the organization no good to keep throwing him out there at 3rd base and today, hitting 5th in the lineup. He really needs to go back down to to AAA to work on things. Allow one of the AAAA infielders on the 40 man a shot for awhile. They surely cannot do any worse than Marte. This could be damaging his psyche’.

      • Melvin

        Like it or not per David Bell post game, “He’s going to keep on playing”.

      • Roger Garrett

        Same with Benson but Reds just don’t seem to care about the player or the team.Some say we have no one better and that maybe true but isn’t it important to get the players some help by sending them down.Great idea and it make sense for the player and the team PTBNL.Its a win win all the way around.

  7. Mark Moore


    3x Stink. Fish. Pot!!!

    Thanks Doug for enduring this hot mess and giving us some common ground.

    • Doug Gray

      It took me way longer than it would have to figure out the p.thet.ick thing. Words are hard. And my brain don’t work.

  8. Ksdavis

    I know that there are several holes in this lineup but didn’t most fans feel that we needed an outfielder in the offseason? Given that most if the offensive talent in the minors is underperforming maybe it is time for a trade or a free agent signing in the offseason. And David Bell needs to be fired.

    • VaRedsFan

      I can see where you are coming from as what the situation is now, but before the season the Reds envisioned an outfield of Steer, Freidl, and Benson/Fraley. Based on how they all performed last year, it didn’t seem like they needed to acquire help.

      Fast forward to present day, Freidl can’t stay on the field, Benson and Fraley have regressed so far down that they are looking for a way out of the bottom, and Steer has been needed to cover the infield for CES.

      I think they need to acquire outfielders NOW, not for this year, but for next year and beyond. Make trades for a guy or 2 that still is controllable.

      The free agent pool this off season is very weak.

      • ksdavis

        That is why I hope Condon is the Reds pick in the draft. At the very least he appears to be able to be a more competent DH. Don’t know if he would be ready to make it to the bigs next year or not. Reds seem to slow play their draft picks for the most part.

  9. Votto4life

    I will follow the draft, trade deadline and the off-season. This season is over for the Reds and has been for some time.

    • Ted Alfred

      Yep. Since the 90’s I usually just hope the Reds keep me interested until football pre-season gets here, but it looks like they’re going to fall about a month short this year. At this point maybe we’ll get really lucky and if the Reds tank very badly they’ll eat the last 2 years of Bell’s terrible contract extension and bring on a good, proven MLB manager in the off-season… before the Reds torch another 2 years of this window of opportunity they have to win before the talented youth becomes very expensive.

      • SHOW OPS

        Like Craig Counsell? That’s not really working out yet for the Cubs. I’m not a Bell defender, but ultimately it comes down to the collective strength of the players, and the Reds have lots of holes given injuries and otherwise. Firing Bell would not be a panacea. Hopefully 2025 and beyond shapes up better health wise, development wise, draft/acquisition wise, everything else wise.

  10. B-town Fan

    So much for sweeping the Yankee’s!

  11. Tony Cloninger

    If Bell had Richie Zisk and Willie Horton on his team he would find a way to play them in the field. Just so he doesn’t ruffle some feathers. Espinal has no business as a DH. At this point if you’re still seeing yourself as contenders then he should be at 3B and Marte at DH. Of course you need 2 DH with Candy leg issues. Unless the only 4 consistent starters on this team hit they have no chance.
    Now you have to hope TJ. Matt. CES do not become chronic injured players. There’s nothing to help this team coming from the minors in 2025.

    • Jason Franklin

      I don’t remember Marte being this bad defensively. I assume it is a few things: 1) his inexperience at the MLB level and handling the pressure and 2) not being ready after the long suspension (they should have let him get into shape longer in AAA).

      It amazes how poorly the team approaches each at-bat. You cannot give away at-bats. Too many 1 or 2 pitch outs and too many trying to hit a homer each time up. Plus, they seem like they never have a gameplan or focus.

      On the whole ‘nobody to help the team from the minors in 2025 is really not accurate.’ You could possibly see Sal Stewart make the team at some point next year. He has a better hitting approach than mostly anyone on the MLB team except for maybe McLain or India. I mean, he will actually take a walk and not strikeout too much which is the opposite of most of the MLB teams approach. Other players who will probably make it back and will help is Dunn and Hurtubise. Are there any stars in this group? Probably not though but Stewart could be a solid everyday starter. Plus, if they get a college hitter at #2 in the draft (and if they kill it early on), they could have someone that could help next year too. Let’s hope so anyway.

      On the pitching side, Julian Aguiar will probably make the team next year and deserves too. He knows how to pitch and is very smart about it. Heck, he could make it this year if things go really, really bad. Zach Maxwell could also make the team next year (or just like Aguiar) later this year. Lowder needs more time plus needs to extend his pitchcount more so he may be up next year if he goes lightsout. Petty, Phillips and Richardson could have been helps this year or next but they are not looking great and the two AAA guys are showing regression.

      Not the greatest list of guys to help next year but there could be some.

      • jmb

        They were talking about what a wonderful defensive third baseman he was last season. I also don’t understand where all this is coming from, but he’s looking bad. I thought they should have traded him once the news broke about his use of PEDs–too much of a distraction (plus EDLC is better at third). And he’s been a distraction all season long–Oh, things will be better once Marte returns! But his being back is even worse for the team.

    • doofus

      Geez, Bell has to manage with what Krall and Castellini gives him.

  12. Jessecuster44

    David Bell is THE WORST manager in MLB. Did not have his team ready or focused to play arguably the biggest series of the season. Fire him.

    • Lefty

      Getting swept by a team scoring 5 runs in each game has to be some kind of bizarre MLB record. Taking Skubal +7.5 on strikeouts was easy money.

    • RedAlert

      Bingo ! … and it’s been this way every single year of his tenure …clueless , has no feel for flow of the game , and is one of the worst tactical managers in the entire league …. Krall made the huge mistake of extending him when it wasn’t necessary .

  13. Melvin

    Think about how the Yankees felt after getting swept by us. haha

  14. Rando

    Call Dusty Baker- give him total control. Whole different can of worms.

  15. Jedi Joey

    After this series performance, the Yankees should feel even more embarrassed. Ha ha

  16. Rednat

    Can a leaigue with this little action survive in this fast paced world of ours? Games are getting harder to watch. No scoring at all at least till tge 4th inning.

    • Votto4life

      I started following FC Cincinnati this season. What a difference. A first place team with the reigning league MVP. The crowds are insane and the games are so fun to watch. They beat now second place lace Miami last night 6-1 and TQL Stadium was rocking. It has reminded me why I fell in love with sports in the first place.

    • Jeremiah

      Good point, while the Reds offense is pretty bad overall, it’s more of a MLB problem. They somehow need to develop more offense, I don’t know how, but I can’t ever remember so many hitters hitting under .200 all across the league, it’s really not quality action or baseball overall.

  17. Andrew Brewer

    At this point “success” is the ability to move ahead without being discouraged. Facing Skubal today was almost a foregone conclusion. Losing both Friedl and McLain this year was huge. The Reds scored some big runs against the Cards recently, and so they will again. After a three game sweep all looks dark, but the Reds will shine again.

    • redfanorbust

      Agreed Andrew. I would argue that few teams would be able to do better with all the injuries/suspension to key players we have had. To rant about the hitting or Bell is shortsighted and reactionary IMHO. This team has proven many times it’s talent and drive but this is MLB and to do it on a consistent basis you need to have your best players in the lineup a majority of the time. We need people to stay healthy and ownership to bump up the team payroll to at least league average and we should easily be able to compete for at least division championship.

  18. Jeff morris

    With Friday’s contact play, I still disagree with David Bell. You do not send the runner from third on the ball hit right at third, unless its hit very slowly to third. I have followed baseball a long time, and played baseball. I have seen in the MLB games for many years, and when the ball their is a runner at 3rd, and less than two outs, a bill hit to the third baseman, and the runner goes from 3rd to Home, 99.99 is thrown out at home.

    • Harry Stoner

      Yes….but because it was a “close play”, Bell will continue to believe he made the “right decision” and will have learned nothing from it.

      Critical Self Reflection is not in his makeup.

      The only way out of this mess is to lose 105 games. 100 won’t do it.
      And even then “Injuries!” will be the management excuse.

      The sweep of the Yankees only will prolong the agony of having David Bell as manager.

      Maybe going 0-10 on this homestand might get someone’s attention.

      But whose?

      • Roger Garrett

        It can’t possibly get bad enough for the Reds to make a change.If it could then we have hope but there is none that I see.

  19. Votto4life

    Congratulations to Elly for making the National League All Star Team.

    • Mauired

      Much deserved. Unlike Bell’s trip to the All-Star Game

    • Jedi Joey

      Well earned for Elly! Hopefully the first of many. This news took a little sting out of the Detroit sweep for me.

  20. JB

    So people thought 7-3 would be good for the next 10 games. Red’s are just getting the 3 losses out of the way. 7-0 coming up!! Don’t bet on it. This team is horrible. Wouldn’t be surprised if they go 0-10

  21. Redsvol

    Looks like we’re sellers. But we don’t have much to sell. You don’t sell guys you control for several more years at reasonable prices , do you?

    Diaz could probably net something. Montas is going to be sought after. India, sure. Our other relievers probably wouldn’t get someone beyond a prospect from complex league ball.

    • Mauired

      Nick Martinez could probably bring value back in a trade.

      Pirates got O’Neil Cruz from Dodgers for a reliever at trade deadline.

      Astros got Yordan Alvarez from Dodgers for a reliever at trade deadline.

      Reds should see if Dodgers need a reliever this year

      • Rob

        I can not foresee the Reds trading for prospects. One, that is a sign of salary cutting and giving up if you are trading a contributor’s paycheck for youth. Two, the Reds are not a rebuilder taking on prospects. We already have all kinds of high value prospects but as a general rule, they are not going to be ready until 2026. Are we going to “waste” 3 years of Elly, Mac, Marte, Tyler, Lodolo, Abbott, etc. awaiting for 2026 and see if that is even going to work out? I sure hope not. And a “maybe” 2025 prospect doesn’t move the dial much either. Isn’t that akin to Dunn and Hurtubise? The core of this team is set. Offensively, it probably includes Elly, Mac, Marte, India, Stephenson, Candy, and possibly Fraley, Friedl, Steer, and CES. That is 10 starters assuming no injuries, prospect rises, or trades. Is that good enough to win the Division? We can make the necessary alibis’ but I suspect the answer is No. Based on 2023 performance, there seems like there are some powerful trade pieces in there including CES, Friedl, and Steer. Could we get Guerro or Bellinger for a couple years for 2 of the 3? I would guess Yes.

        I am not counting on making the playoffs with a couple trades but isn’t the objective here to go full speed at this thing in 2024 and 2025 before we put 2 additional years of service on everybody’s resume?

  22. Mark A Verticchio

    This team is awful and Bell is worse, the only thing saving Bell is the injuries. However every team has injuries and the lack of any decent AA or AAA replacements is on Krall as well as Bell.

  23. bug

    The Cincinnati WHIFFERS are embarassing, say the least. Been that way for a long time. They will not get better until they unload Krall and Bell. Striking out 3 and 4 times in a single game is no big deal anymore. They smile, walk back to the bench, and take it in stride. Whiffing upwards of 200 times in a season by a player? Meh. No biggie. Back in the day that kind of thing was not allowed. There was shame in that,..i.e. hence the golden sombrero, etc. Now, it’s a fairly common occurance,..especially with the Reds organization. No big deal. Hit 22 homeruns, and that alone will make up for striking out 192 times in a season. Such is the decline of standards. How pitiful!!! Some of these hitters need to be sent back to Little League until they learn how to put a bat on a baseball. Jmo.

  24. Fanman

    Ownership is holding this team back. A power hitting OF needed last year at deadline, this off-season and still today..Bell hasn’t had a complete or even semi complete lineup all year. Very good starting rotation being wasted because Castellini’s refuse to make a commitment to winning!

  25. Fanman

    As far as Dunn running on contact..Be aggressive. He is fastest player on team this side of Elly! With a deficient lineup due to ownership’s negligence of trying to win, what should Bell do? Sit around and wait for one of our (below Mendoza line hitters) to drive the run home with 2 outs. If owners don’t care why should we? I understand there are injuries however, be aggressive and go after players that can help this young potentially exciting team..lead MLB in steals. Get a power hitter in the middle of this lineup and will benefit everyone around him. Maybe get us in to playoffs this year..lock him up for next year when everyone is healthy.

    • Rob

      Agree 100%. Contact is contact. You don’t sit there for a half second judging whether it is hard or soft contact. You seize the moment. Saw the same thing in reverse on the ball hit to Steer in the Saturday game. He whiffed it though. The basic problem is as you suggested. Limited scoring opportunities because of poor hitters. If you told me Tony Gwynn was batting after Stephenson, I might think differently. Definitely not for Marte, Espinal, and Dunn. Those guys are 4-5X more likely to make an out than get a hit.

  26. RedAlert

    This organization has ZERO excuse not to draft Condon if he is available with the
    second pick in the draft ….. but somehow, someway , they will screw it up …

  27. Brian

    I try to be open minded about Bell, it’s not a nice thing to want someone to lose their job. He’s probably a decent guy and his defenders are totally right regarding him not having good pieces. I also get that it’s easy to judge something after a bad result.
    I just think that the fact that large segments of fans see certain moves as a terrible idea and the results are terrible and there’s never consequences for Bell.
    In what world does having a terrible hitter who is your best defender DH so a terrible fielder can field? You pick a guy up off of the streets that nobody wants and immediately make him your cleanup hitter. Why wouldn’t that make fans scratch their heads? How many game threads have a wtf was he thinking to do that move called out that had the bad results that we expected? His whole time here has been that way.
    He’s far from the only problem here but he is not an asset to the team.

    • Votto4life

      I have always felt that you don’t do a person any favors by keeping them in a position that they are not suited for.

      I’m sure David Bell has many talents. I’m sure there are places within the Red’s organization for which he is well suited. Field Manager is just not for him. It’s not for a lot of people. Successful organizations are able to match talent to roles within the organization.

      • Brian

        Good point. I don’t think any poster here has a personal dislike of Bell or root against him. He just doesn’t seem to do the job well.

      • TR

        There’s an old term called the Peter Principle which is probably in effect here. It’s called being promoted to one’s incompetence.

    • VaRedsFan

      Well said.
      It’s the philosophy that he has instilled over this team, and the one’s of the past 5 years. It’s the culture that every one of his teams have displayed.

    • Roger Garrett

      Yeah and you can’t make this kind of stuff up because nobody would believe it.Reds have a bunch of issues and Bell is just one of them but somebody has to try and right the ship.Watched some of our at bats yesterday just now and are you kidding me.This guy has elite stuff and our guys were coming out of there shoes swinging so hard.The tigers made 12 outs on defense the rest of the time they just stood and watched us strike out.Can somebody say choke up or cut down on the swing and put it in play?

  28. Randoxu1

    One of the things Krall talked about as an organization was getting away from strikeouts and putting the ball in play with line drives and hitting to all fields. Well apparently the coaching staff didnt get the message or Krall is lying or both. You cant find a worse team that strikes out and cant move runners over when they need to play for runs. This whole organization is a mess and I only see regression in most of these players on top of the front office trying to help this team win by making some legitimate moves. This fanbase has put up with this for way too long.

  29. Red Thunder

    Martini on DL, Soto coming up again. At least that is what I’m hearing. Hope he brings his bat, if true!

    • Melvin

      He barely played last time along with Jordan who had a first good game. That being the case it really doesn’t matter who’s up. Bell will stick with Benson and Espinal instead of giving two guys who’ve been hitting around .300 all year at AAA. They’re not all that much probably but at this point they’re the best replacements we got and they’re not given a chance. Instead we see Espinal at DH at times and pinch hitting others. Meanwhile Benson plays and plays and plays most days.

      • Roger Garrett

        Yeah and just for fun and maybe a win win for both the player and the team lets send Benson and Marte down to the minors and let them work on their hitting without the pressure of the major leagues.Give Dunn and Soto or Jordan a look.Whats the harm and would at least come across that we do care about the players and we do care about the team.Right now I don’t get the feeling they care about anything other then the butts in the seats.

  30. Doc4uk

    Condon or Caglione would hit better than all Reds not named Steer ,Candelaria, Elly, or India. This is the worse collection of hitters that I can remember. Pretty sure they would have trouble at AAA

    • Longtimefan

      Marte hit a buck fifty at Louisville in his rehab stint but came to the Reds as soon as he was available straight into the starting lineup and hasn’t missed a game. Did anyone really think he was going to make a difference right now for us. No but we don’t have anything else.

  31. Doc4uk

    Don’t want Bazzana. PAC 10 was a different level of competition than SEC Look at last year’s draft for proof. Look at top ten teams this year . How many years in a row has an SEC team won MCWS . They were hitting better against Skenes last year than major leaguers this year. Need proven SEC bats! Condone or Jac Both will be playing up in 2025

    • Melvin

      Whichever one is going to help us the most the quickest @Doc4uk. Like right now. lol

  32. Moon

    The Reds have beaten me down this year. The ownership, the management, the AAA level players that make up half the lineup every day despite the inability to hit even the .200 level. The lack of focus and intensity. The constant mistakes that are fundamentals learned in little league. What is the short and long term strategy with this team? Are they trying to win now or build for the future? I have checked out this year. I had given upon them making the playoffs during that 4-17 stretch earlier this year. But I still expected them to compete and try to win every day. I don’t believe that anymore. And if this organization is not at least going to try to win I am not going to watch them lose winnable games. I was coming up to Cincy to watch the Braves and have cancelled that trip. And I am checking out this year. See you guys next year. Perhaps the Reds will try to put a team with both some offense and pitching together for 2025, But unless they can pick some decent players off the waiver wire I don’t expect that to happen.