On Monday we took a quick overview type of look at the upcoming 2024 Major League Baseball Draft. The Cincinnati Reds hold the #2 pick in the draft and as noted earlier this week, there really seems to be a group of five players who have seemingly separated themselves. Today we’re taking a look at one of those players to kick off the scouting reports on some of the top guys eligible for this year’s draft.

Charlie Condon Scouting Report

Background Information

Height: 6′ 6″ | Weight: 216 lbs | Born: April 14, 2003

Bats: Right | Throws: Right | School: Georgia

In 2022 he redshirted and didn’t play. As a redshirt freshman in 2023 he was the National Freshman of the Year and a 2nd-team All American. This past year he won the Golden Spikes Award as the top player in college baseball and was a consensus 1st-team All American.

Coming out of high school, Charlie Condon was a solid, but unspectacular prospect. But he has developed into arguably the top prospect in the entire country among the current crop of draft-eligible guys. His calling card is his immense power. It not only grades out as plus-plus in the future, he’s showed it at Georgia. After hitting 25 home runs in 2023 he topped that in 2024 with 37 home runs in 60 games. But not only did he hit a bunch of home runs, he also had 20 doubles and a triple – giving him 58 extra-base hits in his 60 games.

It’s not just the power that stands out, though. He’s got an above-average hit tool. He hit .386 in 2023 and he topped that in 2024 with a .433 batting average. Despite being 6′ 6″, his swing isn’t overly long and he’s expected to be able to make contact at a good rate and carry a good average to go with all of that power.

Defensively he’s not going to stand out anywhere that he plays. But he’s athletic enough that he could potentially play in the corner outfield spots, though some think he’s going to wind up at first base with perhaps third being an option to be tried out as a pro and see how things go. The profile is going to be bat over glove, but the glove isn’t likely to be limited to the point that he’ll have to be a teams designated hitter.

Charlie Condon’s College Stats

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27 Responses

  1. Rut

    Sometimes folks over think things… if Condon is available at #2, I just hope the Reds don’t overthink this one, is a no brainer imo.

    Who cares what he was in HS? Late bloomers happen, and he has 2 full seasons of being a flat out stud. Would take his bat and not look back…

  2. RedsGettingBetter

    This is the guy apparently if Bazzana is picked off by CLE. He’ll join CES as two power RHH as long as CES could bounce back from injuries and hit well as expected. I wonder what level Condon could start his pro career at?

    • Mauired

      I would think AA after completing destroying the best conference in college baseball.

      • The Duke

        Strictly speaking, Christian Moore won the SEC triple crown this year. He led SEC only play in batting average (.429), Home Runs (20), and RBI (41). That said, Condon was also unreal in SEC play (.412, 19, 41). Caglianone was 5th (.375, 15, 28)


    • Mauired

      I don’t think it’s a zero percent chance after some minor league action and success that a promotion to the big leagues this year would be possible.

      I mean the Reds are currently in a playoff run and offense is their biggest need.

  3. west larry

    Come on Krall, step up to the plate. If Cleveland selects someone else, if you are smarter than a fourth grader, you would take Condom in a heartbeat. No one would fault you if he doesn’t pan out. He is the obvious selection.

    • DW

      Haha! Are you concerned about Krall having more children?! Occasionally, I’m glad we can’t edit these posts. Haha 😀

  4. Jason Linden

    I’d be interested to hear Doug’s thoughts on where he might start. I’d guess A+, maybe A-, at least to get his feet wet. College bats are a lot hotter than wood bats, ,so you have to expect some kind of adjustment period.

    But yeah. Take this guy if he’s there. His MLB ETA would probably be sometime in 2025, which is nice. But it might be later. He’d have to be something totally amazing to be on the team this year.

    • Mauired

      You Condon would go play with 19 year olds in Daytona Beach?

      • Jason Linden

        No. I’d probably put him in Dayton for a week or two just to get his feet wet. Let him make the adjustment to being a professional against pitchers he can hit easy enough. Then move him up once he’s comfortable.

    • Doug Gray

      It might depend on WHEN he starts. Will the Reds even put him on the field this season? Ever since they moved the draft back 6 weeks the Reds have waited weeks to get guys on the field in games, and when they did put those guys into games they would put them into games every few days.

      That said, if he’s not in at least Double-A when the season begins in 2025, that would feel incredibly weird.

      • MBS

        @Doug, how about the other where does he play… 1B, RF?

      • Jason Linden

        I can’t remember exactly how highly touted he was, but I know Senzel was considered a very advanced college hitter. That’s probably the last comparable pick, right? He got a week at rookie ball, then finished in low-A. Started the next year in A+.

        India also didn’t see AA until mid-season the year AFTER he was drafted.

        Hard to imagine them being that conservative with Condon (or whoever else), but yeah. This is a weird team.

  5. DW

    This seems like the guy to take, if available, based on what I am seeing. But the case can be made for a few of them. The Reds have a real good problem in that there are so many top notch guys. There are 5-8 guys in this draft that would have went #1 in many other draft years. We will have a stud prospect to get excited about. It will be fun to see how this draft plays out over the years.

  6. docproc

    Sure hope he falls to us. If he does, put him in the OF at AA.

  7. Red Thunder

    Can’t teach Power, seems like a solid pick. Guess we’ll see how it plays out.

  8. MBS

    Condon is the guy that I hope Cleveland takes, but I couldn’t pass up if they don’t.

  9. Ahimsa

    6’6″ first baseman with power works for me.

  10. Doc4uk

    Wyatt Langford was a teammate last year with Jac Caglione and just hit for the cycle with the rangers.Did not spend but a few months in the minors. Condon should be as good.

  11. Tom Noonan

    Our OF is our weak area in terms of offense. After TJ, we take a dive out there. Fraley, Benson both having off years. Fairchild, some great catches and puzzling plays while only hitting against LHers. Steer is good anywhere, but hopefully CES can play next year at 1B. So Condon could play LF/RF/1B/DH adding more flexibility and a great bat.

    Hope we get Condon.

  12. DHud

    Don’t overthink it

    This guy could not be more of a need if he falls into the reds lap

  13. Optimist

    This seems easy. Sure, you don’t draft a DH, but if there’s even a hint he may be tried out at 3b that seems to eliminate a disaster in the field. Corner OF, 1b, DH on Sundays – moving the draft back is a mistake. Even if he begins in AA, it’s a steep hill to take one of the 2 callup spots in September.

    This seems to be the year to draft hitters.

  14. Votto4life

    If Condon is there at the number two pick, which seems exceeding likely from what I read, the Reds must take him.

    If they select Charlie Condon and he fails there will be no criticism from me.

    My fear is, Nick Krall sometimes acts like he is the smartest person in the room and goes against traditional thinking. In this case, I really hope Krall leaves his ego at home.

    • ChrisInVenice

      What has Krall done to actually warrant those comments? I missed it.

  15. RedDawg

    I live in Athens, GA, home of UGA and Condon is the real deal. Played third, first and all three outfield positions, though he likely slots as a corner OF. He has a good arm with good range so RF may be the spot. He is incredibly humble, refusing to transfer after his breakout freshman campaign (even with coaching change) because he said UGA was the only one to offer a preferred walk-on spot to him out of HS. Also, only had a few more strikeouts than HRs. No brainer if he is available.

  16. Nick in NKY

    I’m hoping CLE passes on this guys so the Reds can grab him. IF, big if, but if the Reds make it to the postseason, Marte will be ineligible for the postseason roster, IIRC. The team will need a bat to step up. Would a big leap from AA be possible? Especially considering the dearth of hitting in the AAA outfielders?

    If not that, he looks like he could be the first guy called up next season, and could substantially improve the team’s flexibility when it comes to potential trades this offseason.