The Cincinnati Reds made a set of roster moves prior to tonight’s game against the New York Yankees. The club has called up outfielder Blake Dunn from Louisville and have optioned Levi Jordan to Triple-A.

Cincinnati has a need for an outfielder right now with Spencer Steer moving to first base with Jeimer Candelario nursing tendinitis in his knee and spending more time as the club’s designated hitter. The Reds have used Santiago Espinal in the outfield out of necessity, and he had never played there as a big leaguer before, but did have 101 innings there back in 2019 in the minor leagues.

Dunn, who joined the Reds early in June and spent nine days with the team before being optioned, is now back in the big leagues. He recently returned from the injured list in Louisville, where he spent a week, after he was hit in the head/face with a 93 MPH fastball that landed him on the IL with a face laceration.

The outfielder only played in seven games with the Reds in June and had just 10 at-bats. He went 1-10 with a double, a walk, and a hit-by-pitch. Dunn has some of the best speed in the organization and if nothing else can provide value on the basepaths as a pinch runner. But he’s also a good defender who could fill in there if asked.

Levi Jordan was called up in late June by Cincinnati. He made his big league debut on June 24th and went 1-3 with a double, run, and an RBI. He would play in each game over the next six days, but start in just one of them and go 0-7 during that stretch. Now he will head back to Triple-A to rejoin the Bats and look for his next opportunity to get the call back up to the majors.

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  1. Mark Moore

    A little bit of shuffling … hope it can produce something. We’ll see how much action Dunn gets and hope he learned from the last time around.

    • JB WV

      Thanks Klugo, after a long drive to NYC
      I needed that laugh. We do need Friedl

      • Mauired

        Going to the game? If so please bring home a winner.

    • Doc

      We need Adam Dunn, but that’s not happening either.

      • Jim Walker

        Recalling that many folks thought A.Dunn K’d (26.6%) too often for a .900/130 OPS/OPS+ and better than 30HR per season average as a Reds player.

        What would those folks make of Benson (34.6% K) .740/102 OPS/OPS+ and 20HR in a season and a half????

      • Harry Stoner

        I wonder what Adam Dunn would make of the 2024 MLB slider?

  2. LDS

    Hopefully Dunn gets to play enough to find out if he can

    • Jason Franklin

      Totally agree. I really don’t see the point to give up on Dunn yet. Seems a lot of folks on here want to base his ability on a callup he when he was literally still recovering from an injury (the Reds probably rushed him up in regards to the injury).

  3. Roger Garrett

    He is up and in the lineup tonight batting 9th and in right field.Don’t know anything about tendinitis but would a DL trip handle it?Day to day stuff that goes longer means playing shorthanded.Any news on Fraley?He missed 4 games and was back Sunday and missed again last night.

    • Jim Walker

      If you did not see last night, Fraley was definitely with the team and dressed out to play. He came onto the field for the victory walk off.

      • Jim Walker

        No quotes from Dr. Bell yesterday about Fraley and none that I have seen today monitoring the team, and beat writers’ X accounts (5:30pm Weds)

  4. Mauired

    If there any question at all that Espinal is a better defender than India? What’s the logic of putting a glove 1st player at DH while bat 1st player is playing the field? Bell is something else.

    • Doc

      How many games last week did the bat first second baseman cost us with his glove?

    • DW

      I was thinking the same thing. Should be Espinal at 2B. Either Candy or India at DH, though I’d rather see India than Candy at 1B at this point.

  5. DHud

    “ Cincinnati has a need for an outfielder right now with Spencer Steer moving to first base with Jeimer Candelario nursing tendinitis in his knee and spending more time as the club’s designated hitter.”

    And for tonight’s lineup – we get Candy 1B and .193 hitter Espinal DH

    I want to know the last time an MLB team employed a .193 hitter at DH

    • Jason Franklin

      You probably don’t need to look to far back to find one! Espinal was hitting Dh on the 26th of June. We can probably find some DH time by Candy in April or May when he was scuttling.

    • Seattle77

      This past Saturday the Mariners used Mitch Garver as their DH vs. the Twins (also batting fourth, mind you.) He’s hitting .172

  6. Mark A Verticchio

    Espinal should be at 2nd and India DH. I defy anybody to figure out how Bell thinks.

    • Matt WI

      Gotta be something along the lines of “India is locked in, don’t wanna mess with his process and staying in the field keeps his head in the game.”… not saying that makes sense, mind you.

    • Rob

      Doesn’t make sense to me either. A DH can never play in the field without penalty of pitcher having to bat. So Espinal will not see any defensive position tonight. Believe that would record as a minus. A DH can be pinch hit for without penalty. But we would never pinch hit for India. So if one of our platoons pinch hit for Espinal in the late innings, we don’t have to find a 2B replacement for Espinal. Like burning 2 bench players. Guess that is his thinking but I don’t know that that outweighs Espinal’s positional flexibility and defensive prowess. As we all know, sometimes he outsmarts himself.

    • Jason Franklin

      It is obvious that India lacks range, instincts for 2B amd at least a decent arm for that position. He should either be at DH or 1B. Although Steer has been pretty good defensively at 1B.

  7. docproc

    Espinal at 3rd, Marte at DH.
    Marte has been atrocious in the field in his brief time back in the bigs.

    • Jmb

      Marte may very well one day play left, and EDLC will be in right. India will be DH. This will allow Krall to do his thing: collect more infielders.

    • Jmb

      Soto and Espinal should play short and second until McLain returns. But then, does Steer play third?

  8. Roger Garrett

    Reds brought Marte up after not doing very good and put him at third from the get go.He is in spring training right now and obviously is struggling at the plate and in the field.I thought he should just focus on hitting and DH some but well what do I know.No clue why arguably our best defender in the infield is at DH.Looks like we would be better off defensively as docproc said cause defense is important.Bell said after the Sunday shut out that we play every game like its a playoff game and that our record would speak for itself at the end of the season.Yep he did say that.

    • VegasRed

      Bell is such a gaslighter. It’s just comical how he goes unchallenged in the Cincy media market. Media for other teams seem to call out his nonsense on a regular basis but he’s teflon in Our little town!

      What an organization he personifies.

  9. redfanorbust

    Poor us Reds fans. So many of our starters out, a few not playing up to potential and have to call up and send down hitters who mostly are well below .250 average and us relegated to having to complain about them and debate where they should play etc. There is no one at AAA coming to the rescue. These games before the all star break are crucial for us. May tell wether or not we are buyers, sellers or stand patters for the rest of the year after the ASB.

  10. Jim Walker

    The Yankees are starting a LHP. Bell is holding a strong hand on his bench (Martini, Benson, and Fraley) if/when the Yanks counter with a RHP. Espinal may be at DH for Fraley to fill that spot if he is OK to bat and run bases; but, they still don’t want him in the OF. Watch for whether Bell trusts Benson for CF of the bench in that large Yankee Stadium outfield or brings him for Dunn and leaves Fairchild in vs RHP.

    • Rod Andrews

      The Yankee outfield is not that big, probably not much bigger than GABP.

  11. Anthony

    Needing an 1b dont be shocked if our brilliant manager tries to convert lifetime of Blake Dunn to 1b. Hey every other player hes laid his hands on is tried at multiple spots. Maybe if Dunn doesn’t work out at 1b Bell can try him behind the plate in a 5th inning double switch?

  12. Rod Andrews

    The Yankee outfield is not that big, probably not much bigger than GABP.