Jonathan India has had one heck of a week and this afternoon Major League Baseball named his as the National League’s Player of the Week for his efforts.

The Cincinnati Reds infielder entered the week on a bit of a heater, carrying a 5-game hitting streak that included eight hits. He put that to shame, extending his hitting streak to 12 games (which is still active) and all but one of his seven games during the week included multiple hits. All told, India had 14 hits in 26 at-bats. If you’re not a human calculator, let me do the math for you – that’s a .526 batting average. He also walked more often than he struck out and his four walks helped him post a .613 on-base percentage on the week against the Pirates and Cardinals.

But perhaps the most impressive part of it all was the fact that he had 10 doubles during the week. He began the week riding a 1-game double streak. He then followed up with at least one double in every gave and set a new franchise record by recording a double in eight straight games. That streak, like his hitting streak, is still active.

On the periphery of all of that hitting, India also scored eight runs during the week, was hit by a pitch, drove in five runs, and he stole two bases in two attempts. Last week capped off a big month for Cincinnati’s second baseman. During the course of his 27 games on the month he hit .380/.454/.587 with 15 extra-base hits, 19 runs scored, and 16 runs batted in. His 1.041 OPS was the first month he’d topped the .800 OPS mark since July of 2022. It was only the second time he had topped the .900 mark, which he did in July of 2021 (.998).

When the month began, India had a .659 OPS. Today it stands at .791. That’s a jump of 132 points and has turned him from a well-below average bat on the season to a well above-average one. India’s 123 OPS+ trails only Elly De La Cruz among Reds hitters.

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    • Jmb

      Absolutely! I am not an India fan, but he’s really turned it on and shown how important he is to this team. Without a doubt, the little red jalopy can’t go without him.

  1. Mauired

    Hopefully player of the month is next award. When was the last Red to win player of the month?

  2. DaveCT

    Happiest of all for one Jonathan India. He’s been banged up and scuffled, and that cannot have easy. In fact, it most certainly sucked. Congrat’s Jon. And thanks!

  3. Old-school

    I am biased because I am a huge fan of Jon. He struggled in may of 2021 to the point folks wanted him sent back to AAA . He won ROY

    Injuries hampered 2022

    He was one of the best leadoff hitters in mlb in 2023 until Memorial day.
    Plantar fasciitis, injuries and slumps derailed that

    Hes back to that gritty gutty professional hitter that understands the strike zone. OBP is stellar over his 3.5 year career

    Congrats on a well deserved recognition!

      • Jason Franklin

        I wonder if India’s knowledge will leak down to guys like De La Cruz and Benson (in regards to obp)? We can only hope so. Not sure if it’s too late for Will B, but De La Cruz has all the time he needs to improve in little ways.

  4. Laredo Slider

    Saw over the weekend on MLBN Reds will likely trade India, mentioned NYY as possible destination. FWIW.

    • Mauired

      I guess I’m ok either way of trade or keep India. But after all the injuries wiping out this season, I think Reds need to have at least 10 STARTERS with the expectation they will lose a couple to injury and still put a competitive lineup out there instead of all these minor leaguers and bench scrubs like this year.

    • Mark Moore

      The points in favor are that his trade value has never been higher. Mix that with the need out there being strong and you never know. I wouldn’t be “happy” with it. I’d hope the asking price is very steep.

      • Jason Franklin

        Agreed. India is one of the few/couple guys on the team that knows how to extend an at-bat/take a walk. You would only hope that it rubs off on the younger players? Also, to be honest, India is not the greatest at 2B. I wonder how well he would do at first base or the outfield? Maybe this is more of a next year thing once McLain comes back and someone has to slide over/change positiion?

      • Rut

        This summer is the “sell high” point on Inida (other than perhaps immediately after his rookie year). But he is cost controlled amd cost certain for the rest of this season and the next.

        Given that it is highly unlikely the Reds sign him for FA years, you have to sell if you can get a good return. Best chance of a good return is when a guy is raking like Jon is…

        Realize it sounds harsh, but reality often is

      • Old Big Ed

        I don’t see any need or desire for the Reds to trade India. They have him through next year under favorable terms (plus an arbitration year), and they certainly expect to contend next year, if not this year.

        You don’t trade productive players with good contracts that extend into a contention window. Plus, the fans would lose their minds if he were traded; why commit a PR blunder, purely to brag that you “sold him at his peak value”?

        Now. I do the Yankees wanted to give Juan Dominguez and more for him that would be different. But they aren’t.

        Montas and maybe a reliever could be available at the deadline if the team is below about .500. The existing team, plus Friedl, CES and McLain, is the core for the next few years. They are not rebuilding any year soon.

  5. Will the Red

    He’s played as well as could be expected, if not better, especially considering he was essentially a man without position going into spring training. His performance has been extraordinary, but it’s not sustainable. The question is, where does he settle? But this team needs him as long as they can have him, especially if his performance can come anywhere close to what he’s been doing the past month.

  6. Jimmy

    I think we need to trade him for a shortstop …

    • Jason Franklin

      I would love to see the Reds get Tovar from the Rockies. Not sure where EDLC would pivot to, but wherever it is would strengthen the team with Tovar at short. I know Tovar would be wildly expensive due to his 7 year/63million contract (both cost wise and in terms of trade bait), but he would fit so well on the team. Being it’s the Rockies, they would probably demand a couple starting pitchers and a couple more hitters. They are always in need to pitching. Maybe Ashcraft would be good as bait if he can keep the ball on the ground (which he normally does)? Throw in Petty, and two other top 20 hitters and you can probably get him.

  7. Andrew Brewer

    He’s definitely better batting leadoff, and needs to stay there. Too much bumping “first to last” in the batting order has not helped us this year. I don’t think he plays a bad second base either. The talk last year was that he was also a leader in the dugout for all of his young years, at least he had a couple, and they wanted him around even if he was injured. (8) doubles, eight games in a row… a team record no less. He’s putting on a clinic out there ! It’s the kind of thing that could turn this team into a contender.

    • Mauired

      I think if he hits a double tomorrow at Yankee Stadium it ties the ML record or gets him to within one game. You could say he doesn’t play a bad second base but he definitely doesn’t play a good one. I guess marginal at best. He just needs to play somewhere else defensively where he could provide more value.

  8. TR

    Congratulations to Jonathan India. He’s getting it done in the lead-off position for this year’s inconsistent offense. It’d be nice if the Reds could play him in left field with Steer at 1st./DH. At age 27, India is in his prime, and other ML clubs could certainly use him. It seems to me that the FO needs to make some tough decisions and not just wait for injured players to return.

  9. Indy Red Man

    India has convinced me. Must have moving forward imo:

    C = Stephenson
    1B/DH = Steer/Candy/CES
    2B = India
    SS = McLain/Elly
    3B = Marte/Elly
    LF = Trade/FA acquisition/Steer
    CF = Freidl/McLain
    RF = Elly

    That would give us alot of depth and flexibility moving forward if they could actually keep most of them healthy

    • MBS

      Yes, keep India. If we were actually healthy the 13 would be pretty strong, but it’s easy to see that the “depth” that we had coming into the season was pretty shallow.

      We’ve been starting Martini a 4A player or equivalent players in every game this year. It’s one thing to carry one as your 12th, or 13th man but using multiple AAAA’s as regulars is a problem.

      I agree with your above holes, we need to sign an OF, and you didn’t explicitly say so, but you left the backup C empty, and we need a stronger option than Maile also. I’d love them to address the holes before the trade deadline, but if not, they really need to in the offseason.

    • DHud

      If CES and McClain are both back healthy, just put steer LF in pen for 150 games and be done with it

      Between India, CES, and Candy there’s plenty to cover 1B and DH regularly. Mix Stephenson and (maybe) Fraley into a DH rotation and IMO the ideal situation never sees Steer touch the IF dirt

  10. Roger Garrett

    Love India and what he is doing and he also is the closest thing the Reds have as a leader on the field.However if he can bring us a right handed hitting outfielder with some pop you just have to trade him.Reds are crowded in the infield and as I understand it there best prospects are also infielders.Regardless of Krall wanting to build a team from within its not feasible when you have no place to put a player ready for the big leagues.You have to trade from positions of strength to get what you don’t have.I get it that India is on fire and right now with the Reds not playing up to where most of us thought they should be it wouldn’t make us feel any better right.Fact is the Reds will never be what they should be under David Bell but that doesn’t change the fact the Reds need a right handed hitting outfielder.Jon is the best trading chip position player other then ELDC so you got to advertise and then listen at the least.We will see.

    • Rob

      Love the idea of a trade but not India or the Yanks. To me, you should maximize your return on excess IFs, and that to me would seem to be Arroyo or Marte or Collier as the trade bait. Arroyo and Marte have to be worth much more today when we acquired them for Cy Young contender Castillo. They are now more immediate impact and on the doorstep of mlb stardom rather than 2+ years away. I would think you could get an OF the caliber of Brian Reynolds or greater for a couple of prospects on Arroyo level. Don’t know what the Yanks could have in house that would possibly interest the Reds. They seem to have a bunch of high priced stars and younger not so stars. We don’t need prospects. Our logical trade partners would seem to be more for a proven big bat in the non contender crowd like the Jays, Rays, Angels, Marlins, Nats, etc.

  11. LDS

    Bad news, Stephenson was transferred to the family emergency list. Let’s hope that the issue isn’t life threatening and his daughter (the likely reason) progresses quickly. Maybe Doug will have details later.

    • Jim Walker

      Yeah, Hope all turns out to be the best. At least they have changed the name of the list so it does not lead to inferences the worst has transpired.

  12. Jim Walker

    Well deserved; and, that is almost an understatement.

    India has to come off of 2B though. Time for an honest meeting with him about whether he would be happy as a corner OF or full time DH.

  13. west larry

    I love Jon India as a player for the reds. However, his trade value will never be higher. If the reds can get a right handed,. power hitting outfielder in his twenties, imo you make that trade. If not, keep him .His leadership, toughness and professional at bats make him a valuable commodity.

    • doofus

      They need LH and RH power hitters. Friedl, Benson and Fraley do not satisfy as LH power hitters.

      • Indy Red Man

        Fraley is really having a bad year for him. Down to .274 with the 1 hr and .672 ops. What happened to the guy that hit 12 in 216 at-bat in 2022?
        He’s better then this, but still not the answer for almost full-time OF.
        Benson? Idk? He’s also better then this imo, but you’d be trading at the low point and he also can’t be playing this much next year. Too much raw ability to saw he’s only a bench piece so maybe hope he picks his game up and move him in the offseason or he plays full-time in AAA next year as insurance.

      • Jim Walker

        I think Friedl is a ‘tweener. He has enough pop for CF; but, his defense for CF is marginal at best. His range is just average and his arm is below average for CF. He probably does not have the power for a corner spot.

      • Mauired

        Yeah Fraley is a different player since his foot injury last year. He slugged .700 in June and almost .500 in July. Last game was August 3 and missed a month. I believe he waited to have the surgery until after the season. That was a great team first thing to do but it might have been a big mistake. Since the injury last August 3, 11 months ago he has 1 homer and has not slugged .400 any month either. Hopefully over time he can get healthy and have an India style renaissance but clearly right now he’s not the same player.

  14. Indy Red Man

    Another big factor in leaving India at 2b, to me anyway, is getting Elly off SS. He might not like it and it has nothing to do with errors. My thinking is this…if he takes the next step 2025 and gets his obp to .380 then you’re talking 100+ steals and alot of wear and tear. Ricky Henderson wasn’t a shortstop. Vince Coleman wasn’t either.
    RF just makes too much sense. Relays from CF LF would suffer, but you’d also force guys to hit the gas hard at Gabp to make a double to RF

    • Jim Walker

      I would like to see what kind of CF McLain is and know that Arroyo’s surgery has gone well enough that he is the same player he was before surgery before moving EDLC off of SS.

      Everyone seems convinced Marte is going to fill out too much to stay a viable everyday SS. This means Marte, CES, or Collier seem destined to be the 3b by 2026-27 (seeing as how Steer has arbitrarily been removed from that list). Marte or Steer probably end up in one of the corner spots.