The Cincinnati Reds hit two home runs on Wednesday night in New York and it was just enough to outlast the Yankees for a 3-2 win. The victory guaranteed Cincinnati a series win and they can go for a sweep on Thursday afternoon.

Final R H E
Cincinnati Reds (41-45)
3 3 0
New York Yankees (54-34)
2 5 0
W: Abbott (8-6) L:Rodon (9-6) SV: Diaz (19)
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The Reds got things started in the top of the 2nd inning when Tyler Stephenson singled into center for Cincinnati’s first hit. Their second hit followed about a minute later when Noelvi Marte hit a 111.5 MPH bullet into the seats in left field for a 2-run homer that gave Cincinnati the lead.

In the bottom of the 3rd inning Andrew Abbott found himself in trouble, though it was not through his own doing. After retiring the first two hitters of the inning he walked Juan Soto and Aaron Judge on full counts where he clearly threw strikes if we are to believe Hawkeye’s pitch tracking but the umpire once again missed the call. Abbott would eventually get a grounder to shortstop to end the inning with no damage and preserve Cincinnati’s 2-0 advantage.

Two innings later the Reds were back at it and playing longball once again. This time it was a leadoff homer off of the bat of Stuart Fairchild to extend Cincinnati’s lead to three runs.

Andrew Abbott continued cruising through the 5th and 6th innings. With 90 pitches under his belt and the bottom of the lineup due up, he returned to the mound for the 7th. He would get a ground out to third base to begin the inning, but Jahmai Jones followed with a double to end the day for the Reds lefty.

David Bell called on Fernando Cruz to enter the game and things didn’t go as planned. Cruz walked Austin Wells then gave up a 2-run double to Anthony Volpe to cut Cincinnati’s lead to 3-2. A wild pitch would then move Volpe over to third base. Juan Soto followed with a walk to put runners on the corners for the hottest hitter in the universe, Aaron Judge. Pitching coach Derek Johnson then made a walk to the mound to talk things over. The words whispered must have worked because one pitch to Judge ended the inning as he grounded into an inning-ending double play.

Lucas Sims entered the game in the 8th inning for the Reds and the Yankees sent pinch hitter Ben Rice to the plate and it paid off as he drew a leadoff walk. A force out at second followed before Noelvi Marte made a fantastic play in foul territory on a running grab right before making contact with the netting. DJ LeMahieu came through with a single into right to put the tying run at second base. Aaron Boone called for Trent Grisham to hit for Jahmai Jones, but David Bell countered by bringing in lefty Justin Wilson and he struck out Grisham on three pitches to send the game to the 9th.

After the Reds struck out in order during the top of the 9th inning, Alexis Diaz took the mound in the bottom of the frame with a 1-run lead. After getting ahead 0-2, Austin Wells fouled off four pitches before drawing a leadoff walk. Diaz followed up by getting a grounder to short that Elly De La Cruz and Jonathan India turned into a double play to erase the runner. That brought Juan Soto to the plate and two pitches later he flew out to shallow left field to end the game.

Key Moment of the Game

Alexis Diaz getting Anthony Volpe to ground into a double play in the 9th. Without that he’d have had to have faced both Juan Soto and Aaron judge in the inning with the tying run on base.

Notes Worth Noting

Jonathan India’s walk extended his on-base streak to 14 games.

Elly De La Cruz stole his 41st base of the season.

Andrew Abbott walked more batters than he struck out for the second game in a row. He’s got 10 walks in his last two starts with four strikeouts, but he’s also allowed just three runs in 11.1 innings.

The pitching staff as a whole had eight walks and just three strikeouts on the night.

This is the first series win for the Reds since winning back-to-back series against the Rockies and Cubs between June 3rd and 9th. This is the first time they’ve had back-to-back wins since June 12th and 14th.

Up Next for the Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds vs New York Yankees

Thursday July 4th, 1:05pm ET

Frankie Montas (3-6, 4.23 ERA) vs Marcus Stroman (7-3, 3.29 ERA)

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  1. RedlegScott

    Got to give Fairchild credit, too, for hitting what turned out to be the game winner.

    • lgr

      He’s been soooo unlucky in big moments as well, hope he can be an OK replacement for TJ Friedl just for a little longer. I would rather have him than Benson in center all day.

  2. Pharmer85

    Home plate umpire was terrible tonight. Hopefully Porter behind the plate tomorrow. He’s usually pretty good.

    • Dennis Westrick

      I know MLB keeps all kinds of game stats, but I wonder how many games have been won by a team with only 3 hits AND 13 strikeouts! Efficiency at its finest tonight!

      • Longtimefan

        We’ve gotten 8 total hits in this series so far but have won both games. Thank God for solid starting pitching. Got to eventually be able to get some consistent offense to make a run.

      • Jim t

        How about the fact that the Yankees only had 5 hits, hit GIDP twice and got beat by a team with 3 hits and a bunch of strike outs while playing at home. Two nice wins by the reds in the Bronx. I read a comment that this was an abysmal win. LMAO!! Taking a series in the Bronx is never abysmal.

      • Don

        Someone explain to me why Bell puts a .190 BA in the DH? I can’t imagine it.

      • Still a Red

        Ah there it is! A Bell screw up. Benson, Maile, Martini better options.

  3. Andrew Brewer

    Yankee pitching has been really good. The long ball with a man on has made the difference. Homeruns from the unlikely in game two: Marte’ and Fairchild ! But with only 3 hits total, it’s like wow ! The Reds won another one run game, and against the Yankees.

    • Ted Alfred

      Speaking of Marte, it’s great that he had the big two-run dinger to break his o-fer streak since his 1st game back vs Stl… but let me know the next time he makes a good throw to first base because it’s an adventure literally every time

      • Andrew Brewer

        He made the play on Judge’s hard hit ground ball that turned into a dbl play. When he dropped the pop up the other day, oh my, but he made the effort today and got one going into the netting. His batting has me more concerned. And Dunn is looking lost up there too.

      • TR

        Erratic throws from third base to first reminds me of a player who came up with the Reds and was a dangerous hitter, EE, Edwin Encarnacion.

      • Jmb

        He needs to move to left, EDLC to right, India to DH, and Candy needs to be traded in the off-season, if not sooner. The Reds infield is horrible at defense.

  4. Dennis Westrick

    If I read the Play-by-Play on ESPN’s website correctly, 3 of the Reds 4 relief pitchers issued walks to the first batter they faced! Understanding that there were some questionable calls tonight by the HP umpire, need to clean up that walking the first batter tendency!

    Any win is a good win right now! And beating the Yankees in their park makes it even sweeter!

    • Amarillo

      Diaz’s should be forgiven. He was up 0-2 and then the hitter fouled off 4 pitches and worked a 10 pitch walk.

  5. Jeremiah

    I thought the Reds would maybe win 1 game in NY, or get swept. Boy you just never know with these Reds! The Yankees are slumping so Reds might have caught them at a good time.

    Good wins though, especially Diaz locking the games down in the 9th a real positive. I’m surprised some of the really good teams like the Yankees and Dodgers really have a lot of holes in their lineups like the Reds on a nightly basis. It seems Offense all over the Majors is just not as good this year.

    If the Reds sweep the Yankees that’d be impressive.

    • Jmb

      They’ve played well against the Phils, Dodgers, and Yanks. But what about the rest?

  6. Ted Alfred

    So the Reds have had a great road trip and get to wrap up the first half before the break with 7 at home…4 vs the Rockies and 3 vs Miami. Will the Reds keep playing well… or will they play down to their competition like they usually have this season. They’ve got a really good record against the better teams in the league, but not very good against the bad teams and you just can’t do that. To me that goes to focus and motivation, which is right in a manager’s wheelhouse. They have a great chance to finish strong going to the 2nd half with a lot of momentum.

    • Ted Alfred

      I just realized they’ve actually got 10 more games before the break after they wrap up with the Yankees tomorrowm.. leading off with 3 vs Detroit, so they really really have a great chance to go on a quite a run here

      • Rcsodak

        Think the last time that phrase was uttered, ited to a losing streak.
        How’s about sticking with the ol one game at a time, shall we?

    • Jeremiah

      Don’t forget 3 vs. Detroit first too, 10 games against teams they have better records then. You’d think they could at least go 7-3 on the upcoming homestand but I don’t know if it matters too much who the Reds play, they seem to kind of play to the level of competition. It’s great they are winning against the Yankees, but I agree, we’ll kind of see who more the Reds really are in the homestand I think as far as consistency or lack of consistency going into the break.

  7. Moon

    Reds continue to play to the level of competition. They play really well against the Yankees and Dodgers. Not so well against the bottom feeders. Pitching has been decent but offense is still weak. Do the Reds have the worst DH in MLB?

    • Jeremiah

      I feel like Candelario is probably hurt, I worry they are playing with him being about 80% or so. He’s their #3 hitter too most nights. I think the next 10 games or so are going to be telling about Candelario if he starts picking it up again or not.

      • Mauired

        Maybe they should utilize the DH to protect his legs and health. Instead of using Santiago there batting 8th.

      • Melvin

        “Maybe they should utilize the DH to protect his legs and health. Instead of using Santiago there batting 8th.”


  8. JMO

    I feel a sweep of the Yanks is coming tom, then we go prob 8-2 on the home stand if not better..Lets go!

  9. Stoney

    Another great performance from Abbott. Wasn’t a pretty game offensively but a win is a win. I’ll take a series win over the Yanks all day long. Those DP’s were huge. Never know what will happen in these games.

      • Tom noonan

        Our SP has been very good giving the Reds a chance every game. If we can get hot, the Reds can get on a roll.

  10. CFD3000

    If you’d told me the Reds would have 3 hits, strike out 13 times, and issue 8 walks I’d have said that’s a loss for sure. Except somehow it wasn’t. I don’t know what to make of a game like this but sometimes baseball is funny like that. A good win. How about a sweep, then a run before the all star break? Happy Independence Day all!

  11. RedsGettingBetter

    Aaron Judge batting a 106 MPH grounder for a double play was very important to
    let the Reds holding the 1-run lead and the tying run at 3rd base being stranded.
    Abbott reached his 8th win tying his own last year mark.
    I think Marte is going to be swinging better and getting the best shape while he continues playing game by game.
    I wonder if the Reds will be able to sweep the Yankees tomorrow. Stroman is tough but the Reds sometimes have hit him well. Expecting Montas could show his best stuff looking for that huge victory.

  12. JB WV

    Defense won the game tonight and a some fortuitous hops. Marte made a hell of a play on the dead run to get that pop foul and Elly was solid at short. Had Yanks fans screaming in my ear in the late innings but got the last laugh. Good day to be a Reds fan!

    • Jim Walker

      They picked a perfect time to finally turn a couple of GIDP.

    • Redsvol

      @JB WV.- you are a man in my book for going to the Bronx and cheering on our Reds. Way to be!

  13. CincyDo

    Finally won a series, getting the monkey off their backs so to speak. Win tomorrow and we will be looking at possibly a 13 game win streak to end 1st half. Let’s dream big 🙂

    • Rcsodak

      jeebus people! Quit with the winning streak prognosticating! They’re a whopping 5-5, and have won 2 against a team that’s 3-7. Screw the names on their jerseys. That’s nothing to be tooting your horn about. Cart before the horse much? ?

    • Ted Alfred

      Win 8 of the 11 before the break and go into the 2nd half over .500…dare to dream

      • CincyDo

        Hope and dream is what keeps me stay a loyal fan of the Reds

  14. Jim Walker

    The Reds put on their big boy britches tonight and found a way to win. Now they need to hitch them up and finish the job. 5-2 sounds so much better than 4-3.

  15. Jason Franklin

    Great win tonight. Abbott was mistreated by the home plate ump at least on 3 potential strikeout calls. (Funny how the ump was very generous to Yankees hitters though).

    I would love to see the Reds go 7-3 or 8-2 in their next 10, but there’s something that works against them: fundamentals. The team is not good fundamentally and typically solid teams can maintain a extended winning streak.

    • Ted Alfred

      I really believe this 10 game homestretch coming off such a nice road trip is kind of the make or break for the 2nd half of the season. You have to take advantage of the schedule and beat the teams you should, but like you said, playing consistently good fundamental baseball is not what this team does well. When you watch this team olay the better teams you can see the talent… that’s why they have a good record against the stronger teams. To me, the poor record against the average to bad teams is simply a lack of focus and motivation, which should come from the manager. We’ll see what happens.

      • Roger Garrett

        100% correct but India has said more then once that Bell doesn’t ask them to do much other then to have fun.Unless he changes and does demand then to improve and work on the things everybody sees then well.

      • Still a Red

        I don’t think a bunch of hungry young men, most of which are earning minimum wage, dreaming of 8 figure salaries, need a lot of managing to keep motivated. And they aren’t little leaguers chewing the leather straps on their mitts wondering about which flavor of ice cream they’re going to get after the game. I think the manager does need to show confidence in their abilities…like letting Cruz pitch to Judge at a critical point. Was Cruz pumped! Of course if Cruz gave one up everyone would have faulted Bell and said he has no feel for the game. I’d say that that decision was based on feel.

      • Mark Moore

        Roger … +10,000

        I’m on the same page.

        Still a Red …

        Keep in mind that “minimum wage” is high 6 figures. Plus all the perks of playing at this level. I don’t see it as #75 of 30 needing to “show confidence” as much as showing the kind of leadership we see elsewhere at this level. IMO, that’s severely lacking and we constantly see evidence of that. It’s complacency with “who we are”.

      • Still a Red

        Who’s providing the leadership you are seeing elsewhere? Counsell with the Cubs.
        While I certainly would take the MLB minimum wage in a heart beat, my point is it they are still at the bottom of their peers and I suspect life as a mlb rookie is not all a bed of roses.


    First off, there no such thing as an abysmal win. Wins are always a good thing regardless of occurrences within the game.
    The HP umpiring sucked.
    Marte will a very special hitter dependent on his maturation point approaching it’s apex.
    His defense is a different story. He plays 3B like his heart still covets SS. If, that part is true(I’m guessing, mostly). Mgmt needs to stern up on that and remind him that he still has milb options and he can work on his flaws there until his defense improves enough.
    If his heart is growing fond of 3rd, and either way, then Benevides & Co. need to really work with fundamentals and arm slots on his release & distances. For a young SS he hasn’t had a whole lot of instructional coaching if you think about it. Or, he may need to learn to play the outfield before next season. A good CF’er he may make.
    Let’s sweep them tomorrow and do not field their b team getaway lineup.

  17. Mark Moore

    Side note (and a repeated theme) …

    I didn’t get to watch a lot of the game (did have it on radio feed more), but once again the HP Chumpire and Bizzarro/Flex-O-Zone seemed to be a constant topic of conversation. Sadly, this will not change until MLB and the MLBPA grow some and take action. It’s harming the game in tangible ways and the Chumpires don’t appear to have any incentive to learn and improve. The inconsistency gets me as much as the bad zones (which in some cases are at least consistent). And some of the older dudes just need to hang up their masks for good.

    Here’s to a shot at sweeping the NYY’s today.

  18. Rob

    Very fortunate to win 2 games against the Yanks with 8 hits total. Am happy but seriously I do not expect that type of offense to result in success over the upcoming home stand. Just don’t know why we don’t want to improve this offense. Espinal, Maile, Jordan, and an injured Fraley as your bench bats? Or your DH? The banged up Brewers pitching staff just added Civale. The Dodgers are chasing Crochet. (Probably not a good move though considering his innings pitched to date.). Let’s talk about how good this pitching staff is and how good this team could be with 1-2 bats. Bellinger would be a nice add for 3 months or 1.5 years.

  19. Roger Garrett

    Reds made the pitches and hit the homers to win 2 games but today will tell us something.Reds won back to back one run games and now lets see if they can win the get away throw away game.I am fan and always hope this is the game or series that turns it around.Krall said yesterday lets see how we play over the next two weeks and hopefully we do well and make a push for the post season.Of course what else would he say or if it was us what else would we say.Every team is in it until they ain’t but this team is a long way from being what they could be.Still fan too much,still are really bad on defense and the base running is well at times just awful.All can be fixed or at least improved but we haven’t see it yet and if we do we have a chance to make some noise.Lets see as Krall said.

    • Mark Moore

      I’ll get accused of a pervasive negative attitude, but we’re not playing in October even if we get a couple more pieces. We’ve benefitted from some timely blasts these past couple of days and even teams like the NYY’s slump. I don’t want to see us sell some of our guys (like India) but the market and need are great and the return could be stellar.

      Winning the NLC is the only way we play in October and I don’t see that happening. The Bernies are already in a far superior position. The Wild Card Scrum has way too many teams to climb over. I’d prefer to see us focus on solid, fundamental play and what the future of a Reds team might look like. TJ has injury issues and won’t contribute much this season. CES and MattyMc are out until 2025. Marte, even if he lights it up, isn’t playing in October regardless.

      So all the “bluff” talk from Krall means zero to me. Others will pay far more for available talent than we will. And I still have no faith in #75 of 30 to effectively get the team in a more disciplined state. But that’s all just me and my little opinion.

  20. Steven Ross

    With the trade deadline approaching, I’m hoping Reds are buyers. I could see Montas being dealt but no way India. Not with McLain still out. Brent Rooker from the A’s is a name to watch. We could use some OF help. Until then, get to .500!

    • Rob

      I am sorry but I am having a hard time understanding how trading one of our core players or pitchers is going to improve this 2024 team. I will grant you Montas would be in demand but I don’t see that demand equating to a big bat. Especially for a rental like Montas. More likely a prospect(s) or a #7 hitter like Fairchild or Fraley. I don’t see that any of those improve the 2024 team. Same with India. IMO, the only way you are going to improve this team is to acquire 1-2 big bats. A contender is not likely to give those up. A non contender, and the list will probably grow in the next 2 weeks, would be willing to discuss unloading a (higher price) big bat but the non contender will deal with whoever offers the best prospect package. Like like year, we can compete with any team here but there also has to be the desire to improve and make the necessary trades. Trading Montas or India will result in salary savings but won’t improve the 2024 team.

  21. VaRedsFan

    Maile back in the lineup again today….No Ty Steve.

    Heard the other day that William Contreras has played all but 1 game for the Brewers.

    • Mark Moore

      Well, “the book” says to do what it says to do. Can’t argue with it despite any facts or suggestions.

    • Mark Moore

      And Benson in CF … not sure I like that plan even with Stewie hitting spit against RHP’s.

  22. Indy Red Man

    Any Reds fan brave enough to take a broom in there? Lol. Win today and a 7-3 home stand gets them over .500. Lose and they’d have to go 8-2. With all their flaws they are 9-0 vs the White Sox, Angels, and Rockies so 7-3 isn’t asking that much imo.
    Our rotation looks good.

    Just wish they’d add a bat and it doesn’t have to be a big name. It’s not hard to improve on Espinal, Martini, Benson, etc.
    Yankees broadcast even mentioned how light hitting Espinal has played in over half our games. He sucks. Can’t hit his way out of a wet paper sack

    • JA

      Agree in your comment. We don’t need super sluggers… only to improve the ones who have very weak hitting

      Reds pitching has been very good in general in 2024

    • Mauired

      Not a small upgrade but how about a trade for Vladimir Guerrero Jr and Joey Votto. Votto is finally playing in minors. If healthy he’s probably ready by trade deadline. Guerrero has this year and next before free agency. Watch him hit 50 bombs next year and win an MVP so he can get his mega deal. Happens all the time. Career year is normally right before free agency.

    • Rob

      I don’t what the definition of a big bat is. But I think for the Reds to be contenders, we need an everyday OF who can hit somewhere in the top of the order. A threat and more than an above average 750 OPS guy. Not a #7 hitter like Fraley or Fairchild. I am thinking 850-900 OPS territory. I have said before I could see ONeill, Bellinger, Robert, etc. qualifying here. I am less concerned about the price tag than I am the particular player. Someone with the specs above.

  23. Mark A Verticchio

    How tired could Stephenson be? Bell continues to be Bell and that is not a compliment.

    • JA

      Unless Tyler is having an injury… there is no reason to have him in the bench (if a pitcher preference, TS should be the DH)

      • Mauired

        Santiago Espinal has almost as many DH starts as Tyler Stephenson. I don’t know what planet Bell is a good manager but he should go there.