On Monday we took a quick overview type of look at the upcoming 2024 Major League Baseball Draft. The Cincinnati Reds hold the #2 pick in the draft and as noted earlier this week, there really seems to be a group of five players who have seemingly separated themselves. Today we’re taking a look at one of those players to kick off the scouting reports on some of the top guys eligible for this year’s draft.

Travis Bazzana Scouting Report

Background Information

Height: 6′ 0″ | Weight: 199 lbs | Born: August 28, 2002

Bats: Left | Throws: Right | School: Oregon State

Was named a Freshman All-American in 2022. As a sophomore he was a 2nd-team All-American. This season he was a 1st-team All-American.

The Australian has been successful here in America for the last four years. As an 18-year-old he played in West Coast League – a college summer league – and hit .429 with an OPS over 1.000. He followed that up with a .902 OPS as a freshman at Oregon State in 2022. His sophomore season was even better as he hit .374/.500/.622 with more walks than strikeouts. That summer he played in the Cape Cod League and crushed the ball, putting up a 1.037 OPS.

But it’s been his 2024 season that’s really turned heads. In his 60 games he hit .407/.568/.911 with 76 walks and 37 strikeouts. He hit for tons of power, hit for a high average, walked more than twice as often as he struck out, and he was good on the bases.

He’s expected to hit for a high average and may have the best hit tool in the entire draft. He couples that with good strikezone awareness that’s backed up by Trackman data. His power increased as a junior and once again Trackman data showed an uptick in his exit velocities that make it believable that it was a true increase in his power output and power potential. While he’s not the big power hitter that some in this class could be, he’s got average to slightly above-average power potential.

It’s not just the bat where Bazzana can bring offensive value, though. He’s a plus runner who should be able to steal bases and provide value as a baserunner – especially if the current rules in Major League Baseball remain intact.

Defensively he’s spent nearly all of his time at Oregon State at second base. He made one start in center field in 2022 and one start in left field in 2023. He also spent a little bit of time in the outfielder and at third base and shortstop in the Cape Cod League. As a professional he’s expected to be able to remain as a second baseman, but with his speed there are some who think he could make a move to center field and provide additional defensive value.

Travis Bazzana’s College Stats

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60 Responses

  1. Kindell

    This is going to be an interesting draft. Bazanna feels like the safest pick, but I am really starting to like Jac Caglianone’s upside. I like the adjustments he made with his plate discipline this year, as well as how he carried his team in the postseason at every big moment. I think I would be happy with any of Bazanna, Cags, or Condon.

  2. MBS

    He’s not my pick, but at the end of the day his bat would be a great add to the team if the Reds draft him.

    I just have a hard time getting excited about drafting a 2B with the 2nd pick of the draft. Especially when they’re some debate about his defense, “some scouts think he’s going to be just fine at second base” That’s not an encouraging statement.

    “Plan E” for me

    • The Duke

      Bazzana has the speed and arm for CF. Condon is going to be on a corner as a pro, most likely 1B or a corner OF spot. Caglianone is a 1B.

      • MBS

        I’d love a 1B. If we do draft Condon, hopefully that’s where he plays. I also like Kurtz, and Caglianone if CLE picks Condon.

        Bazzana does have the wheels to be an outfielder, but it doesn’t sound like he has a lot of experience out there. I’d rather not have a defensive project if we can help it with the #2 pick in the draft.

        Like I said though if we do draft Bazzana, his bat seems like a great addition.

      • Mauired

        Funny to me how you say a second baseman can definitely transition to center. But conveniently peg Caglianone as a 1st baseman only despite having a 100 mph arm and being extremely athletic. Not sure why he couldn’t transition to outfield as well.

      • DaveCT

        Caglianone is pretty slow, at 6-foot-5, 250 at age 20. That’s the main reason he doesn’t even profile as a corner OF.

      • PTBNL

        Cags in the CWS looked a lot faster than people give him credit for, and if Kyle Schwarber can play outfield, Cags can play outfield.

      • Mauired

        Care to expand on him being slow? I don’t think he’s any “slower” than Condon who is projected as an outfielder. If you automatically assume he’s slow because he plays 1st. I’m pretty sure Gators felt since he was a starting pitcher coming off tommy John they preferred to protect him by playing him there not because he’s “slow” as you like to label him

      • Mauired

        And Judge at 6’7″ can play center but Cags is too big for right?

    • DaveCT

      Maui, from MLB. Com.

      Scouting grades: Hit: 55 | Power: 70 | Run: 40 | Arm: 60 | Field: 55 | Overall: 65

      From BA.

      Tools: Hit: 50. Power: 70. Run: 40. Field: 50. Arm: 60.

      Two 40 run grades. That’s Yonder Alonso slow.

      Mostly, it means he’s a 1B. No harm in that, but it’s limiting as the bat really needs to play.

      For an OF or IF corner guy, I prefer Condon because of his wood bat experience and track record and position flexibility. Condon literally has ten times more wood bat at bats than Cags and has played 3B, 1B and OF.

      In a previous conversation about how to evaluate college bat statistics, given the BBCOR bats, Doug was talking about there being a heightened requirement for good scouting. That being pretty standard, i’ll take whoever they pick as having the best scouting, not necessarily the most eye-popping stats. That’s where the lack of speed as well as limitation to 1b may diminish Cag’s rating among the top three college hitters.

      As for Aaron Judge, he was evaluated as having above slightly above average speed. That’s a 50-55 grade.

      • Mauired

        Arm 60. He throws 100. How strong should his arm be to get a 70?!

        He’s not Yonder slow. I have watched both play. It’s funny Condon plays outfield but guess who has more steals between the two?

        So Judge can play center with a 50 grade but Jac can’t because 40 grade.

        Like I said no team is going to draft Cags and not put his cannon in right field. He has good enough speed and is extremely athletic. Probably one of the most in shape players in the sport. Looks like an NFL linebacker.

      • Kindell

        Condon is a 40 runner too on MLB prospects. In at least two draft podcasts this week they mentioned being surprised how many scouts have Cags as a better prospect than Condon.

      • DaveCT

        Like I said, Condon has played all over (5 positions this year) and scouts state he has played them well.

        Cags, has not. So he doesn’t have the track record of having played multiple positions. That’s a draft position advantage to Condon. Same with wood bat experience. The same dilemma as drafting Kurtz.

        If there are scouting opinions that Cags can play outfield in the Major Leagues, where the speed of the game is far above college ball, I haven’t seen them. Guys are being scouted whether they can play positions in rookie ball. They’re being scouted whether they can play positions in the ML’s.

        It’s nothing personal against Crags, to his fans. It’s just the factual information and professional opinions we have at this time. If Cags is the best player available, I’d say draft him. If he isn’t, don’t. It’s essentially like buying a house — keep it a business deal because once you get drawn in and invested in it’s niceties, you’re kinda cooked.

      • DaveCT

        ** Guys are NOT being scouted whether they can play positions in rookie ball.

  3. DHud

    Will take an OF with a good bat over a 2B with a good bat every day and twice on Sunday

    Condon or bust!

    • Oldtimer

      Reds took an OF over SS in 1992.

      One made the HOF. It wasn’t the OF.

      • DHud

        Ok…but last I checked SS and 2B weren’t the same thing

      • Oldtimer

        Thank God you’re not drafting. What if Derek Jeter were 2B then? Would you still take Chad Mottola?

      • Jedi Joey

        It’s easy to second guess draft picks after the fact. The truth is no draft pick is guaranteed to workout. Hindsight is 20-20.

      • Oldtimer

        Nope. Jeter was the no brainer pick then. Unfortunately the Reds GM had no brains.

        Dave Parker was a 14th round pick by Pirates in 1969. Where were Reds scouts then? He was FROM Cincinnati Courter Tech HS. No brains at all.

      • DHud

        *cherry picks 2 picks from the last 60 yrs

        “SEE!? I’m right you’re wrong!”

      • DHud

        Also remind me who was playing SS for the reds in 1992?

        Name eludes me, but I thought he was pretty good…maybe, just MAYBE, why the reds look elsewhere in that draft??

      • Mauired

        Wow I didn’t know Parker was 14th rounder. How much better would the Big Red Machine have been with a prime Cobra?

        The Reds also blew it by passing up Ohio native Mike Schmidt around the same time. And obviously trading away Frank Robinson in 66 when he was still very good in the 1st half of the 70s hurt too.

      • MK

        If the Reds had drafted Derek Jeter they would have been drafting a second baseman. He wasnt going to play ss over Larkin, especially in Cincinnati.

      • PTBNL

        Sound like 30 teams 14 times over bypassed Dave Parker. All of them must have been brainless.

      • Mauired

        I don’t know what was going on with Parker in the 70 draft. Crazy to think a 6’5″ beast would drop to 14th round. He was in the majors 3 years later so he couldn’t have been that raw. Sad that such a talent that learned to play baseball in the parking lot of Crosley Field didn’t get shot with the Reds out of a local high school. Cobra became the 1st million dollar player in baseball because he was such a stud. If it weren’t for the cocaine abuse problems he would be in the hall of fame.

  4. RedsGettingBetter

    Bazzana is a kind of player the Reds would love to have recently. He can hit very good and he’s fast on the bases. Bazzana has something could add value as playing in the Cape Cod League hitting for an OPS over .1000. If he can move to play OF would be a great addition as long as Cleveland passes him…I’ll be happy with Bazzana or Condon as the Reds #2 pick.

  5. west larry

    Condon is still number one on my wish list, but Bazanna and Caglianone are also interesting prospects. number two and three on my list. The reds should get an excellent hitting prospect with this number two pick in the upcoming draft.

  6. AllTheHype

    Last season and this past offseason, RLN was mostly in agreement: CES is the 1B of the future.

    123 PAs later, and suddenly we need a new 1B of the future. It seems like no one talks about CES as the 1B anymore. Amazing how short sighted some are here…..

    Bottom line, draft the best offensive player. Both Bazzana and Condon will have no problem playing OF. And some IF positions as well. Practically any position player can learn to play 1B. It’s where most defensively challenged players wind up. Votto was drafted as a C.

    • MBS

      Who doesn’t like CES? He had a terrible year before his injury, but he’s young. If we do get a 1B that’s better than CES, we still have a DH, spot available. CES could easily be the primary DH, and back up 1B, and 3B.

      • AllTheHype

        Consider, when everyone gets healthy, these guys might not have a position and might be vying for 1B:


        I just don’t understand the interest in drafting a 1B. It would be good if the draftee can play OF imo. That is the position of most need. But the Reds should just draft BPA, and make the positions work after that.

      • Mauired

        Candelario and India might not even be Reds next year. Not a reason to pass on Condon or Caglianone being in the organization for the rest of the decade and possibly beyond.

      • AllTheHype

        The overall point being, out of Condon, Cags, Bazzana, the Reds should take whomever they think will be the best offensive player. Let their position be sorted out later. There will be a position for what might be the best (or second best depending on Elly’s progression) hitter in the lineup.

      • MBS

        @All, I’m almost 100% in agreement with your above statement. Remove the word offensive, and just let it say, the Reds should take whomever they think will be the best player.

  7. Optimist

    OK – Doug has me convinced taking Bazzana ahead of Condon, and now reports are Cleveland thinks so as well. Certainly they seem 1-2, and a slight drop to 3 thru 5.

    Unless there’s a serious defensive flaw in his game, the batting eye and speed more than make up for it. Plus-plus power may edge a .400 OBP, but add speed and it’s hard to say no.

  8. Votto4life

    I still want Charlie Condon. I see it as a pick between Aaron Judge (Condon) and Matt McLain (Bazzana). We already have Matt McLain.

    If Cleveland picks Condon then the Reds should pick Bazzana. The only way the Reds screw this up is by choosing someone other than Condon or Bazzana IMO.

    • Mauired

      I think Caglianone would be far from a screwup with the second pick.

      • mac624

        The chase rates of Caglianone scare me to death. While Condon will strike out a lot as a professional, his chase rates (26%) in college are about normal in the majors this season (28%). If Cags can’t lay off bad pitches in college, there’s no way he will as a professional where pitching is elite every night compared to college pitching. To me, he’s certainly got power, but no wood bat experience and those chase rates (40%) lowers his stock, as compared to several other of the hitters from the college ranks. For a ball club that already strikes out way too much and is begging for more disciplined hitters, drafting Cags doesn’t help the Reds in that regard. To me he’s just Rece Hinds right now. Rece hits it a mile when he doesn’t strike out 39% of the time. Rece’s issue is his chase rate is hovering where Cags is hovering in college. While we all hope Rece can magically turn it around, the chances of him all of a sudden figuring out plate discipline is pretty slim. I believe Cags is Rece Hinds 2.0, if not worse.

      • Kindell

        I agree. I think a lot of people are underestimating how good he is. As far as chasing pitches, he made a lot strides this year compared to last year. I think as good as these guys are they each have concerns. Aram said on his podcast that he believes scouts have Condon behind Cags because of contact rate is much lower on off speed pitches.

  9. ksdavis

    A small sample size but I like to look at what a player does when it counts the most. 1-7 against UK with three strikeouts and a GIDP in NCAA. Caglianone is the one who appeared to perfrom best under pressure.

    • Mauired

      Caglianone had very similar slash lines this year with Bazzana but he was doing it as a two way player. He also out homered Bazzana 68-39 over the last two years. If he was a full time hitter like Condon and Bazzana what would his stats look like?

      He didn’t even go to Florida as a hitter. They needed tommy John before his freshman year so they gave him a shot as their DH. Every year he has gotten better and better. Now as a pro he will most likely focus on hitting full time and play outfield. I don’t think any team will play someone that can throw 100 mph at 1st base.

      • AllTheHype

        Curious, assuming you have Condon then Cags on your draft board. Who is third?

        FWIW, I have Condon, Bazzana, then Cags, Wetherholt, Smith.

  10. Mauired

    I think Condon, Bazzana, and Cags are all worthy of the number 1 pick. If Condon is available at 2, Reds should probably take him just based on the insane year he had.
    I like Cags (and Condon) over Bazzana because he offers something the Reds don’t have in their entire system. A guy that can dominate in the middle of their order and compete for home run titles. Bazzana offers production but the same type of production they have in spades from a ball to the majors. He’s basically a left handed McLain. And I love Mclain but it time stop stockpiling the same thing and get an RBI machine to protect Elly. Maybe CES will turn into that but he’s far from proven with the injury and strikeouts.

    • Melvin

      “He’s basically a left handed McLain.”

      A team full of Matt McLains will get you A LOT of wins. I like all three of Condon, Bazzana, and Cags. Truthfully my gut feeling says take Bazzana if at all possible. Doug’s article sealed it for me.

  11. MK

    From what I’ve read on national mock draft recent stories Bazzana has dropped to as far as 4th (Oakland), Reds like Condon, Colorado likes Burns, and Cleveland has taken a liking to Wetherholt as he could be available for under slot money freeing them up to pay more for some high school guys later.

  12. Ptaylor2112

    Bazzana killed it in two different wood bat leagues. That is promising.

  13. Doc

    I’m hoping we get the second coming of Aaron Judge, and one who might be just a year or partial year away from the bigs.

    • Harry Stoner

      Reds had their shot at Judge, but picked Phil Ervin instead.

      • Mauired

        Yeah go figure an 6’7″ athlete that hit .385 with .980 ops in college would turn out to be really good. I’m sure I’ll get the hindsight is 20/20 bit, but I was stunned at the time Judge wasn’t a first round pick. Obviously should have been number 1 overall. These front office clowns are diefied like geniuses but the vast majority just have rich mommys and daddies and went to ivy league schools and get gifted these jobs but reality is they don’t know anymore about baseball than most people. Judge is the perfect example of the entire industry missing the easy slam dunk. And it happens all the time. Trout was the same.

      • Doug Gray

        The people that are running the draft usually aren’t the ivy league rich kids.

      • Mauired

        The GM makes the final call on draft picks?

  14. Jason Franklin

    I just hope the Reds don’t go the ‘money-saving’ plan and select someone out of the top 5 just to save cash for later picks. I mean, it may make some sense, but they really need to either pick the Aussie Banana or Condon-ment. 🙂

    • Votto4life

      Saving slot money probably won’t be an issue since there are 51 picks between the Reds first and second pick. It may not be an issue for Cleveland however, since their second pick comes soon. Although, I agree it shouldn’t be an issue for either team.

    • MK

      Jason, the Reds have a history showing an Aussie Banana might be appropriate since the Reds have a produce wholesaler as it’s owner and the owner of Chiquita as a former owner.

  15. Jonathan Linn

    Give me the best offensive player period. No matter the position. Bazzana would be my pick. Steer can play 1B and so can CES. Anyone can play first base.

    • MK

      If that is the case dont you think Steer’s defensive skills are being wasted?