The Cincinnati Reds hit three home runs on Thursday afternoon in New York as they picked up an 8-4 win to complete a 3-game sweep of the Yankees.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (42-45)
8 9 0
New York Yankees (54-35)
4 7 2
W: Montas (4-6) L: Stroman (7-4)
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Home runs were the early story on Thursday afternoon. In the bottom of the 1st inning Juan Soto crushed a ball to dead center, but Will Benson made a leaping catch at the wall that may or may not have robbed him of a home run. About 10 minutes later Nick Martini crushed a cutter up in the zone off of Marcus Stroman and it landed in the bullpen in right center to give Cincinnati a 1-0 lead. The next inning it was Jonathan India’s turn as he took a dead-red, middle of the zone fastball at 89 MPH and deposited in the seats to make it 2-0.

The Yankees made their first real threat of the day in the bottom of the 4th when Alex Verdugo doubled and Gleyber Torres walked to put two men on with two outs. Frankie Montas got out of the jam with a fly out.

Cincinnati played add on in the 5th when Jonathan India singled, Elly De La Cruz walked, and then Spencer Steer crushed a 3-run homer to make it 5-0. The Yankees got two of those runs back in the bottom of the inning on solo homers from Austin Wells and Ben Rice. Two innings later the Reds got those runs back and added one more when Jake Fraley tripled with the bases loaded to make it 8-2.

Juan Soto would help New York get two of those runs back when he followed up Trent Grisham’s double with a 2-run homer to cut Cincinnati’s lead to 8-4. That was all they’d get in the inning. After the Reds went in order in their half of the 9th inning they’d send Sam Moll to the mound to face the 8-9-1 hitters in the Yankees lineup. After getting a lineout, Moll struck out J.D. Davis and Ben Rice to end the game and seal the sweep for the Reds.

Key Moment of the Game

Spencer Steer’s 3-run homer in the 5th inning that put Cincinnati up 5-0.

Notes Worth Noting

Jonathan India remained hotter than the sun as he picked up three hits, including a home run.

Elly De La Cruz picked up his 42nd steal of the season.

The Reds completed a series sweep of the Yankees for the first time since 1976 in the World Series. Of course they didn’t play them for a long time after that, but ever since interleague play began it’s been the Yankees who have been able to pull off sweeps in their series.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Detroit Tigers vs Cincinnati Reds

Friday July 5th, 7:10pm ET

Reese Olson (2-8, 3.32 ERA) vs Carson Spiers (2-1, 3.13 ERA)

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  1. Jeff morris

    Great SWEEP by the Reds. Not sure the contract situation, but the Reds really need to lock up Sam Moll long term, as in 3-4 years, so he remains a Red.

    • DHud

      Have to disagree

      Never be paying relievers – just to volatile year to year

      • Indy Red Man

        Moll though? He doesn’t rely on velocity because he’s got such side-to-side movement. I’d give 3 years for a nice deal

    • JayTheRed

      I’d give Moll a nice solid offer for 2 years and maybe a team option for a 3rd year. Guy has been nothing but lights out since we got him.

      I don’t know how many years the Reds have team control over him though too. If it’s more than that I’d continue to go year to year until he is arb ready.

    • Will the Red

      Absolutely. Heck of a trade by Tall!

      • Will the Red

        Should say Krall. Silly autocorrect

  2. LDS

    So they sweep the Yankees in NY, and previously swept the Dodgers. Their next ten games are against really weak teams. Anything less than 8-2 would be a serious failure in my mind.

    • Harry Stoner

      So 7-3 would be a ‘serious failure’?

      Would 9-1 be just okay?

      • LDS

        And 10-0 would be better still. But, yeah, I’d consider 7-3 to be underperforming

      • Doc

        Not a single team in baseball is playing at a clip higher than .655, yet Reds haters think that if they don’t play .800 ball over the next 8 games, they are a disappointment. There is a paucity of reality on this site.

      • LDS

        Not at all @Doc. It’s called a streak. The Reds need to beat the bad teams when the opportunity arises.

      • JayTheRed

        I am hoping for 7 – 3 .. Remember this even bad teams win games sometimes so this feels more realistic.

      • LDS

        Even Rosecrans points out the Reds need to go at least 7-3 on this home stand. Despite winning the serious with three of the best teams in baseball: the Phillies, Dodgers, and Yankees, the Reds are 31-39 against the rest of the league and 2-4 against Milwaukee. So yes, anything under 7-3 is a fail. The Reds have to win decisively on the this part of the schedule. Further, reading the players comments over the last few days shows the pervasiveness of the Bell mentality. They are the Stuart Smalley Reds: “we’re really good” – I guess Bell gives them all gold stars after each game, just like they got when they were kids.

      • MBS

        @Harry, what’s wrong with expecting a team to see an opportunity and taking it?

        Sure, it’s hard to get upset about 7 – 3, but this club needs to show that they can step up when they aren’t playing the Yankee’s and Dodgers. They’re setup for a run like LDS laid out with playing 3 weak teams at home. Now they need to show they can take advantage of it.

      • Nick in NKY

        Ehh. I take the point about unrealistic expectations, but it’s also pretty to valid to point out that the Reds really need to take care of business against struggling teams. If they want to be taken seriously pushing for the postseason, and signal the FO that they to add at the deadline, this next week or two is probably the most critical this year. I think taking 7 out of the next 10 would be a statement.

      • Tony Cloninger

        LDS or LSD which is quite probably what he’s on is an internet posting creation. Sweeping teams is difficult enough when you’re good. With the underperforming players like Benson and maybe this is who he really is. Stephenson not able to get back his first 2 years hitting groove, Fairchild only able to hit LH and poor Fraley and his family situation and injuries. This team is riding India now. Candy except for April and Steer and Elly. And even they are up and down a lot. 4 guys you can count on.
        Bell is annoying not knowing who to use as DH. Should keep India at the top of the order even if it means putting Elly 3rd when TJ comes back. However if TJ and Matt had not been hurt so much they would have 6 guys playing the majority of games and probably a lot better offense. He deserves a lot of credit for the team not quitting. Even if his stay the course comments can be grating.
        7-3 would be great. Now they’ve lost Jake so it’s going to get harder.
        He’s been lacking power but he’s also a good contact hitter and this team lacks that.

  3. Jim t

    Very good road trip. Let’s build on it with a nice home stand and get above 500.

  4. Dennis Westrick

    With this 3-game sweep of the Yankees, the upcoming 10-game home stand takes on even more importance! Need to go 7-3 to get over the .500 hurdle!

    • wkuchad

      See above: 7-3 would be a serious failure.

    • TR

      Five hundred is the goal. From there it’s either up or down.

      • Jimbo44cin

        Yes. Back at 500 should be the goal

  5. Tom Noonan

    If they can sweep all 3 series coming up that would be 13 in a row heading into the AS break. It’s tough to put a streak together that long, but they have 3 very beatable teams coming to Cincy. That would make the 2nd half suddenly very interesting.

    • Ted Alfred

      7-3 or better would be great and that is very possible. Just eliminate the stupid mistakes and keep playing good fundamental baseball and it should happen.

  6. Ted Alfred

    Hopefully the Reds go 7-3 or better on this homestand. If you go back to playing unfocused, poor fundamental baseball and go 5-5 then this road trip doesn’t matter. They have a great chance to go into the break in a really good place considering how poorly the season has gone to this loint. Can David Bell keep them focused and the energy level up and continue playing strong fundamental baseball… or are they going to revert back.. that is the question.

  7. Indy Red Man

    Wow. That was fun, but have to stay hungry. Looks like Elly & India are getting help here and there! Steer gets his big knocks too

    • Indy Red Man

      7 Reds hrs from 7 guys in this series

  8. JB

    Wow they are not happy here in NY. Brother just called as hot as can be. Me? Lovin’ it! I’ll have that bright Reds cap on tonight during my walk. Horns will be blowing and I’ll be getting the number one finger.

  9. wkuchad

    I was indifferent about locking India for two years. There were many complaints about it not too long ago herein. Right now it’s not looking too bad, but it’s a long season. But while he’s hot, I’m loving our one-two punch at the top-of-the-line up right now.

  10. Old-school

    Great series great pitching and some big shots offensively in key situations – steer and fraley today.

    Yankees arent the Orioles

    Get an opportunity next 10 games to see what they can they do for AS break

    They fumbled the NL central in june

    • JB WV

      You commented yesterday I think that after Soto and Judge there’s not much offense. True, but have to give the Reds staff a ton of credit for pitching extremely well in a hostile environment. 7-3 a failure through the next 10? Hardly, Debbie Downer, but not to keep the momentum going after this series would be very disappointing.

      • Old-school

        Huge ten games coming up at home. 7-3 and .500 by the AS game would be fantastic. Reds got home runs from Martini, Fairchild, Benson in NY plus a bases clearing triple by Fraley. If those players contribute offensively, the Reds can do damage. We haven’t seen that though consistently. I will be there this weekend cheering them on.

  11. Myles

    No NL team had ever swept the Yankees in NYC in a 3 game series since interleague play began.

    • Mauired

      Wow that’s pretty cool. That goes back to old Yankee stadium when interleague started 20 years ago?

  12. Doc

    Yankees had three starters whose stats suggested they at least have a shot at All Star selections. Reds hung a loss on all three. If this team continues to get healthy with this pitching staff, it ain’t over til its over.

    • TR

      The Reds pitching has come a long way. They’re no bodies pushover.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Did we give up after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? RIP John Belushi!

      • Jmb

        I see that this time you aided the historically challenged, making sure they got the joke. Sadly, it’s necessary.

  13. Jim Walker

    Good work.

    Now relax and savor on the short plane ride home. Enjoy the evening and catch some fireworks with friends/ family then get back to work tomorrow at GABP.

    They’ve seen once again what they can do. No more excuses, especially crying about injuries. Just play and win being satisfied with nothing less.

  14. RedsGettingBetter

    Now, carry this momentum over home to face 10 times losing teams before the ASG break. Of course, it’s pretty hard to win all the games but they have to win the most as possible. I think 7 is an expected number…Next week should be Lodolo back in the rotation …

    • Jmb

      And then lost to the Bucks in the playoffs. But it was a year to fly the Jolly Roger, as it was in ’71, wasn’t it? But in ’81, the Reds were robbed! Personally, I think the Reds would have taken the Expos in ’94. So that means the Reds were perhaps hurt most by the 2 major mlb strikes.

    • Oldtimer

      Pirates were better team in 1979. And 1971.

      The 1981 season was an anomaly and a screwup by MLB.

      The Reds had a strong team in 1994 and showed it again in 1995.

  15. TJ

    I saw a stat that Reds had the 3rd lowest bullpen era in MLB since May 20th. Starters have been really good lately also. A few key hits in St Louis and they may have had only one loss. Only reason Montas came back out is because he is a workhorse and he asked Bell to go back out. Getting Friedl and Lodolo back shortly will help a lot.

  16. Roger Garrett

    Great job by the Reds in this series.Pitching was great and hitters were good enough especially today.Two one run wins and a win on the get away throw away game.Reds have struggled with both but not this series.Thought todays game would tell us something and it does say we can play with the better teams.Now we come home and lets keep it up and keep winning.

  17. Reddawgs2012

    Yankees Twitter is completely melting down. They seem to have forgotten that they are still 19 games over .500 lol. They wouldn’t last one season as a Reds fan.

    • Jason Franklin

      Funny how big market teams are so spoiled with their fatcat contracts and money. The fans just can’t handle any blemish to their egos.

      • redfanorbust

        That and considering how much money they spend each year and last time they went to the WS was 2009.

    • Jmb

      Yankees fans expect to win every game, and earlier in the season they coming pretty close.

  18. JB WV

    Did the Yankees take the Reds lightly? Certainly not after game one. They were jonesing for a win last night, looked like they were going to come back and get it but couldn’t finish. Reds took it to em today. Old school made a comment that beyond Soto and Judge there’s not much offense. True. But got to give the Refs staff a ton of credit. Excited to see TJ and Lodolo back, hopefully with no one else going down. Could be a fun second half.

  19. RedlegScott

    I’m guessing the Yankees and their fans are pleased as punch to see the Reds leave town. Nice job, boys! Keep the momentum going.

  20. Mark Moore

    Sweeps like this are very much fun. This is pretty much the only AL team I can classify as “despise them” and that started long, long ago.

    • Dennis Westrick

      Likewise, Mark! Started despising the “holier than thou” Yankees after they beat the Reds in the 1961 World series!

      • Jmb

        ’61 was their year. Gotta give it to them. How could anyone expect to beat Maris and Mantle that season?

      • TR

        The Yankees are the Yankees, and they still have the legend of Ruth and Gehrig and their outstanding teams. It’s amazing they only won their first WS championship in 1923 (the first of 27). I remember the scoreboard at Crosley Field where the American League scores were hardly mentioned. It was all National league with the Giants and Dodgers still in New york.

      • Mauired

        Ironically the M and M boys despite the huge years didn’t really impact the 1961 World Series as much as expected.

        1961 was a landmark year for the Reds, Yankees, and baseball.

        Obviously, Mantle and Maris took advantage of expansion and a longer schedule that year in the AL. From 1901 to 1960, it was always 8 teams in each league and 154 games. In 61, the AL added the Angels and the second Senators (current Rangers team). Despite being hospitalized, after a shot of meth and amphetamines from a quack doctor, Mantle set the switch hitter homer record with 54 homers, his career high. And of course Maris broke Ruth’s record that season and kept the AL record until Judge recently broke it.

        The Reds were led by MVP Frank Robinson that year and their greatest owner Powel Crosley died before the season started. The GM, Bill DeWitt Sr, father of Cardinals owner Bill DeWitt Jr, bought the team later that year. DeWitt signed many of the future Big Red Machine stars but unfortunately he will always be remembered for one of the worst trades in baseball history. He traded Frank Robinson to the Baltimore Orioles.

        Sidenote: Powel Crosley not only saved the Reds from possibly leaving after the great depression but turned the team in champions when they won back to back pennants in 1939 and 1940 and beating the Tigers in a seven games series for their 1st clean title. He was one of the most influential Cincinnatians.

        In 1960, the Yankees were stunned when for the 1st time World Series history the Pirates won with a game seven walk off homer in Pittsburgh. It cost hall of fame manager Casey Stengel his job. He had won 7 titles with the Yankees including 5 in a row.

        In 1961, the Reds and Yankees split the 1st two games at Yankee Stadium. And there was a lot of hope in Cincinnati of another big upset. Game 3 was tied in the ninth but Maris hit the go ahead homer (one of two hits in the series). Ironically in the final game 5, while the Yankees offense did dominate with 13 runs in the final World Series game at Crosley Field, Mantle and Berra were benched with injuries and subs Johnny Blanchard and Hector Lopez had four extra base hits. Reds pitching held the M&M boys to 3 hits and 2 RBI.

      • Mauired

        *3 hits and 2 RBI in the entire World Series!

    • Oldtimer

      Yankees are BY FAR the best baseball teams and one of the most dominant pro sports teams of all time.

      No reason to despise them because they are great and you are not.

      • redfanorbust

        A counter to your post oldtimer might be, why they are so good for so long is traditionally the Yankees spend twice as much as league average team payroll. Half of the league is under that average and yet the last time the Yankees went to the WS was 13 years ago. If any given team had the money to go out and buy a Judge, Soto or Ohtani I am pretty sure they would. It’s not rocket science.

      • Indy Red Man

        Try flying out of JFK and you’ll wonder why everyone doesn’t hate NYC

  21. Eddiek957

    I’m really digging Jon in the lead off spot. I dont dislike David but when friedl comes back I hope he doesn’t drop India again.

    • JayTheRed

      Hoping Friedl will fall in behind India in the #2 hole and then just move everyone else down 1 spot.

      • redfanorbust

        Agreed Jaythered. India can walk better than Friedl and Friedl can bunt better than India if need be.

  22. Jason Franklin

    Here is a crazy concept/thought. NOW is the time for Krall to make a move right before the easy part of the schedule and further infuse the team with some talent/excitement. It would show the players that he means business and wants to win. Don’t wait until after the break/trade deadline. Do it while the schedule is weak.

    I would love to see them acquire Luis Robert. He would check off every box they need. A power hitting righthanded bat who plays stellar centerfield/outfield in general. Yes, he has an injury history but that’s part of the gamble. He will cost assests but that would trade would bring fans into the stands, too. So it may be possible?

    • Harry Stoner

      Would you give up Lowder, Petty and Collier?

      • Votto4life

        May I answer? I would be hesitant to trade Rhett Lowder. The Reds have a hard time attracting free agent starting pitchers. I think Lowder will be an important part of the Red’s rotation, as soon as, next year.

        I am not all that sold on Luis Robert Jr. but I would give up Petty, Collier and almost any other prospect for Vladimir Guerrero Jr. I suspect his price tag will be higher.

        The Reds never seem to do well when they try to outbid other teams for free agents or trade targets.

        I would prefer the Reds to be sellers this summer. Maybe deal Montas, Martinez and perhaps India if a team is willing to overpay.

        I am optimistic about the Reds in the near future. I think they will win a divisional title or two with perhaps a deep play off run sometime this decade. I don’t think it will happen in 2024 though.

      • Rob

        I see no way that any acquisition will require 3 top 5 prospects. Luis Arreaz cost the Pads a #6, #9, and #12 I believe. He is the league batting champ and an all star. Castillo cost the Mariners 2 top 5 prospects. I can’t foresee the math being being too much different on Guerra, Bellinger, or whoever. 2 top 10s like Arroyo and Collier plus a young throw in like Dunn or Benson or Williamson would be a pretty sweet offer to a rebuilding team.

        Another thing in the Reds favor toward making a trade are the plans of the Cards and Pirates. Both are in the rebuilding phase although Skenes is causing some changes of heart in Pittsburg. I would bet against the Cards and Pirates trading away young talent to improve this years team. The Brewers, Mets, Dodgers, Pads, and Braves are going to be the competition here. Our prospect tree is as good as anyone though and we can win here.

      • Redsvol

        For Dylan cease I would. But no for the type of players that are going to be available at this years deadline.

        If Toronto decides to tear it down I might consider it for 1 of their starting pitchers with team control. You don’t trade 18 years of team control for 1 year unless you’re one of the best teams in baseball. We aren’t one of the top 5 teams in baseball.

      • MBS

        I’d give up Arroyo, Petty, Collier, and an A ball arm for 3 years of Robert JR.

    • Jmb

      Robert is hiting under .200, isn’t he?

    • redfanorbust

      Yes he would cost assets but who is the question. The wild card in all this is there will be a bidding war and let us not forget the WS GM is Chris give me your whole team for my guy Getz.
      Guessing Lowder, Arroyo, Collier and or Williamson or some such iteration of that. All that for one good outfield who is oft injured. As you mentioned it would be a gamble. A really big one, too big IMO for all these players who the Reds can count on for significant years of quality help and depth for the team.

  23. Mark Moore

    7-3 to finish the first half means we probably took all three upcoming series. 8-2 would be better, but 7-3 will help. 10-0 would also be very welcome.

  24. Andrew Brewer

    The Reds won the series in NY last year, if I remember, but then got swept by the Yankees later in the season at home, when they were slumping.
    It would be nice if this were the beginning of a winning streak, but hey, don’t count on it. It’s still one game at a time.
    Nice to see Fraley in the lineup today and raking in three with a triple. His bat is too important to sit him. I think I’ve seen him with three hits against lefties too, which he doesn’t get to bat against often.

  25. Votto4life

    The Reds will likely acquire a RH power hitter next month in the MLB draft. I am not sure spending a ton in prospects or money (or both) to chase a WC spot would be the best approach. Might as well hold tight, get healthy and get ready for 2025.

    Buying at the deadline would have been the approach to take last year.

    • Mark A Verticchio

      I don’t know if the Reds can find a way into the playoffs with their pitching they could be a tough out.

    • Votto4life

      I will say though, if the Reds can add a player who can help the team win moving forward, then yes, they should at least explore it.

  26. CFD3000

    Doug, I’m disappointed. You and the whole team do a wonderful job in general and with game recaps in particular. Late game? No problem. Double header? No problem. West coast school night? No problem. We rely on you and you always deliver. Until today. The turning point / key moment of this game apparently happened before the first pitch but RLN was the last to know.

    Graham Ashcraft doing the Reds and Alex Blandino proud winning the post anthem stand-off set the tone for the day and the sweep! Your penance is to enjoy the rest of Independence Day savoring a Reds sweep of the hated Yankees. Thanks for all you do!

  27. crrob

    I live in North Jersey and had a chance to get to todays game. What a great team win, played well in all phases of the game the past 3 days. Yankee fans are fed up with their team. Definitely a treat to see Judge in person

  28. Jeremiah

    I was reading some Yankees fans are ready to fire Boone. They sound like us Reds fans who think it’s time for Bell to go! Kinda funny though, fans are pretty much the same for most teams. I am a little surprised Boone has lasted this long though with Yankees.

    7-3 homestand would be good for the Reds, 6-4 ok, 5-5 or less a disappointment. I have no idea what to expect for the Reds at this point. It’ll be interesting to see as I wouldn’t be surprised if not big crowds for a lot of these games, not a lot of energy from the opposing teams/excitement for fans to see Detroit, Colorado or Miami, so it’s just going to be are the Reds playing well themselves.

  29. JB WV

    So what was the point of Ashcraft and Spiers trying to out-patriotize the Yankees guys? A gimmick or some sort of political statement?

    • JMO

      BC it’s baseball and who doesn’t love a good ole national anthem standoff? Plus the Reds are full of patriotic baseball players

    • JB WV

      Will they be fined for delaying the game like last year’s Phillies/Red Sox game?

  30. Klugo

    Well, now we know we can do it when we see them in the World Series.

  31. Rob

    We have platoon OFs and a very weak bench. That is not the formula for scoring runs in the late innings in tight games. Not unusual for us to pinch hit Fairchild and Dunn for Fraley, Benson, and Martini in the 6th or 7th inning and then watch their 9th inning AB be against a RHP. When they both are hitting less than 100 against RHP. We badly need an everyday, every inning OF who does not require a pinch hitter. Equally need a more powerful option off the bench than Espinal, Dunn, Maile, etc. the return of Friedl makes one improvement to the bench. The acquisition of a big bat would mean a second improvement off the bench.

    • RedlegScott

      Practically impossible to disagree with that statement, Rob.

  32. Jmb

    I don’t see the Yanks taking a second try with Montas, but every other pitcher used today was on advertisement. They need bullpen help! I’m surprised Benson and Fraley didn’t play a bit more over the 3 games. Benson hit one out and then hardly played. I guess that was enough of an ad.

    • Indy Red Man

      Idk why we’d be sellers at this point?

      • Jim Walker

        I’m with you. However, Montas seems to be a favorite of the sellers’ club.

        He is being paid $14m for 2024 and has a mutual option with the Reds for 2025 at $20m against s $2m buyout. At the deadline that will represent ~$6.7m in remaining sunken cost.

        Some other guys…..

        >Sims is in his walk year.
        >Maile would be owed 3.5M in 2025 against a $500K buyout
        >Pagan’s remaining sunken cost will be ~$2.7m in 2024 salary plus the $2.5K option on 2025 (player option so the Reds could be stuck with the full $8m for 2025)
        >Suter is due $3.5m in 2025 against a $250K buyout (team option) making his deadline sunken cost remaining just over $1m.

        There may be others but I am pressed for time 😉

      • Mauired

        Exactly. You don’t sell if the team is only a few games of playoffs in July. I don’t understand this obsession with winning the division. Yes you get home field advantage in the playoffs. But making the playoffs is making the playoffs. It really doesn’t matter. The new GM Meador just said a few days ago they are unsure but leaning towards buyers.

      • Jim Walker

        @Mauired>> Not sure exactly when you showed up here; but, forever there seems to be a group of folks dedicated to the proposition that no contract should ever be let to expire/ end as an even trade of $$$ paid for services rendered unless it is a veteran (like Votto et al) who is playing out the string on a long term deal. Instead, they want to deal the folks whose contracts end with the season or who are set to get a big raise the next year if their option is rolled over.

        I am waiting to see how they will posture if the Reds are ever in a commanding position such as the Brewers seem to be but have some valuable guys on expiring deals.

  33. Indy Red Man

    This Olson kid going for Detroit has a solid 3.32 era, but do did Stroman. They’ve also dropped 13 of his 16 starts. Reds only -114 so I took them. Hopefully it’s not a trap.
    I’m a velocity guy so not jumping on board with everyone else on Spiers yet. Atleast some chance he’s Overton part II. He was just pumping 91 mph top of the zone last game. That might work in St Louis

    • old-school

      Dan Straily wasn’t a power pitcher but had 3 pretty fair seasons for the Reds/Marlins
      There’s an optimistic comp.

  34. Roger Garrett

    Spiers can pitch and no he will not light up the gun but he has 4 pitches and throws strikes.Call him a number 5 and put Ash in the pen and tell him to let it rip at high velo for an inning or so.Gives you another long man and Reds now have 3 guys that can go multiple innings in the pen.Moll,Cruz and Diaz late and well I like it.

  35. Kevin H

    I truly believe with CES, McLain, and Friedl healthy and Marte not suspended the Reds would be at least 10 games over 500 at this point.

    The guys who have been playing while good pieces to have are not starting caliber mlb players and it shows. Martini, Espinal, Dunn would not be on the team, and possibly Fairchild.

    All moot though, and it has been enjoyable watching the young pitchers take another step. I do believe a playoff run would be beneficial for this team. Even if 1st round of playoffs.

    • MBS

      That’s the problem with the constant rebuilds. Yes you add a bunch of young exciting players, but you strip the winning culture away from an organization. Good organizations have good players on the IL and remain good. Bad organizations with a good team can’t do that.

      • BK

        The Reds were widely criticized for signing Candelario with no place to play him and for retaining India for the same reason. On the pitching side, they have four pitchers in the minors who are ready for the big leagues according to most pundits. It’s hard to overcome four starting position players with long term injuries. The best position player prospect is also out for the season. Are there other contenders missing 3 to 5 starters for most of the season?

      • MBS

        @BK, I’m not sure if I follow your line of thinking here. Are you saying that they should have traded India, and not signed Candy? I would say it’s clear that the people who “widely criticized” a team for trying to get deeper were wrong.

        I was for the Candy signing and retaining India. I also wanted a proven power hitting outfielder. That OF bat would be really handy all season had we signed it.

        Not having Friedl, and McLain really hurts, but it might be premature to call Marte, and CES starters. I was a lot more excited about CES going into the year, than I am now. Hopefully his poor season was due to an existing injury. Marte looked great in his limited time last year, but the PED question will surround him until he proves otherwise.

      • BK

        No, that is not what I am saying. I am saying the Reds have an injury problem, not a culture problem. Please show me the teams that have comparable injuries and a culture that has enabled them to overcome the loss of half of their starting position players.

        The Reds are at a talent deficit due to injuries. I recall, to some extent, we were both on board with adding depth across the board.

      • MBS

        OK, I follow you now. I think we have both problems. Organizationally winning hasn’t been a priority, and we have had too many injuries. That double whammy is why we’ve been floating between 3rd, 4th, and 5th place in the division.

        We have talented players who can sweep the Yankees, and the Dodgers but let down when the play poor teams. That’s a sign of an immature team that hasn’t learned how to win consistently.

    • redfanorbust

      Agreed 100% Kevin. Injuries are the reason I don’t complain about our lack of hitting. Now if we were at full strength or thereabouts and had this record then I would not spare the complaining.

  36. Patrick

    This is a difficult team to figure out. They sweep the Dodgers. They sweep the Yankees. However, when they play teams not as dominant as the Dodgers and Yankees, the Reds struggle to get things going. Reality … sweeping the Dodgers and Yankees is my World Series for the Reds this year. I am expecting a let down. Hopefully I’m wrong.

  37. Roger Garrett

    Reds played well for 3 games against a team without Stanton and Rizzo.Judge nor Soto beat them and they won the first two games with 5 hits and 3 hits.Luck ok stars lined up just right ok but they won because they hit 7 home runs and the pitchers got key outs.Sustainable, probably not winning that way but they could go on a run.I like India,Elly,Candy and Steer and if and its a big if Fraley,Martini and Benson contribute like they did these 3 games along with Tyler and Marte then we don’t look bad.Its all about just putting the ball in play,making the simple plays on defense including throwing the ball in and NOT giving away outs on the bases.Elly can be the splash guy with his arm and legs and power but the rest just need to be who they are.Reds and Bell just need to remain focused on the game and the situation in the game and play ball.
    It always has been and always will be a team game.Wouldn’t you just love to have Walker or Thomas or that guy with the White Sox as that big right handed bat right now?

  38. Roger Garrett

    Every team has injuries.The fans of the Yankees know Stanton and Rizzo are out but they still expect the others to pick up the slack,owners to go get players if needed and the manager to get the most out of what he has.They expect to win and as a fan of the Reds I expect us to win.Sure if we had the guys we expected to play with we would be a better team and probably would have a better record.Problem is we don’t and won’t have these guys cause injuries happen and injuries are hard if not impossible to control and predict.Reds record is primarily because of poor play and poor managing.I don’t expect some of these guys to be great or even good but I do expect them to put the ball in play,play good defense and stop giving away outs on the bases.I also expect the manager to correct their mistakes and do his best to make the best decisions possible at all times in addition to putting the best lineup he can on the field and to put each player in position to be successful.Reds and Bell just showed they can play and manage a complete series as one player said yesterday.Its time to grow up for the players and past time for the manager.GO REDS

  39. Mark A Verticchio

    Fraley got a big hit yesterday and is out of the line up in a big game tonight. That move shows off the problem with this team led by Bell. There is no sense of urgency, they just don’t realize that every game is a big and that is on Bell.

    • Kevin H

      Maybe Fraley dealing with his daughter having cancer has something to do with him not playing as much?

      I could be wrong, however has to be mentally exhausting. Stressful and worriesome

      • Mark A Verticchio

        That could be, Prayers to Jake and his family.

      • Indy Red Man

        That’s terrible. Well wishes to the Original Viking and his family!